Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Caliper Demonstration

Alright, now I’m going to show you how to
use the accu measure. What’s cool about this one is that you can actually do it by yourself.
I would recommend trying to find the same time of day to do this each time, preferably
first thing in the morning, that way you haven’t eaten, you haven’t had water, you can just
see where your body is and then repeat in about four to six weeks. You’re going to look
to your hip and put your finger on your hip bone and then use the measurement right on
the numbers to go to about an inch away. Once you get there, place your thumb at one mark,
your pointer finger at the other and squeeze, and all of us have a little fat, that’s okay.
Then you’re going to place the calibers there and squeeze until you hear a click. Once there,
you’ll see it on the mark.
And it just happens to say about one tenth of a millimeter. You would then look at your
chart and, since I’m a woman in the thirty-one to thirty-five range, that one tenth on the
millimeters pulls me right at about 13.2 percent, which right here is nice and lean, which is
great. It wouldn’t have been horrible if it was higher, you want it to still stay in the
ideal range and that’s it. You use it to track your own body fat. Again, this is one spot,
which makes it very useful and easy, but it’s not your full body. So you can use this to
track, see where you are, by yourself and I would do it again in about four to six weeks.
That’s your accu measure


  1. Thanks for the video!

  2. Actually, it does say one inch. I have an accumeasure it says "1….put your left index finger on the point of your right hipbone and move up one inch."

  3. Ooooooh, that make sense and is actually very helpful – I googled this video in the first place trying to get a decent explanation on how to use this thing – because the accumeasure instructions themselves are not even that clear! Thanks

  4. where can i get this done professionally done, just so i know its accurate?

  5. I use these and they are very accurate. I've had DEXA scanning which confirms the same meaurement I get with the accu-measure callipers.

  6. haha

  7. 1 tenth of a CENTIMETER

  8. That's what I use with my clients. I use the hip measurement but I like to do a second test with the back of the arm, pec/naval line, and thigh measurement to get a better picture.

  9. great vid but where can i ge that thing??

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  11. actually it say your fingers should be 2-3 inches apart but the site is 1" above your right hipbone.

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  16. @MatheusLegenda
    She probably didn't even know what was a millimeter.

  17. i like this alot

  18. what happens when you can't see your penis?

  19. Can anyone see this. There is text covering up the entire video? Not very useful

  20. @brucewayne81995

    Is there a millimeter to percentage converter och formula, on some page? I got 2 mm, does that equal (roughly) 7,5% bf?

  21. @youngsoldier93

    Then you know you've become a real man, all that beer and chips while sitting in the couch, watching tv, finally payed off!

  22. Yes. One inch = 25,4mm.
    The numbers on the dial are in mm (milimeters). As each 10 mm is divided by 5 in the accu measure, each division represents 2mm, so she has 4mm of skinfold.
    Honest mistake though.

    Remember: units notation never go on plural, so 10 mms = 10 mm*s which is not a length unit.

  23. Cheat…. I thought you had to take a skinfold measurement around the chest area!!!!

    Let me know if she does

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  25. she meant 1 mm

  26. @MatheusLegenda I didn't catch that. haha

  27. @MatheusLegenda Agreed.

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  29. @brucewayne81995 She said " measure one inch from your hip bone" not a one inch pinch

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  32. Who sell these ????

  33. this is a bad demonstration, scooby1961 shows every single place where you neeed to put the calipers, not just at the hip bone..

  34. @codaassasin
    The Accumeasure caliper requires only one measure at the Suprailiac. It is located approximately one inch above the apex of your hip bone. So do some research before you complain.

  35. LMAO she thinks she is 13.2% bodyfat, stupid bitch.

  36. I'm sorry lady , You need to take off the shirt so I can see exactly what you're doing there …

  37. that's it, I'm blocking expertvillage

  38. This chick is an idiot, her measurement is 4mm.

  39. Guys please help me out i bought it b shipping to austria it says on the accu m . 0 than 5 lines to 10 why ?? I thought 10 mm are 10 cm and not 5 mm = 1 cm i hope u know??

  40. Mean 5 lines to 1cm why ??
    And not 10 mm to 1 cm

  41. what if you lean backwards and the thing can't grab your skin?? seems like a stupid way to measure fat

  42. LOL!!! 13.2% bf? u high bro?

  43. Does anyone carry fat at that part of their hip bone?

  44. He demonstrates for chest so we know how to pinch the skin, and then he shows all the rest of the areas where u pinch.

  45. Hey women lie about their weight, even on demonstrations lol

  46. Great video. Informative and the captions are a big plus. Thanks!

  47. one tenth of a millimeter?  You sure about that?

  48. bullshit!! shes at least 20% her arms are fat

  49. All these people saying bullshit she is fat… no those are arm muscles.. assholes..

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  51. She can't read, that is 4mm not 1/10th.  Which makes her 15.4% body fat if I can read the 108p video, which is still crazy low for a girl.

  52. I need one of those, it'd be useful – tho at first I know it'll give me a high reading, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

  53. No way in hell she is 13.2% body fat. That was definitely incorrect.

  54. 1/10 of a mm would be about the width of a single hair… get your shit together

  55. OK first off she looks AMAZING, and thank you I have this one and the Instructions were confusing.

  56. It's so hard to find hot athletic women these days. Suburban Canada sucks.

  57. Thank you, that was helpful. However I have seen other videos which state that measurement should be vertical. Can you comment on that? I can only manage to get a measurement at a diagonal or like you did, horizontally.

  58. why so many dislikes? perfectly useful video.

  59. It's the most accurate, practical, and east method to estimate your body fat percentage
    more accurate than Bio-Electric Impedance Analysis (Omron) and less acurate but more practical than Underwater Weighing

  60. Thanks so much. Just ordered one today. Wasn't sure how to use it.

  61. Short and simple video. I have had this for years but never use it. I have always thought it was a useless piece of garbage. An article on fat loss brought me here so maybe I will start using it.

  62. She looks just like Janet Jackson did years ago! Beautiful!

  63. what a dumb ass. i wish youtube would delete this crap.

  64. Shanay..!!! You're all over Social Media. Looking good..!!

  65. according to this i have 6% bodyfat…. thats definitely NOT the case >_>, if i mirror myself i look more like 15%, maybe even more.

  66. How far shoukd your thumb and finger be apart?

  67. Does that little lever on the left side with the press on it click to indicate that body fat measurement is established and shouldn't squeeze any further? Thanks

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