Fitness – Rocket Get Up Exercise

this is day five in the summer food exercise program a ten day five you're going to be doing circuit workout that it's made up of several different exercises and now I'm gonna show you the first one so the first exercise is called rock and roll to spend and you're gonna return the wraps before you move on to the next exercise so after you complete and then let's move on directly to the next exercise if you need more information about this exercise or the home workout it's all for free on my fitness site polylactic TV thanks for watching can I will see you next time


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  21. These are great exercises because they work so many muscles in one workout, not to mention they improve your overal coordination. Good stuff.

  22. its quite hard to find which exercises go with which circuit session.

    a suggestion:
    post one long video of the circuit or video reply with all the other videos that go with this one

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  25. Great video, and very helpful! Thanks!

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