Fitness assessment reflection

Hi, my name is Sanjana and I’m Madhvi. So today we are gonna discuss about our experience, For full fitness assessment which we did on one client her and her name is Kendra. Yeah So first of all, we’ve met her As you know, like we discussed a date on which day we are going to meet her personally so on that day when we met her we gave her all the impotent forms like Welcome later, Informed consent, Get Active Questionnaire Physician physical activity readiness clearance form and all the documents we are needed for a fitness assessment Yeah, and then like we made her on that day and we explained all the protocol Like in deeply and we like explained her that like all her information which she handed us It’s gonna be like confidential. We are not gonna set anywhere anyone and it’s like it’s only for our fitness assessment yeah it for fitness assessment purpose only. and for our aerobic fitness test we choose mcaft. it designed for Population aged between 15 to 69 and for all that all activity levels so our client is mostly fit By physical appearance and she chose like she’s okay with both tests, but we have to perform just one test so we gave her choice of performing a test mcaft or cycle ergometer and she choose mcaft It’s proper like a she is age 19. So she falls in the category of 15 to 69 years of age So we perform the mcaft on her we started from the stage 3 right! yeah. because her age is 19 and Stage 3 is first stage to perform for females. Yeah, and she completed at stage 7 which are and she performs very Good and we demonstrate her everything her RPE scale is good, her heart rate falling in a proper range, but we we terminated test On stage 7 because her heart rate, in 5% of her heart rate maximum is reached overall we completed our test very Precisely and gave her active and passive recovery You know what, for assessment we have almost completed all the protocols like cardiovascular protocols and a musculoskeletal evaluation protocols because our client is falling in a proper age range and she’s active and she’s willing to do everything on her and For our Muscular skeletal, we also choose all the protocols. Right! for musculoskeletal like we did sit and reach, grip strength and Vertical jump, push ups that all like which are in the age group like for 16 To 15 to 69 and one leg stand, which is suitable for age group 18 – 69 and she is age like nineteen so she can do all the Six protocols? Yeah, and What test you find more difficult? for me like Push-ups were more difficult because as you know, like I was not able to do like a proper push up So yeah, it was hard for me to explain her demonstrate her like verbally So as you know that I took your help and yeah and you demonstrate her So for me I found like that test tough for me because see like she did twice in wrong position so she fatigue before starting the proper test, actual test. yeah, so what the precautions you take in future to start or perform a test so in future like I am thinking to take like I can demonstrate her like for starting position and ending position Yeah, so it would be more easier for like client to understand so understand demonstration of whole test. Yeah, that’s good. What about you? Like it’s like I didn’t find any more difficulty in performing any test but one test it took Too much time. like in back extension We have to strap her, her lower body in a stage or we have a stable her lower body It took like two to three minutes Which is more, even though I just gave her chair to support her upper body But still maybe she will be a fatigue or she can’t perform 100% in her actual test so the readings might be alter because of the Time it took too much to prepare her to strap in And even though we take too much time to unstrap her from the position So I think the back extension would be better So what about your like in future? What steps ? It’s like in future. I think I will prepare a whole Equipments before the actual test starts. I examine the equipment is is it okay?or I have to prepare it for tests or not? Yeah and For the fitness appraisals , like we are using politeness in our behavior and in our words. We choose our words precisely that want hurt client and client didn’t find it commanding her yeah, also the confidence like whenever we are going to demonstrate how we will be more confidence in our words and we will explain more deeply yeah, we explain her everything and demonstrate before she performing the test actual test and also we use the confidentiality like all her information would be confidential we want share it with anyone it just use for a fitness assessment. overall, it was a great experience To work with a client right? Yeah. Thank you

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