Fitness: My Physical Fitness Assessment Sucked

hello everyone its Amy welcome to my channel today I'm going to sort of veer off topic of my channel and talk about fitness I have posted a few fitness videos more for myself than for anything else so I figured I would come on here and talk some more I am in the military we have to take a physical fitness assessment every six months we usually take it more often than that but the official one is every six months I have been I don't want to say training we do pt three days a week no matter what but I have been working on push-ups sit-ups and running for the past three months since I knew what was coming that we had to do it before the usual time because we're going on deployment if you watch some of my older videos as far as like the talking and fitness or really rough time with running basically all fitness aspects my fitness requirements are based on age and sex so the female and I am 24 so for my age range and my sex I have to get a certain amount of push-ups sit-ups and run time so there's all kinds of levels so it goes from probationary all the way to like outstanding and there's like low outstanding and high outstanding and all that stuff in between so my goal was to pass which is kind of shitty and it makes me feel shitty even saying it but honestly my goal is to pass if I do better that's fantastic but it's not always the case so for the minimum requirements non-probationary because probationary is still bad it's still like feeling I'm gonna feed here that's under but I have to get like passing which is like a standard something like that so I have to get 17 push-ups which for me push-ups have never been a problem I can bang out 70 push-ups no big deal and this is all within two minutes so I have to do 17 push-ups in two minutes and I actually get 50 sit-ups in two minutes sit-ups have been an issue for me I have like no core strength yeah and then my run time is 15 15 actor in a mile and a half in 15 15 so towards the beginning a year I was like push this one sit-ups every day 50 pushups 50 sit-ups every day I wouldn't do them timed I would just make sure I got them done I was working on my form I ended up switching my form for my push-ups halfway through because the way I was doing push-ups was hurting my shoulder really bad so I ended up switching that and so I was building a different muscle and so it was kind of a step back but it was fine so 50 pushups 50 sit-ups every day I didn't always do them happens I got lazy ultimately towards the end I realized I took less than 10 minutes probably less like five minutes give or take to do it so sometimes I would just think myself do it at 10:30 a night even when I didn't want to so that's what I was doing for push-ups and sit-ups running I second running so I decided to run on the weekends some weekends I did some weekends I didn't a couple weekends I ran 5 miles and I realized that none of it was helping my time I am I've learned I am a distance runner not a fast runner so it takes me like a mile at least to regulate my breathing and to get to a pace that I like considering my test is on 1.5 miles that's really rough for me that means that whole first mile is torture so I've been having a really hard time I'm not gonna lie I took my purity today and I passed would not with the score that wanted and honestly I feel like every parity idea I'm kind of disappointed with my I don't know with what I do how I perform I should say so for sit-ups I did 62 and this one is one of the things I actually feel good about because I was actually able to do 50 pushups by myself within before even close to 2 minutes like it wasn't pushing it like it was great I felt great I wasn't sore or anything like that the push-ups I did 35 no big deal within the first minute and then I just got tired and decided I didn't need more so I stopped the run I did in 1447 so it's like 28 seconds less than what I needed to pass and I'm kind of upset because it was a really rough run I was doing really good the first 3/4 mile I hit that at 7 minutes which is sort of my goal more like 636 minutes so that way I have more time to run the last part because that's usually my hardest part I hit that at 7 minutes and basically went down from hill down hill from there I got a really bad stitch in my side and I just I couldn't breathe by the time I got to the finish line I ended up gagging which I've never done before I've never gagged after I've run before and it was kind of like upsetting because I didn't even feel like I did that great like it wasn't like I pushed myself and got a really great time and that's why I was so like having such a hard time so I just I just sucked honestly it was like a really shitty run I passed which is great but sucked and that's the same time I got when I got here roughly six months ago so it's like all that training I've done all the PT I've done it's been pointless because I haven't improved one bit in six months and it's upsetting because it's like I can run farther now than I've ever been able to in my life like ever even thought I could and I just feel like it doesn't show you know what I mean you know whatever you dive I'm probably in one of the best shapes of my life and I still can't run faster and I don't know if it's like a mental my name or like what so last week I ran the my own half the same path myself after work so let me give you the breakdown here I drink soda all day had not one drop of water I was wearing a t-shirt full leggings and I didn't want to be there shocking I know crayon and I ran it in 1427 like and I felt like I was in a puke but I attributed that to the fact that I hadn't drink any water like and I just eaten but I didn't have a hard time breathing I was able to push myself and I did in 1427 like that's it like it was fine but then come race day or like peer tee day where I made sure I drank water only water at the data of the day before and the day before that like that's it all I drink is water make sure I got a good night's sleep I made sure I ate well like I've been training for it like and I pull out at 1447 which I know is only 20 seconds but it matters like it sucks so I don't know sorry I'm going on a rant just I'm very frustrated that I feel like I am not making any progress and I don't know it what I need to do to fix it um at a couple of people tell me to try sprints so I'm gonna be trying Sprint's um I think I need to buy a new pair of workout shoes because I saw someone today wearing the same workout shoes and he told me he has flat feet and that's why he has those shoes so I don't know if maybe that's part of the reason they're kind of heavy so I don't know if I need to get lightweight ones but then I'm afraid if I get lightweight ones they won't have as much support and I'll have to wear ankle braces again I don't know just all this stuff just go through my mind and it's just it's like people look at me and I look good like I'm not and I don't mean that in a like a comment like condescending fold myself away like I look fit like I just look fit but I'm not like I don't feel fit like it just I don't know and I'm it's frustrating because I'm tall I'm six foot and I can't run fast which apparently is unheard of because apparently tell people you have long legs you should run fast like sorry bro like my legs just don't work like that I don't know what you want me to tell you so and like we did our weigh-in on Monday I was worried about that because my max weight is 185 for my height and I was pretty close to that when I joined the Navy they made me lose weight um it's an interesting story trust me and when I left boot camp I was 176 so if you fail weight you have to get taped and if you're within the measurements you pass so I'm still very weary of failing weight I'll pass tape but I'm just tall and thick I guess I don't know so I was worried about that on my day but I ended up winning 173 point six which is the least amount I've weighed in a long time the last time I weighed 172 I a diet for like a thousand calorie diet for seven days like it's just not it's like unheard of for me so I'm not overweight I'm just really focused and as much as I own up to it because I totally like I tell people all the time like I'm slow and they're like no I'm slow I'm like trust me I'm slower than you like I'm just tired I'm tired of passing by with the lowest standards you know what I mean like that's just not who I am like I've never like in school my whole life I'm an A and B student like that's just how I roll like there's no excuse not to do that but like physically wise I've always been escape go like no that sounds that's not the right word I've always skated I should say I've gotten out of any physical activity because I'm not physical like I'm not a physically fit person and it's biting me in the ass honestly um but it I don't know I'm gonna have to do something to change this because I'm tired of running slow and I'm tired of hitting that finish line and feeling like not just like I'm not talking physically like cuz you know when you run not for everybody but like when you push yourself and you feel like crap sometimes like I'm just tired of mentally feeling like I'm tired of being myself up I'm tired of not seeing results so I'm sorry I'm just ranting to you guys yeah that's how my life is going right now as far as physical fitness all the long runs haven't helped all the running all the PT that we've been doing hasn't been helping so I'm gonna have to start doing on my own I guess start a workout plan do something because I'm done just but yeah so sorry to then T you guys congratulations to you if you made it through that yeah the struggle is real so trying to be thankful that I passed and that I'm faint looking and that I'm not overweight and I can walk and do all the great things but yeah so that's my video that's my update for those of you people who are following on my finished journey it's kind of long I'm sorry but yeah if you don't watch it you don't watch it this is mostly just for me to get off my chest yeah so here it is the good the bad the ugly me crying well tearing up which usually doesn't happen so anyways thanks for watching and I will probably post fitness update sometime but I feel like it but yeah I will see you guys there bye


