Fitness Trainers Get Their Asses Kicked By Aerial Yoga

– Hi BuzzFeed, welcome to Up Flying Yoga. (upbeat music) (laughter and wooing) – I’m gonna fly out of here. – We are doing aerial yoga. – Aerial yoga is something fairly new. We kinda created this
little formula based on traditional yoga practices but hang upside down and using
the fabric as a little prop to help get deeper space for your spine, deeper space for your body, elongating muscles and building
strength at the same time. While playing, spinning
around and having some fun. – It’s supposed to be peaceful maybe but I’m expecting some pain. – [Voiceover] What do
you think is going to be the sorest part of your body tomorrow? – Core. – Or my pride. – This is your fabric, it’s
made for a thousand pounds so we’re all good. Ready? Alright, shake out your fabric. We’re going to lift up our toes. Bring our hips out the side. We haven’t stretched yet so
there aren’t any expectations– – (laughter) – Reach your hands up behind you pull up to stack your spine long and straight. – [Kimberly] So you’re completely immersed inside the fabric. (laughter, exertion) – [Mikki] This is like being in a cocoon. – I feel like I need to
do this every morning. – [Kimberly] Rock your
hips from side to side. – [CJ] You’re loosing me here coach. (laughter) – [Kimberly] Yep, lie back, lie back. – Oh. (general laughter) OK. That was pretty simple.
– (laughter) – [Kimberly] Alright, I’m gonna go for a one-eighty inversion here. I’m gonna take my leg up each side, bring my feet around the front and let my hands they touch the ground. – All the pressure’s
like in m head (laughs). – I feel like Spiderman, it’s pretty cool. – We’re going for sit-ups, right? – [CJ] Oh. what. – [Kimberly] Exhale, reach
your head to your toes. – You’re going to go to a
little bound angle here, we’re going to bring our
knees apart, feet together. (laughter and wooing) – Keep com’in. – Oh my God. – Keep com’in, slide down. Reach your left hand to your left leg. Take your right hand off, your hooked. – Wait, are your sure? – I’m positive. Oh my God that’s desperate (laughs)
– I’m going to let go, 1, 2, (laughs) 3. OK. OK. OK.
(general laughter) OK. – Alright, pull yourself up to a sit. – You’re going to slide
your toes all the way up to the ceiling into a shoulder stance.
– [CJ] Oh, what the… – Now feet over your toes, on the ground past your head, back up. – Oh. – Back up, yes. – OK, OK here I go. – Yep. – Here I go.
– Pull it up. – Here I go.
(both laughing) There I go.
– [Kimberly] Yep, yep, yep. (laughs) Alright, stand up. I have no idea what that move is. – I’m trying to get out. – [Kimberly] You’re going
to reach your hand up high. Bend your knees, press to your heels. – [CJ] Oh, this is so easy. – Love you CJ. No, this is not easy. – Oh sheez-louise… – The grip, it’s like
you’ve got monkey hands. – [Kimberly] And then we’re
going to slowly roll forward. (laughter)
That’s where we’re going. (laughs) – Whoa. – (laughs) Spin it out. Core’s working here big time. Suck it all the way through. – Legs in center. Look at the hips, lift your hips up. – [Jacob] Oh, God. This is that thing where the
jump comes into play again. – Yeah, I gotta, my thing… – I gotta readjust. – [Kimberly] Do your’s up. – [CJ] OK, I trust you. – So, I’m superman. – [ Kimberly] Start when you’re
ready go onto your back… – This is a hell of a workout. – [ Voiceover] How you feeling? – Now I fee great. (laughs) – It’s to space the vertebrae… – I like this.
– [Kimberly] Yeah. – Don’t let those hands slide down, pull yourself to a stand, nice. Hands up high toward the sky
guys, take a deep inhale. On the x over your hands,
your prayer, your heart… The highest in me honors
the highest in you. Thank you guys for flying with me. – Namaste…
– Namaste… – My hands are shot, shot. – It’s a good core workout as well. – I feel so happy and like relaxed. – It’s definetly fun. It’s very, kind of exhilarating. – I’d definitely do it again.


  1. I wanna do this now…… Just so I can say "I believe I can fly"


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  24. This looks so fun

  25. This looks fun

  26. I love aerial yoga! its so peaceful and super easy! maybe cause im a gymnast tho

  27. I want to try aerial yoga but me being overweight kind of makes me paranoid.

  28. Isn't Jacob Jordan's boyfriend

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  50. this looks so fun

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    Me: BUTLER

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  64. I want to do this so bad

  65. I really want to do this now

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  78. "What do you think will be the sorest part of your body tomorrow?"
    My core, or my soul.

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  100. If you can find a way to afford it, aerial is the most amazing workout. I love it so much.

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