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what's going on guys this is Vince with me shred calm and in today's video I'm going to take you through a lower body and abs workout for you to do using no equipment seven take through a lower body ab workout and this is going to be a workout consisting of six different exercises and what we're gonna be doing is well I'm going to take you through each exercise individually and just show you what I mean basically you're going to be doing two to three rounds depending on what you're capable of doing of this that I'm gonna take you through so I'm going to show you one round of it and then it's however many you want to do if you want to do five or six rounds totally up to you I just want to take you through one so you know what to do so like I said it's gonna be six exercises each exercise you're going to do 25 reps of and then you're going to follow that up with a 20-second rest move in to the next exercise all the way through and that's one round so I'm going to take you through it the first exercise we got up are just gonna be jumping jacks this is kind of gonna act as a little warm-up here so let's just get into it I guess so 25 reps one two three four five six and four and five so now 20-second rest here and so after the 20-second rest you're gonna get into the next exercise which are going to be squat hop so you're gonna do 25 here again so what squat hops are you're basically going to squat down and then as you come up you're going to hop your feet in and hop back out and that's the hop so boom just like that boom just like that four five 23 24 25 so 25 reps there now another 20 second rest here and after the 20-second rest I'm gonna drop down to the mat and you're going to go for 25 crunches so crunches most of us know that they are you're gonna lay back one to focus on squeezing with your core here but 23 24 25 so 25 reps again another 20-second rest here and after the 20 second rest you're gonna get into side lunges so another great leg exercise here what you're gonna do is you're going to get into kind of like a squat position but then instead of just squatting down or wandering forward you're going to take your leg out to the side almost not necessarily as far as you can to a comfortable place and then from here you're going to squat down keeping this leg straight squat down squat back up and then you can bring it up it's a starting point go down just like that two three and I'm not going to show you all of these four but then after you get a twenty five those other side so one two three all the way up to 25 you get it but after the 25 reps with each leg yes this one's going to be a little longer you're going to follow it up with another 20 second rest and after the twenty second rest you're going to go into the mat again and you're going to get into push-up position here just like so have your back straight and from here what you're going to do is you're actually going to go down into a plank position and you're going to go back up into the push-up position so just like this you're gonna new 25 reps and to be clear one rep is when you've gone all the way around so it's not one two three or it's starting up here it's one two all the way through twenty-five just like this plank up downs so after 25 reps again another 20 second rest here and after the 20 second rest you're gonna go into the last exercise of the round which is a mountain climber so I'm gonna drop down for this mat again and get into push-up position again and from here you're going to do the mountain climber you're gonna drive your knee up you're gonna jump back and drive your another other knee up jump back drive it up drive it up just like this and really focus on driving that knee forward so that you can really work your lower abs here driving it up 25 each leg it's not 1 2 3 4 it's 1 1 2 2 3 3 all the way up to 25 reps follow that up with a 20 second rest and that is one round so after you finish up around 1 like I said completely up to you how many rounds you want to do if you can only handle 2 to 3 rounds totally fine do that but if you're someone who let's say is a little farther along and you can do 5 6 7 rounds of this to get a really good workout do 5 6 7 rounds of this until you can't they do anymore and until you're just completely fatigued because that's how you're gonna get the most out of the workout and if you're looking for more help beyond just a simple workout you want more help with getting in shape I do have a free body type quiz that tells you the three most important things that you're not doing to get in better shape if you want to check out that quiz click the link in the description right below this video other than that if you guys like these types of videos if you guys liked this video make sure you're clicking that thumbs up the like button below if you have any comments questions or concerns about this video leave them in the comment section and then last but not least make sure you are clicking that 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