FITNESS & NUTRITION Q&A w/ Omar Isuf (Big Announcement!)


  1. this video was helpful to me and I didnt even think that it was something I was interested in even though I am trying to lose body fat and everything else like that

  2. So excited about the big idea! 💚 I just workout for health and not body comp but sooo many people wanna change their physiques & they follow absolute morons telling them to undereat/over exercise etc…would love to shout it out for youse because I love what youse are all about 🤗💚

  3. Omar RUN

  4. Omar is a trip 😂😂😂

  5. I’ll bet all of y’all $100 both of them are dating again!!

  6. All girls in the comments want THEM back together.

    Accuse their bfs of cheating all the time, anytime.

  7. did i hear it right? she can deadlift 652 lbs? 16:00

  8. Love when you guys do videos together

  9. Loved it! Very interested in the “Big Announcement” if you guys decide to move forward with it and do it!!!

  10. I’m cutting : eats the whole bar 😂

  11. I relate on the not liking fats I like bread but only fat I like is peanut butter and chocolate lol

  12. I have a question I want to stay skinny how I am now but grow an ass and not get bigger legs how can I do that

  13. I’ve been working out consistently 8 months and 5 times a week. I’ve lost 25 pounds. However my food intake is meh, I’ve kinda of slowed down in weight loss in my goal and I know it’s because I haven’t changed my food that much. I’m conscious of what I eat, but really need to focus on food now that I have a gym routine that I enjoy.

  14. Fav…..

  15. Love how articulate Omar is, you can tell he really enjoys the material and very educated.

  16. i'm happy that they are cool though! they have some dope chemistry idc if they get back together, you kids need to chill lmao. i just love the good energy they have around and for each other; as well as for themselves! this is how relationships should end off! kudos to yall jazz and omar! <3

  17. I need help with loosing fat 😔 ugh so difficult

  18. keeeeeeeeeen for the programme! Would it be inclusive for people overseas as well?

  19. Jazmins personality with her LA friends vs her with Omar soooo different.

  20. I really love that idea!! I’m looking for some guidance to get back to where I was when I got super fit.

  21. Mark my words guys…
    “these 2 are a THING!! “ 👍🏻🥰🥰

  22. I think we were all hoping for a certain announcement

  23. This dude live with you or what? lol hes in every video now, doesnt he live in Canada 😂

  24. I thought it was really cute when he took the chocolate off her face😊

  25. Yes!!! Love the idea of the new program, I would join and be a guinea pig 🙋‍♀️ if you want to do a trial run and get feedback 😊, I would totally pay to. But I think the accountability you were describing is something I can relate to. As well as just having more knowledge when it comes to portions and things we can apply for the rest of our lives to living a healthier life, so we can make short and long term goals.

  26. It is so entertaining watching these two!! I clicked so fast when I saw this come up

  27. Omar is so captivating when he speaks! I mean that in not a weird way lol… also trying to not be that person and talk about it but I’m here for you guys… y’all got good chemistry which makes it a good video to watch whether y’all are together or not 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. Yes, please, do Flourish!! I’m a 45 yr old woman, and it’s so hard to find info relevant to me, with a depreciating metabolism and hormonal fluctuations. Gah! I’m just tryna grow some muscle over here, ya know?!🏋🏼‍♀️😉

  29. I am in love with the idea. Would be really interested! x

  30. Get back together.

  31. I was hoping the big announcement was you guys getting back together smh

  32. Yall playing with my emotions.

  33. So I think Omar is 25 born 93 and I think his ethnicity is Turkish….. the video was really informative thanks but we are here for the tea sis, Can we get back together ?!?!

  34. 13:49 I do powerlifting along with marathon training with two different seasons. Here's some other info on that too:

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