what's up everyone so today's video is going to be Fitness youtubers and every fitness channel in the comments section it always seems to be a huge discussion about whether they are natural or not Leo's here with me today he doesn't follow any Fitness youtubers at all so I'm going to show him pictures of the top Fitness youtubers and tell us what comes to mind when he sees them so if one of the youtubers I talk about is watching this video and I say that you look like you're on steroids and you're not then just take it as a compliment so the first one is Kali muscle he is he last time I checked he claimed natural and he can do muscle ups he can do the human flies is that a real picture is it photoshopped no it's it's actually it's real he's a damn that's that's a person right there and no I guess I would definitely have to say that this guy definitely looks like he's taking something I guess this is like the most obvious one but you know obviously he's not natural what about this guy is called rich Piana I would say his arm looks like it's twice as what is ahead hello probably not natural not rich Piana I like the guy because he admits he he talks about his drug use and everything like that so he is completely transparent unlike Kelly muscle now this guy is also when I top youtubers he is called Bradley Martin sure yeah he's definitely really huge yeah he's exploded on YouTube recently he's one of the best fitness channels I know he definitely looks like he has the size to be on steroids but I don't know he he doesn't have the same kind of like weird veins as the other two like or Elise's Kelley muscle okay and his skin doesn't look as like I know likes ripped or stretched yeah whatever so I don't know I I can't say for sure he definitely looks big enough to be like someone on steroids but he like in terms of the veins and everything I think he looks a little bit more even if he were on steroids just the fact that he doesn't say that he's not is a good thing now this guy a little bit small he competes in physique shows his name is Steve cook to me that looks like that would be a physique that's attainable naturally for sure but obviously I don't know the guy so I can't say well this guy is definitely natural because you know we're reading the other day about the the fat-free body mass index out 25 is the limit but then you have people who are at 22 and our thing steroids you know so this guy Christian guzmán um probably the smallest out of all of them but still in really good shape yeah again this guy is really like in good trait in great shape this guy definitely looks like he could be natural yeah definitely now this guy he's been around for a long time he's old-school Chris Jones from physics of greatness he definitely looks really big as well yeah but again I don't know if this is just my uneducated opinion but he definitely doesn't seem like he has that like really like torturous look of the veins I don't think that's impossible but I don't think so either okay now this guy claims that he is lifetime natural on Instagram yeah he competes and he's made several videos saying that his natural laughing about accusations what do you think about this guy okay so this guy my first impression is definitely looks like there's something fishy going on you know when you have his pecs are almost like protruding downwards like that sound like a balloon you know and I don't think that looks natural at all to be honest there is absolutely no way that this is a lifetime natural but whatever so this guy's well Jeff site he competes in physique like Steve cook as well and yeah definitely a smaller frame not huge body builder more of a fitness model look this one is a difficult one I don't like he's keep in mind he is very young as well oh he is yeah how young is he he probably looked like that when he was like 18 or 19 uh it was 18 like that then definitely I would say something yeah yeah I mean if you were like 25 or something maybe but I didn't guy says yeah you can be the judge of that now this guy Mike O'Hearn also known as micro-trend he claims to be a lifetime natural as well and uh and often makes fit and often makes videos saying that yeah how how stupid it is for people to think that he's on steroids well unless this is like the best like natural bodybuilder all-time I don't understand how the hell not even a Bible there then yeah well what is like his fat percentage so well you can see like every single muscle fiber like his Sartorius sees a quadricep muscles everything just protruding out of his thigh and all the veins are like popping out and that like said my opinion first off would be definitely taking stuff so those were just some of the top ones and we got Leo's neutral force impression so a lot of these bodybuilders will take tests to prove that they're natural they'll take blood samples urine samples and stuff like that to prove that there are lifetime Naturals so obviously you can never it's impossible to prove that your lifetime natural whatever is in your body whether it's medication or hormones like testosterone or whatever you know there is a half-life or a time where the concentration gets half then it gets keep skinny half as