Fitness Photography – A Behind the scenes look shooting for one of London’s leading Gym’s 💪🏼


  1. Loved shooting this set up. What’s your favourite simple set-up?

  2. Dope man!

  3. Great vid man, so you don't use any lights in gym scenarios? I'm shooting some soon so keen to know!

  4. Really Nice bruh!

  5. nice channel youve got : )

  6. Did you shoot photos or did you video it and screen capture a frame?

  7. I have to do a gym shoot tomorrow with the same kinda lighting, I'm happy to see how your photos turned out since I'm using the Eos R, so its basically the same sensor I should be fine I guess.

  8. All of those people agreed to be photo taken for the client? Or do you get models to pose for a gym?

  9. Love this video! You're such a pro 😉 x

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