Fitness Training For Stronger Upper Body

what's up you too should wear be aftermath back again we in the gym man it's packed I expect it to be a little bit more like chill but it is what it is we was about to leave and I'm just like girl we're here let's just go ahead and get something in for you guys so today I've been kind of I want to put some focus on benching of course and also for the next couple of days I will not be taking any pre-workout I have not consumed any caffeine all day I've tried to work out earlier I was just so dead and I'm trying to work out now so I'm trying to keep the energy up you know I'm saying either way I got to get the in but I have to do this because like cats caffeine withdrawal sugar withdrawal sure like that or shits it's something serious like we don't think about it because it's like daily we take you know on the daily and we don't think about it but it's something that you have to get your body a rest from or it's just like you get used to it you start taking more of it to not get used to it and then it just continues on you start taking more and more and more here I'm saying and like you got to be able to chill out on ass so I'm trying to this whole week no captain taking some milk thistle seconds of milk this little cleaning out the livers cleaned out the system cleaning out the arteries some adrenal reset to help clear that like I said came out the livers and stuff so further help clean out the livers and just something that I feel like you should do at least like every other month you know I'm saying that's what I'm saying that I do it every other month I need to do it every other month I need to take my work but I at least tried to every three months um but just one week just totally just clean it out and it sucks it sucks bad headaches all day lethargic I eat a lot I eat a lot when I'm not taking anything else so that's not like a downside I got down I eat normally actually how I'm supposed to eat when I'm not taking all like these caffeine and stimulants and stuff costimulatory intake but anyways let's go ahead and get to the workout also super x5 headsets there you already know air wireless headsets use quote aftermath and the link in the description all right these headphones personalized to your ears your head right and you can personalize the music – you don't you wear it being like yeah I do I collaborated with the company that I said oh wow these are good headphones and they are for a reasonable price alright now everybody's gonna pay $400 for some beef all right this is like less than 1/2 that use call aftermath for your discount check it out and let's get to it man you can also use these headsets for gaming movies stuff things and such so there you go I hope you guys been enjoying my own shanks thumbs up oh they left out of 40 files here for me what always 45 there always 45 I've been gifted they knew I was coming so something which I am going it's argument in Seoul trade and beta-alanine I like the house like you still have that itch in my face they're like little ants around me and everything I got a habit out of me so I'm just wondering on advocacy and sulfate and brainy I'm surprised the morning they like this when I come early in the morning no nobody be here last one upset you know that rich boy my love family which were that boy up top so got set to 10 for sex I pull squeeze that upper back those traps go stabilize the areas to help with the bench try to put those elbows up a little bit don't keep it like this I keep the luggage right here I like Machine Gun Kelly well some stuff I like him on other diesel song dooda job solution yeah Travis Barker oh don't Cinco l.joe Cinco you see that movie yet where he plays as the in the band yeah okay he plays as a Dan what's it called it's a rock movie on Netflix it was really good I mean Palin was watching it yeah y'all should watch they go to Netflix I'll try to find it and put it in the description of song but Machine Gun Kelly in place like some rock star was it it's something so simple and I can't I can't remember yeah based on true story yeah he's gonna rain but yeah neutral grip table rows 4 set to 10 once again 4 sets of 10 for the last one already did binge I got my chest movement in doing my upper body for back movements to make sure I don't do rotator stuff today though well I won't do that on the same day at the gym stuff I'll put a whole strong word on my bench and I don't want a weak rotator cuff again they'll pay after working it so much from doing a heavy lift 405 for coming rest for a couple sets since a heavy lifting regardless by the trs-80 position so we're working on those areum's around it now and I won't touch chest anymore that's how that's so much of a mental barrier having like caffeine is when you were when you were a lie on that ship I thought I thought when you rely on it your mentality it's like you know I need your to do better in a trainer to train better train harder in reality when simple caffeine is not a sort of strength builder it doesn't build strength you already have the strength to do it it's just you're so mentally caught up and you know taking certain things thinking these things you know believing these things is what makes you you know a certain way man it's cool to be amped up but first thing is natural amped up and stuff and it's just good to take these breaks guys that's all I'm saying just go through the struggle a little bit for like a week and then go back to it you know I'm saying but damn sucks we're gonna focus on triceps have you set to eight she's gonna have top in [Applause] all right y'all have we done way out of here got in got out quick workout quick efficient effective workout today man make sure you hit that like and subscribe button got some congrats them is good high-quality h2o yeah make sure you hit up my twitch YouTube channel already on it Instagram and should I catch y'all later Oh hallelujah when I was a little boy I wanted to be a hero truth is when you get older sometimes things don't always turn out the way you look they would so you got to do what you got to do handle that business believe in yourself create your own destiny


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  16. it's better to workout without caffeine than it is to take it. Since it suppresses adrenal hormones and raises stress levels like cortisol, it can have a negative effect on your strength and performance overtime depending on how much you consume. 4 weeks on and 8 weeks off is ideal to avoid adrenal fatigue. you will find that your recovery will be better also.

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  39. Dude for the first time , im the first to comment . Im from Holland en watch al your vids evrytime . U are my inspiration . Had a tought time ( got really sick ) and your vibes and motivation motivated me to say . Fck docters imma do this shit ! And traint evry Day For the last 6 months ! Just wanted to say thank u and God bless u

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