the body excretes it so the longer you wait after you take a substance the smaller the concentration is going to be in your body so doesn't matter what it is you can never prove okay let's take a blood sample for okay and see uh-oh 1996 p.m. 17th of April you took testosterone you know it's not like that most drugs you can't like even detect that they're there just a couple of weeks after you've taken them you know doesn't matter whether it's you know the testosterone to a testosterone ratio if it's the carbon isotope ratio there's no way to prove that you haven't taken steroids a year back or two years back or three years back with ten years back you know I know that a lot of natural competitors like I know personally that they are using a lot of stuff and especially growth hormone which is undetectable by urine samples as well the new tests everyone keeps throwing out there is a carbon isotope ratio test what they do is they have endogenous compounds which is something that you produce in your body like cholesterol and they check the proportions of carbon-12 to carbon 13 and the in the compounds that you produce and then they compared it to the metabolites of testosterone so precursors to metabolites to testosterone and they check are your hormones your steroids are they compatible with your you know reference compounds in terms of proportions of c-13 versus c12 so if you have a lot less c12 and your testosterone then and let's say you know cholesterol what are you producing in your body then that kind of points towards that you're taking something from outside and everyone is demanding you tuber to take that test but that is not going to prove anything because if it goes over the detection period it's not going to show up even though it's the best you know drug testing system out there and that's what's really annoying about like professional sports as well where they have you know they test on like competition and then like after competition and then the offseason sometimes they just don't test at all which is where most people are actually going to be abusing these substances the thing about the carbon isotope test that makes it good is that it can detect designer drugs which you know the the original testosterone 2fp testosterone test couldn't if you made a tiny little modification to your compound like adding a double bond or just changing up some of the atoms in the mall and the molecule then they wouldn't be able to detect it and you okay you're clean yeah they couldn't detect it but the carbon isotope test has the advantage that I can actually detect metabolites and precursors all that there are loads of labs trying to you know get around all of this all the time and making new compounds all the time because the new compounds even though it's drugs even though it's extremely effective it's not illegal because no one knows that it exists so until it becomes banned you're free to use it without any consequences and that's exactly one of the biggest misconceptions people have about medicine or health as well as oh you can take a blood sample and find out if you have cancer any type of cancer you will find it out on the blood test and the same thing goes for drugs that the blood tests are extremely specific you test for one molecule and if that molecule is there you'll find it you know but there's no such thing as a but as I can tell you that you have all cancers or blood as it can tell you if you're taking any sorts of steroids because like I said they just make a tiny modification and that isn't you know in your test so until you find out what it is that they're using you can't test for it if you're extremely worried about who's natural not on YouTube you will never find out it's impossible unless the YouTube community kind of sets up this YouTube Fitness Drug Administration where you know all the Fitness youtubers become members and accept drug testing at random periods of time you know you're never going to find out anything so my tip is basically just you know look at what is realistic and not you can kind of see you know what looks enhanced what looks natural and even if that person that looks natural is on steroids whatever it is still a possibility that is natural so why blame someone for using something if he hasn't been proven wrong and it doesn't even matter because you should be only focusing on yourself and bettering yourself being the best version of yourself training hard eating clean and just progressing in the gym every single time and not worry about other people how big their biceps are or how small their calves are or whatever you just you know focus on yourself no matter how small or how big or whatever everyone gets accused of steroid it just seems like people are just using that as an excuse not to try their best to change their body so don't be one of those guys do your best stay consistent for years because it does take years it doesn't come overnight and you will see for yourself what you can do naturally because everyone is different as well but anyway guys thank you so much for watching check out leoz channel link will be in the description box below and as always I'll see you very soon peace out Oh Oh


