Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Monitor Demonstration

Alright so how do we use this, that again
can be the biggest thing of “I brought something but I don’t even know how to use it”. I’m
going to break it down pretty simple for you. Omcron fat loss monitor is basic. You start
with the one and it gives you a lot of options but it blinks to let you know what it needs
immediately. I am going to say I am a guest so I will press set. Then it wants to know
are you a normal guest or an athlete and I’m going to go up because I’m an athlete. Press
set. Then it wants to know my height, five-five. So use the down button and it even gives you
half an inch or quarter of an inch so it’s pretty exact on that. Five five even, press
set. Now the pounds, now the fun part, put your weight in. Today I’m one thirty seven,
lot’s of muscle mass there. And my age
going down at thirty one, for now. And then it blinks male or female. Now after all that
is complete you press set. All of your data is now stored. Now to find out your exact
amount you are going to grab this monitor, wrap your thumbs your hands around, your thumbs
are on top and because you are doing this by yourself, you are going to press your start
button. And it’s going to blink, you will see those little blinks down below where it
says low, normal, high and very high. And now it tells me that I am at twenty one point
two percent and my bmi is at twenty two point eight percent. So those numbers are pretty
different from the other body fat monitor I showed you but it let’s you know where it
can be a little more accurate or a little less accurate. And that’s it, got that vital


  1. big guns for a girl

  2. I used one of them a couple days ago, 6.5% Body fat :D!

  3. forget that, I would rather spend my money on a jump rope n look at myself in the mirror see what I look like n continue using my accu measure.

  4. this thing is unaccurate i did it today at nysc and it gave me 4.6% lol I used a scale afterwards and got 9.4% which I believe is a close estimate

  5. nice ass

  6. @MostRecklessENT She said she is 31…

  7. so how much will it be off if you put it on normal as to athlete?

  8. @burning1er there's no way she's 14% lol she's lean, but no, not that lean. maybe a 17 – and yes, there's a big difference.

  9. Uhhh the other caliper thing showed her 13.2% vs this 22%….

    which one is good?

  10. 21.5 bbe

  11. don't buy this, this a peace of shit. This device sends electric impulses thru your body, but as we all know, electricity always chooses the shortest circuit, so it only measures your arms en chest… THUMBS UP so people can see and not waste their money on this bullshit. the caliper is the best

  12. the caliper is the best method. check my comment above..

  13. that model look old, theres a new version now and i think its more accurate because it is for me

  14. Are body scales better and more accurate than this?

  15. These hand held units may not be as accurate as a $35,000 BodPod, but they do pretty well. They are consistent enough, in my experience, to use for your weekly or monthly BF tests to see a pattern of loss or gain. My own personal experience shows them to be off by about 5% to 7% from what a BodPod shows. This is consistently true, so these units are fine to verify if you are losing fat (at least in your upper body/arms). Worth the $30 price tag for the information you get.

  16. still pretty accurate

  17. 13.2% is EXTREMELY low for a woman. 22% is in the fit/athlete category for women. Judging by the way she looks 22% is defennitely the correct measurement.

  18. i would of guessed lower than 22% for her. She looks lean and muscular

  19. i just wanted to know how high i should hold it, thanks

  20. Electricity always finds the shortest path to the ground. Therefore it would go through your entire body to the ground..

  21. shortest path to close the circuit* one of the handles is the plus pole, the other one the negative .. so the elec. flows from your left to right arm (or the other way around)

  22. body mass index.. does it measure body fat alone.

    whats this 22.10 bmi..

    my body fat was at 13.. can any one tell me if this monitor has an option for this?

  23. "Lots of muscle mass there", Thanks for reassuring us that it's mostly muscle mass. I love insecurities.

  24. shes dyslexic

  25. If she really wanted to reassure herself and boost her insecurities, she can measure herself as a male and her BF% will drop about 8.5%. The difference between Normal and Athlete is about 5% less for males and 5.5% for females. 

  26. It is poss­ible to lo­se 1­0 p­ounds na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout bat­tl­ing with food cravings

  27. Are these more accurate than the foot-scales that analyze body-fat? I'm curious because at my gym the hand model tells me I'm around 16% body-fat, while the scale at my house says I'm around 25%, which is a huge difference!

  28. seems off, she looks more like 16% her arms are pretty defined and waist is tiny.

  29. the trainer in my gym had my thumbs pointed up when he measured my bf percentage using this similar device..

  30. this is trash you know you can just use an online bmi calculator right note bmi scale was never mean to be used as a real health tool look it up

  31. You should try fatbyte App. free,validated,accurate

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