  1. i had huge troubles with the "beep test".. one where u have to run 20m chunks to an ever increasing tempo, up and down, killer.. let alone 1.5mile run.. no progress.. so for few times in few weeks i "ran" 1mile only with alternating 1min full sprint and then 1min walk.. sprint just till exhaustion, what body gives.. body indeed got a shock, but responded.. might be worth a try.. u can download apps with beep tests.. Elp..

  2. You're absolutely gorgeous! and your makeup is fire!

  3. practice makes perfect, learn from mistakes

  4. good looking chick

  5. Stop being so hard on your self! Aim-face I swear! You da

  6. Girl, stop trippin'! You did better than I did when I was in the army. We had to run 2 miles in 14 minites. So, you're already at an advantage. Anyway, I couldn't run for shit UNTIL my last test to graduate from basic training. One thing my drill sergeant told me to do to help me improve my runs was to run EVERYWHERE in the 2 mile distance. Now, I actually love running. I keep giving myself running goals. I'm currently in a new years transformation challenge and my goal is to get 6 1/2 miles OR MORE in an hour. I've been consistent the past week. However, some days are better than others. Take some time off from running. Do it every OTHER day. Set small goals for yourself. Don't run the entire week before your assessments. That way your legs will be ready. When your assessment starts, come right out of the gate like a racer. Maybe those things will help. Best wishes.

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