Fitness Marketing 101 (how to get more training clients)


  1. You have similar video from year 2009;

  2. great info!

  3. Simply said Bedros as usual. Good stuff to be reminded of… 80% from the internet that is a big number you can't under estimate that power! Thanks.

  4. Hey Bedros, I'm a new subscriber and love the channel!  I just received my certification and am excited to start my career in the fitness industry.  Keep the great info coming, it's much appreciated!

  5. I would say 95% of my clients come from Facebook. The other 5% from Groupon, Google and YouTube. I run both online and offline marketing. I look at offline marketing as a way to just let people know you exist. Almost never receive leads but people Alesha day yes I've heard of Thorn Fitness Personal Training. So this system works. Miss I need that squeeze page with a good program

  6. very useful video. Thank you.

  7. Me gusto el video, excelente aportación. Pasen por mi canal para saber mas acerca de como generar un buen ingreso mensual.

  8. AMAZING VIDEO Bedros! thanks so very much for posting! so if i understand correctly, this is for someone who has a facility… how do you market online if you have a product? 

  9. This is so incredibly helpful! Thank you!!!!

  10. Wow, hardly anyone knows where my home town of Tustin, CA is unless you live in O.C.

  11. Great hints!  It is such a key for gym owner to learn how to market themselves!

  12. Thanks for the great info! What if we do not have a client though to tag on facebook?

  13. Thankyou Bedros! 🙂

  14. awesome page dude

  15. Great video, thanks

  16. Hi Bedros Waht about UK how to find woman because I can not use ZIP CODE.

  17. this is crazy good

  18. I wish you could come to Periscope and do a podcast!!!!

  19. how do you get emails captured automatically? I usually have them pm us and ask for phone number.

  20. squeeze page?

  21. Hi,Bedros.Thx for the video.I've got a quuestion.What is the best way to convert leads through the facebook ads put them to your facebook page and build relationship there or promptly direct traffic to squezze page with capture form and free valuable offer?Some people says that facebook's users don't like to leave network passing the link.What can you reccommend and telling about that?Thx so much.

  22. How do you feel about door to door marketing? What if it is in a neighborhood a lot of people know of your qualifications, could there be any good in door to door even though not widespread as internet?

  23. I have a FB page that I have been using as a fan page, I'm assuming that will not work I need to transfer over and create the Fan Pg. Which will notify fans immediately ?

  24. How does the squeeze pg link with the FB page

  25. Great video. Bedros is a master fitness marketer. From some of the comments, it looks as if some people on this tread could really benefit from FitPro News Letter. It really took my fitness business to the next level. I attempted to make a video explaining this funneling process but this video is so much better. Bedros is a pro. The process that Bedros explains in this video took me to 6 figures in 11 months…in a town of 8K people. Know your funnel. And follow exactly what Bedros says in this video and you will be successful. Great video.

  26. yes man your so right

  27. Bedros, if you're just starting out how do you get your first clients?


  29. Whats the best way in getting started? self-employment or employed ?

  30. Good information i do target people on facebook and instagram and get a lot of likes, post my ads in different groups where i can relate to but the likes hardly turn into clients.

  31. I love this guy! I made 85000 in 7 months because of him!

  32. Great video! Easy to understand and to the point, Thank you

  33. This goldmine of information and wisdom is
    delivered comprehensibly thank you

  34. Awesome ! 👌🏾

  35. Awesome video, great info here! If anyone is interested I run a free facebook group where I teach fit pros how to market online. I show the exact systems we use to scale all of our fitness clients' businesses. Here is the link if you are interested

  36. How the fuck do I deliver any results to someone in under 30 days without explaining nutrition?

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