Fittest On Earth: A Decade of Fitness–Official Trailer

Sigmundsdottir: I love the pain, and I love the suffering. Sigmundsdottir’s coach: Back to the bar! Davidsdottir: There are a lot of very fit, very strong girls out there. Smith: I feel like I have a shot to win any time that I go to the Games. Toomey: You can’t underestimate anyone. Sigmundsottir: I think about it every single day. Fraser: They’re there to win, so I look at it like they’re trying to take it from me. Castro: This is about crushing the people next to you, and this is about trying to win the CrossFit Games. If you’re not coming for that reason, you should just quit now. Mckernan: Being a CrossFit Games athlete is basically a mental illness. Woodland: You don’t know how good you have to be just to suck at the CrossFit Games. Davidsdottir: Champions don’t have balance. The only reason that they are exceptional at what they do is because they focus all of their time and energy on it. Castro: Prep your bags for a flight. Sigmundsdottir: Where are we going? When are we coming back? Fraser: Constantly have that fear of someone chasing you. You just feel it on the back of your neck. Bridges shouting: I hate you!
Bridges voiceover: I want to win in this workout. I want it to be a dominant performance. Woodland: What a fight by Josh Bridges. Castro: You have to completely commit to changing your life. Bergeron: You gotta be good at everything, and you don’t know if we’re going to go to the mountains. You don’t know if you’re going to the beach. Truly, who’s the world’s fittest athlete? Castro: That is your sole existence and goal, and even then, you’re probably not going to make it. Woodland: This is a battle that started last year, and this war is going to carry over into Sunday. Sherwood: I like seeing the athletes suffer. Fraser: I want to crush all of them. Woodland: What can’t this guy do? Fraser: Every single person in here is screaming. Woodland: These two heavyweights are trading some big punches here. Sigmundsdottir: This is the workout where you can’t look around. Sherwood: Set yourself on fire. The pace is “Go!” Woodland: And this one goes to Katrin Davidsdottir. Toomey: Come on Tia, you’ve gotta go! Woodland: Tia Toomey answers back. Marquez: It felt like this championship prize fight. Davidsdottir: What I am right now is enough to win the CrossFit Games. Fraser: Goosebumps again.


  1. I'm so excited !!!!!!

  2. you mean who uses more steroids and sarms

  3. ROIDS

  4. Awesome, want it NOW!!!!


  6. Lol you can hear Sara's psycho coach in the beginning

  7. Muito show, i Love 😍

  8. my god sara is so gorgeous!shes in it to win..and she will!#teamsara

  9. I bet this is why they removed all the behind the games videos.

  10. I'm so excited to watch this multiple times! 🤗 watched the first one at least 3 times and love it!

  11. I just love it😄😄

  12. I am so excited for this I have already watched it lie 6 times

  13. mat fraserrrrr

  14. everything about Tia is kuteee 💕👓

  15. Yeah that's a girl

  16. this is pretty bad ass!!!

  17. This video just game a "I'm gonna do crossfit" thought

  18. Finally some more of Tia-Clair Toomey!!!
    That women was amazing on the 2015 Crossfit games and barely got any camera time.

  19. Fucking awesome

  20. Damn good job on the Trailer CrossFit, Inc. Seems very well done (not to mentioned hitting on the emotional aspect to boot!)

  21. DUUUUUUUUUUDE soooooooo keen!

  22. My favorite Event of the year.

  23. Como Te Amo KatrinDavidsdottir 💝💕

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  25. What about the rest of Europe? Can't find any information about this movie. Not even on IMDB..

  26. Wasn't this already on Netflix?

  27. I gather then that crossfitters are good at all sports but they are excellent in none. Jack of all games but king of none.

  28. Sweeeeeeet! Will it be on Netflix also or Itunes exclusive?

  29. What the heck! There are no black people! Not a single one. Smells fishy.

  30. I wonder how much gear all of them take

  31. That was pretty good.

  32. when will it be available in Europe??