  1. If you’re ultra defined even on a bad day, have gynecomastia (big indicator is nipples facing downward), or have traps up to your ears, most likely you’re juicing

  2. Thanx for sayin ..brad is NOT on roids!

  3. 10 mins seriosly all about that youtube money wow thats low

  4. Leo looks he's on steroids come on.

  5. Jeff sied is natural

  6. Can you do this for females!!💘

  7. If somone big as hulk paint his body green and go on the streets and scream every one will run

  8. Calling the ones that use steroids natural is hilarious, jokes on them

  9. they all use steriodes.

  10. Everything said from 4:42 just means if you look better than someone, according to them, you're on steroids.

    The fitness industry is ridiculous. My thoughts, just take steroids if you wanna take steroids, cause they're gonna say you took steroids either way. When I used to work out, people said I used steroids. Funny thing is I didn't even use any supplements or protein shakes. I was young back then and all of those things were cheating in my eyes. I was so proud that I didn't have to pay a cent for my workouts, (Yep, weights were also cheating in my eyes, so i didn't use them), and yet as soon as I started looking better then most people around me, they said I was on steroids.

    There's no winning bro. Just use whatever shit you want, as long as you feel good about yourself. Don't do shit for them, they're gonna hate on anyone that's above them.


  12. Leo's opinion doesnt matter. Look at his physic

  13. You can see on the neck if they use steriods

  14. dom is bigger then evreyone

  15. Ah, the old "if he is huge/jacked he must be on roids" assumption

  16. Look at the photoshopped picture at 2:55. Look under his nipples where his lats are😂😂😂

  17. Looking at one photo is not a great way to truly adjudicate someone's potential steroid use…. Age and years in the gym are important factors as well…. I have not been in the gym in a few years…. i am currently 5"10, about 157…. ish…. and about 12% body fat…. if i hit the weights hard I bet I could be 175-180 and drop 3 – 5% body fat in 4 months…. juice free…. I have been well over 200 on more than 1 occasion (juice free) so i have the genetics and the muscle memory to pull it off…. if I would have not ever stopped the gym i think my physique would be similar to O'Hearn's, who has been doing this a very long time….

  18. Hey you guys should do one on what politicians smoke crack. Or what celebrities use coke or heroine. Or how many celebrities have gotten away with intoxicated manslaughter. ….oh wait, nobody seems interested in those topics. Because those instances of substance abuse don't make you face reality like your thoughts of who is "cheating" you by using steroids does. It is Fascinating how many people are captivated at the thought of a steroid debate. Its almost as if it is devastating for you to think your hero's might use a drug that hurts no one but them self. Or are you really that narcissistic to think that the only people that look better than you "must" be on steroids? Seriously?! Do the majority of you who look like shit actually believe that you train as hard, eat as healthy, and have genetics so good that only a "cheater" can out-do you? Un fucking believable.
    I would bet on your inability to cope with the fact that your not a super athlete is more the problem, than a handful of people who look better than you or are stronger than you "might" be (because you have no proof) on steroids.
    The reason you don't look as good is simply because you don't know as much as you think you do about fitness/health/training.
    Much like you don't really give a fuck about the few examples i gave above of illegal substance abuse (where there is actual physical proof) most people really don't give a fuck who is or is not "maybe" on steroids. But somehow vids like this make it into everyones feed, and somehow a large populace even think steroids are worth mentioning?
    Unbelievable.. do any of you think about what you can do at work to stand out and get a raise? Do any of you have any retirement plans? Do any of you do anything to make the world a better place? Your generation seems to be one that is totally incapacitated by thoughts of cheating, social injustices, and who is in the lime light and if they are honest or not. What a fucking waste. Many of you seem entirely too intelligent to waste any time doing anything other than making your SELF better. But yet here we have more energy spent by you, on topics that do nothing more than cater to your feelings about another individual that doesn't even know your name, nor will they ever.

  19. Kali Muscle = Steroid level over 9000.

  20. Rip Rich

  21. Rip Rich

  22. Both of you are jerks

  23. This video is a fucking joke. These guys have no clue what they are talking about

  24. Made the video exactly 10 minutes for extra add revenue 😂

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  30. Kali muscle is hella roids

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