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good evening and welcome to another installment of fitness Boyd's channel and your reporting my little brother here was studying the labels on his supplements and that's the theme for tonight's video as supplements we're going to talk a little bit about supplementation of the old diet so why don't you start out fitness boy to the liberace of weight lifters you got to come up with a name well what kind of supplements do you take your natural bodybuilder right no no growth hormone no insulin no I don't take any kind of HGH steroids prohormones none of that all natural um I take protein take this every day even non workout days generally it will take less on on workout days what are your protein goals I try to hit at least my body weight and grams of protein every day which is now about 18 so trying to get 180 grams of protein so that gave metric or english grams grams are English now grams are metric pounds is English oh yeah ok sorry going ok so so uh grams of protein per pound body weight ok and i just i buy cheap walmart cry got this at kroger i think protein I mean you don't need to spend you know a ton of money on your protein whey protein is pretty much whey protein you're going to get different amounts of you know protein and different kinds and some will taste better so much better some have like glutamine and what but I just buy cheap whey protein because that's strictly all-in-one its protein bcaa's their branch chain amino acids some people think they're awesome some don't think they do anything in mccartney while we're on the topic of protein i want to tell you about what I'm taking here I don't take whey protein anymore let me ask you fitness boy 2 is a protein giving you gas here the whey protein you get protein farts no it never has and no protein I've ever taken has given me gets and I know that it is common for some people would now I don't get that even when i first started taking it which was like in high school and I never did I found that whey protein made me crop dust everywhere I went I freaking had like sulfur clear the room thick clouds of gas so I don't take that anymore what I take here is Greek yogurt this is plain Greek yogurt now is it disgusting i can't believe anybody would eat that it smells like cottage or no smells like sour cream that's like Elmer's with it but i put inside of it here I don't you can see that it's Greek yogurt and I put inside this one has 27 grams of brown sugar added keep serving of Greek yogurt in this container here has three servings total has 23 grams of proteins so I try and take two servings after a workout I get about 46 grams protein has I think nine grams of sugar plus i'm adding brown sugar and for every gram of brown sugar as a gram of sugar total so but for post workout there's not too much concern about sugar so I don't supplement with way anymore I find that Greek yogurt doesn't give me gas and with enough sugar added it doesn't totally tastes like sour cream and I can't wrote it down okay that's protein that's probably the most important supplement what else do you have here well ballocks I take a multivitamin everyday a thing that drives me crazy is if you go into G and C which I try not to do they're always trying to push multibus so you're taking a good multivitamin every time you go in and drives me nuts again i buy cheap multivitamins that this is from walmart equate brand it's the same as one of days men's vitamins just I mean it's all you need is all you could ask for and it's cheap so that's same with my flaxseed oil I by walmart flaxseed oil um I think John takes that too yeah I was going to say I take a multi-vitamin here that's from comfrey corner if you can see that in the camera it's generic it's their store brand it's got a lot of bite at vitamin B it's got b1 b2 b6 b12 those are all kind of like your energy vitamins I don't take a pre-workout I do take this usually before my workout every day because it's got a little bit of vitamin B in it but we'll get to pre workouts in a second here I also take flaxseed oil serving is a thousand milligrams take three servings a day is what the recommendation is again this is generic this is buy one get one free it's like three dollars so flaxseed oil is good it's got omega three six and nine in it okay so we both take some kind of protein we both take them all a vitamin we both take flaxseed oil no juice no HGH what else do you have I take creatine monohydrate um this is really the only thing that has been decent money hun from like a name brand what I have here is muscle pharm just creatine monohydrate some of the best purest creatine you can get and it's not it's relatively cheap I think I got two of these for like 30 bucks on sale with GNC like I try not to go to GNC because you get ripped off but sometimes I'll run out of something and I'll need a quick and I don't have time to order it online and wait for it to get shipped to me so I'll run in there but if you can get a sale at GNC then their stuff is your prices are competitive so that's where I got that how much is a thing of creatine this was I think 15 bucks in this last why while it's got steve 60 servings so i mean if you're working out if you're taking it every day and that's two months and I i take this every day whether i work out or not it's important to take it on non workout days too we all loaded in your muscles and keep it in there right right but you don't need a loading phase for this you don't take it prior working out or any extra you just take one serving a day and while you're working out there's no need to load it it's important to read the directions for whatever you get because some crazy things do require you to load and i also take a pre-workout sometimes especially like if i'm going to the gym after work and i'm just exhausted my favorite is probably again muscle pharm assault that's good i've taken a no xplode I've taken superpump 250 i think it is its people whatever gets parties is my favorite is the assault i think why sure it just gets me the most hampton the assault and the inner explode i'm not sure if the super pump has it or not but they have beta alanine which is the stuff that makes feels like your skin's crawling and tingling I don't know I just gets you amped people like beta alanine I should I hear right and not all not all pre-workout town and there are like you know cheap brand crea teens and pre workout but I find that I get the results with if I get like a muscle farmer the n.o explode is that is BS ends and n 0 explodes good but I still like them the muscle pharm tastes better I don't take a pre-workout nor do I take creatine my theory on creatine is it probably does give you a little bit extra game but once you achieve that game I think there's a plateau effect and then in order to maintain that gain you got to keep taking it once you stop taking it would you say that you lose whatever the benefit was of taking it um maybe a size benefit I don't know if you lose it does help you gain strength I had some getting strength angel taking it but you always hear oh you just put on water weight and a lot of that's true but I mean mass is mass we're getting stronger you think yeah definitely helps with recovery I forget what I was going to say where it was going to fat but well on the pre-workout I don't do that either I drink coffee that's about as wild as I did it's for me just a financial thing I don't have the extra money to spend right now so I don't but we take roughly the same baseline stuff which is some kind of protein supplement multivitamin flaxseed oil oh oh shoot I did not mean to get this out I should have brought this up much earlier I bet nobody's watching me now at this point the video from but I had picked out a nice Senate laxative here too that's going to work that in the mix earlier but we never got to it wouldn't recommend taking laxatives especially as a pre-workout or might make a good weight loss tool although you might want to talk to your physician before pursuing a diet yeah I think that's been stated yeah that's like what aether exit yeah girls do so my when I cut off this laxative we'll put that away he takes creatine and a pre-workout anything else in closing we need to cover here on supplements I don't think so all right well thanks for watching be sure to like subscribe comment and share all our videos and it's been a pleasure


  1. I'm Using Animal Flex, Animal Pack, Assault MP pre-workout … Are they great supplements ??

  2. You guys are the Howard Sterns of bb-ing. No stones left unbashed. Ha! Good info. vid!! Ur nicknames: Mic & Headphones.

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