so guys I don´t know how to play it but here we go welcome after a long time on Swaglift today you´ll see fitness vs american football now you will see real touchdown hi guys hi man, hello I bought football boots….me too I hope that it will be something fashion what are you wearing? Go change wear into the dressing room I knew that it will be some bullshit I’ve had nothing broken for a long time I never have so today it will come but I saw The last boy scaut you just have a ball and run it´s not quite a ball so it´s important not to have the ball in hand no, have the ball in hand and give touchdown training is slowly starting for the first time in my life after 12 years I’ll be wearing football boots I’ve never worn football boots never? is it weird? I was a football player four years I have fashion football boots I gave story with my new football boots on Instagram and I got about 80 messages in which was that you hope I wouldn’t fall to that level that I´m already fucked so guys, welcome to training of american football club Mladá Boleslav – Greenraiders I hope you enjoy it guys, here I have tapes for you put them around your fingers the ball flies pretty fast and if you catch it badly it can break your fingers this is something for me I didn’t have long broken fingers I watched the serial Ballers from Dwayne Johnson so I know what to do in this way was Kuba born level three helmet from it will be memes about touchdown down – touchdown I´m absolutely ready Can’t I just comment the training? I´m fucking fresh Kuba looks like a character from Minecraft you already have purple fingers it doesn´t matter show what you learned old generation I shaped it for about half an hour wait we have to get war paint be it straight please good? you want too? I will probably die now welcome to the start of training we have a nice weather we start with 1 round of athletic alphabet fucking run again guys from Swaglift are with us in white dress it´s attack, this is the best of course against green ones in defense now we go to the athletic alphabet I don’t know what I’m doing he is too fast that I don´t see him something crunches in you how do you feel?..fucking bad what worst injury can happen in this sport? Recently injured a friend in a match he had open ankle fracture it´s okey are you afraid?…it´s normal you are so fast, that you run away from the injury is it end? can we go home now? and can I go home? go to drink…I have a drink inside do you have some drink? I warmed up a lot of fun, but they haven’t shown anything yet we save it for later i like this fashion What do you say about Peter’s war paint? Can we just go for ice cream next time? today we will teach boys how to catch the ball hold the ball Hold the ball tight and run through and give touchdown I think we can teach them this today I think I might understand it before I go I don’t remember what to do I don´t know too I will improvise now Bender my legs hurt those football boots are terribly narrow guys, this is only warmup you are sweaty it flows into my eyes now we start playing football I’m used to throwing heavy objects I’ll throw you like sacks sprint to the first cone then you run it in the Pubg you run much more hey man, let´s go! they still drink it´s cool but I’m fucked because I don´t move catching ball you have hands in the shape of the sun, as far as your hands allow it where your hands won’t let you, you will join the little fingers together you don’t cross your hands anywhere you always have them next themselves try it I have black face? I’m going to kill myself I’m already doing the third round, c´mon do you need sugar? he need you want water? no, I was drinking…but few drink more take off your helmet so you can breathe do you want water? I’ll bring you water it was a good touchdown he knew from the beginning that it would be difficult for him but the main thing is not to hurt yourself you´re great I caught him but he slipped out of my hand you grabbed one from one I have problems with deadline then Pavel will tell you the basics you can hold him from the front but you can’t hold him that way only from the front how he knows you are down? it´s visible you can’t hide it I´m the only one here who don´t speak english and I’ll translate it to them 90 % of words is “down” so Peťa understand it Peťa is like at home he is afraid of getting his shoes dirty legs, legs you’re too soft he came from Russia to train you and you are so soft I don’t know what I’m going to do in the match I will lie on the ground your shoes aren´t white if he didn’t spare me, I’m dead so thanks you flew off like if a car hit you why I have 2 against me crossfit was worse crossfit was worse yes, crossfit was much worse, but we haven’t played a match yet I’m glad I stand I’m a gentle boy Looks like you enjoy it…yes!! youth youth dominate when there is no one to stop you, it´s easy I’m enjoying it, it´s a good contact sport but as we still don’t know the technique so we’re not that fast, but those guys when they run and crash into someone it must be murder, death I wouldn’t want to experience it we have no problem with strenght but we don’t know how to stand, how to catch them so we lose but it´s good, I enjoy it I think we’re doing better than MMA I think that I’m probably the worst about this of everything we were doing so far I don’t want to play that match because I will die there I don’t know what to do and I´m incapable so Peťa has great courage and determination he doesn’t give up because I know when we get out of here I will play Pubg at home Kuba didn’t let me go through the defense at all but I´m better in attack I must admit that he was better offensive I feel like in a program about disabled people I think that if they’ve trained for longer, they’ll be good at it shoulders like from Minecraft but they were good you won’t run, you will make extra blocks if someone runs, you have to knock him I don´t know why but I will be in the middle in the middle must be the biggest one I know what to do ok guys, we fly to Sosnovka and then we´ll go to the middle of zone technically it was not possible so now we will do it by my way – brute strength your task is to keep them from going I don’t even know what I’m doing but I enjoy it my technique didn’t help so now we’ll do it again technically helmets down I look like if I climbed from elephant ass guys, thank you for training on Saturday we´ll have an important match I hope you all come Again, this is a very important match we have to win it it´s not fun this is the end of the season we have to win this match they were good at never playing it progress was visible those two obviously enjoyed it the little one I admire that he went to it they are big, I was looking forward to putting on dresses I saw them catching and running and Kuba caught maybe 5 from 7 balls, that was very good Honza maybe 4 or 5 balls, it was good too if you’d like to join us I would probably take them all, it was great here it was very good and here it would like to train a little and then I think it would be good too not much at the moment guys here they have bodies and weight for it and strenght too you were agressive you were very good blockers so honestly good so guys thank you it was great I hope we will see each other fitness vs american football thanks for watching this crazy video I enjoyed it it was the best sport, that we tried I wanted to try it for a long time and I never had a chance so I’m glad we tried it and it´s really hard sport if it were more popular before, I think I would play it because I like this sport but it has demanding rules I didn’t know what to do at all but it´s good sport, I like it so this was the best from what we were doing I also think it was the best I didn’t know what I was doing, but it was cool this is better than football this has a lot of rules oh you played football, sorry I played football too I played football too, but because I want friends but you played FIFA and you had friends on teamspeak we got to gaming and we’d be here for another hour so thanks for watching comments… and one more thing finally the eshop SWAGLIFT works so thank you for your support what are you doing here? and the first buyer gets 10.000,- Kč like a bonus so we buy it I’ll buy Anabolic horse clothes and he will give me 10 000,-Kč don’t show them what merch you’re wearing I want someone to buy something you have merch czech strenght wars Do you want to see him in the next episode of czech strenght wars ? write it to comments guys, one more thing already works eshop SWAGLIFT, where you can buy swaglift buy yours swaglift I don’t know how to play it give me a cigarrete so guys I don’t know how to play it


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