  33. guuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh can't wait can't wait can't wait

  34. lame

  35. Will go to netflix ??? date ??

  36. "Being a CrossFit Games athlete is basically a mental illness." Really? Who thought this was appropriate?

  37. What about the behind the scenes? When is it coming out?

  38. Am I crazy?! Do I keep missing the release date? When is it going to come out?? 😅

  39. Matt Fraser v Ben Smith
    Coming August 2017

  40. Patrick Vellner?

  41. Are we still getting behind the scenes youtube series?

  42. I can't wait to start crossfit.

  43. soundtrack?

  44. #whoispatrickvellner

  45. What type of drug testing do they do?

  46. When?

  47. I think Crossfit is awesome but I wish they would also place the spotlight on other up and coming athletes people like Fikowski, Kari Pierce, Bridgers etc. Only now are they showing Toomey. I've noticed they are very select with who they "market" granted most of them are champions which makes sense, but it would be great to hear from others too.

  48. Is out for pre order on itunes, but when is the release date. Does any one knows?

  49. this is the best movie trailer ever. gave me chills. the music selection was perfect.

  50. when on netflix?

  51. "You dont know how good you have to be just to suck at the CrossFit games…"


  52. Out: March 17, 2017

  53. So stoked for March 17th!!!!!

  54. what's that at 0:52? what is the name of that thing?

  55. "Get back to the bar, back to the baaaaaaar" 💪

  56. top 3 women but only the top 2 men? Where's Vellners recognition?

  57. 0.06 thats a nice coach

  58. New Zealand please

  59. Release date: March 17th

  60. Hunger Games meets fitness.

  61. when is this released on netflix uk please?
    can not seem to find it anywhere

  62. i want it mx 🙁

  63. Haha! Pat Sherwood is a Psychopath!

  64. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  65. Is this coming to Netflix?

  66. When is release?

  67. who thinks Katrin will get three in a row?


  69. Looks sooooo epic

  70. Turn of the sound, put on "nick ingham – mars" and then watch.

  71. OMG OMG OMG!

  72. Damn. Props to HQ for making this seem like they are warriors fighting to the death.

  73. Step (1) Take 2 scoops of pre-workout (Step 2) watch this video (Step 3) Clang & Bang

  74. Can somebody please tell me the name of the Fonts used when their name appears on the screen ? Thanks.

  75. wher can i watch other than iTunes???

  76. Where can i watch this? Itunes is not working for me, total shit program.

  77. I am SO looking forward to this!!

  78. Is this gonna be on Netflix????

  79. what's the name of the song in the background?

  80. Mathew!!!!!!❤️

  81. Vigorexia

  82. when is this released ?

  83. All these white folks, wonder if black people know about this. Something fishy about not seeing a single black dude in this video, not even in the background. I mean seriously, where are the black dudes.

  84. That photo of the women standing at the starting line like lions ready to kill looks cooler than the Avengers lined up together. Chills

  85. What is the soundtrack name?

  86. What is that background soundtrack?

  87. Anybody know the song in the background? I'd be a great workout song!

  88. respect to this great athletes

  89. What song is it after 1:23:30 – 1:23:45?

    Thank you in advance

  90. Can't wait until the next documentary about the games from this year is available!

  91. S T E R O I D S

  92. como se llama la canción de este trailer?

  93. Where can I watch it???

  94. where can we see it in streaming , please? thank you in advanced.

  95. Anybody knows the movie soundtrack?

  96. Wish they would list the background music. These videos are motivational

  97. does anyone now the soundtracks in the movie ? does anyone has a tracklist ?

  98. had to come here after watching on Netflix to say they are liars all take steroids and lie about it

  99. Where i can find the soundtrack of this movie?? I have searched everywhere!!

  100. Who got the goosebumps… then follow me in Instagram #Inked_TheGlobe

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