Fitness assessment

hi this is Fenil Jariwala hi this is
Viraj Dhaduk so last week we made a fitness assessment of a client you are talking
about Siddharth Singh yeah yeah he was 21 years old and we took the assessment in
a fitness class I guess fitness lab sorry and it was lasted for like two
hours maybe yeah it’s very nice experience
yeah it was nice experience and he was very cool and excited to know the things
and he was talking to us like he’s also like very much excited to take the part
in this as he can no more things from us yeah then we have demonstrated many
things they are interest and and I guess he was like so much curious to
know the readings and all it was good experience yes so we would like to give
a brief about this and for the Arabic test I guess we took a
couple of tests but for the Arabic one he goes for mCAFT and we demonstrate
the both test for mCAFT also and cycle are you materials yeah he go with the mCAFT well yeah he was very comfortable with mCAFT because it was he told us that it was known test for him and craft because
in the previous gym where he was going there they like took assessment and they
also took mCAFT for him and he was like kind of more like walking or
stepping kind of guy and not bicycle and he hates bicycle so he was cool with the mCAFT and I guess we have done all the assessments yeah many test we have conducted pretty much things we have covered but I guess we had like forgot to take waist circumference we did we reality did like at the last
moment and you will be called me thanks for that anytime and yeah we did
pretty much good things and it will skip any of the tests no I guess we did
cover all the tests yeah and he took all the readings and he
was so much curious to know the readings of the tests like do you remember that grip strength he was like comparing and he went to be demonstrate test test
he was like a couple of times and it was excited and was trying to get more with
you today yeah then everything was go as per our
plan yeah yeah nothing go apart except that when we were taking his pulse yes yes yes you had like you tried very much hard and you have tried on right hand then you tried on left hand also then eventually you get on right hand yeah yeah and have you remember I have to terminate the test like he is missing the candidates yeah and and
so you even after his first warning we need to stop the test before he reach his
85 percent of his own heart rate maximum yeah I guess we did a couple of tests to
a couple of tests like together so he might be he was tired but I but still he
enjoyed his assessment yeah like you can recall that when we are conducting
the assessment even after test termination he wanna push himself more he wanna know that how he will feel after the reaching the stage 8 or he reach 85 percent of his hear rate maximum yeah i know he wants to continue this but eventually we have to terminate the test as he was missing the cadence we don’t have any choice even at recovery time he was pretty excited he was walking very fast yeah i have to say slow down it’s recovery yeah i like that guy he is cool about the test and he is kind of interested in this yeah he is seeing future bright future in this field yes yes yes it’s very nice it’s a very nice experience yeah it’s good what do you think like what areas we need to work on i guess we should done aerobic test first and later on we should done like vertical jumping sit and reach test we did mistake in that we should take care of it
that’s the next time I get such a opportunity i will definitely go with aerobic test first i guess he guess he was very tired though he continue yeah so next time prefer to go with aerobic test first yeah and the sequence is like we forgot
to take waist circumference and we have taken at last and I guess we have qualities like
dedication you know you have actually you have a nice face in that because
you meet the heart rate you are not getting the pulse rate but since then also
you are trying so much not yeah but the motivation which you are providing during
the assessment like in the mCAFT you keep on clapping come on yeah you can do it
you can well that’s all about fitness yeah you
have to do that because in future if we are working as personal trainer we must
know how to motivate our client yeah yeah so I guess for future we should more
focus on things like how to do a team work like we go for the client yeah in many fitness facility we need to work in team yeah we need to work in a team work
like in LA yeah yeah yeah couple of things like I’ve went there actually to collect trial basis
format for like seven days or eight but in that days in those day they were doing fitness assessment like all trainers are assessing
different different things and it was pretty much right yes it was more like
teamwork if you’re searching job in hospital or something as a fitness related field and we find many of the fitness assessments are interlinked what he is doing might help me in betterment of our self yeah i guess there is also second aspect for self yeah we need to work on the
problems solving yeah yeah yeah we need to understand what’s client’s problem yeah I think you’re thinking you did in the evaluation after assessment if we want
to make the treatment like protocol for our client we know how to feel we also
need to know how to evaluate that things cool yeah like we need to find out what is his goal if like we need to keep digging then we will find out stuff for
motivation as well as we can get idea why he really want it yeah so I guess overall we did well and
it was good for him also and like in terms of experience it was good for our
side also and yeah

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