Fitness and Workout Motivation – YES YOU!


  1. Trading time for intensity is the best thing I ever did.

    Thanks Jeff!

  2. My self

  3. Does anyone know what the meal plan is like for ATHLEAN XERO? Is it the same meal plan for the regular Athlean X program?

  4. Thank you for your help.


    The linked vid is one of my favorite "fitness motivation" / life motivation speeches.

  6. Great video!
    Are you in the best shape of your life?
    If so how long do you think you can continue with your gains.
    I ask as I'm as well at 39. Great feeling unsure how long to push.

  7. vin diesel chest & clarence seedorf core !! this will motivate every one !

  8. You are awesome bro I really needed something like this thanks man I've bn working out sice november and I was kind of getting tired bc of many factors and my job in the morning is one but thanks to you I understood that it does not matter what problems you have there is no scuse once you really want to change your body your mind and your life, thanks Sr. Happy new year

  9. Hi Ricardo a 15 year old from PR this and year I plan on gaining at least 20 pounds, im 5'6-5'7 and weigh about 110 this is my year

  10. Great video coach
    Thanks for the motivation

    Birmingham, UK

    Look forward to your next video

  11. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos. 

  12. Simplification, that's the plan. Also have been cooking larger quantities of food so there is no excuse to get fast/processed food. Thanks for the vid.

  13. im gonna start eating cleaner and a lot less junk food

  14. My motivation is just to change from being a normal below avarage guy to being an incredible below avarage guy in terms of strength, speed and big muscles!!!

  15. Intensity instead of time…that was really all I needed to hear to apply to my entire life not just fitness. Thanks Coach!

  16. Thanks for you video.. I was wondering if you would be willing to use a mic.. it woudl make the sound in your videos a lot better!

    Thansk your videos.

  17. Can u do workouts withkught weights or anything for the hole body it will help me alot if u do

  18. My goal is to go back to being 185 lbs (lose 30 lbs), lose my love handles and get SOME definition on my upper body lol. I will do that by taking slow and steady jogs 3 times a week in the evenings and start getting fit by watching this channel and doing what the coach tells me to do lol. 

  19. Its great to have lofty goals, but not setting yourself up for failure is also very important in staying motivated. Remember be realistic and as long as you stick to your plans you will achieve.Breaking a long term goal down into smaller increments is a great way to stay motivated ^^

  20. I really needed this.

  21. Everything here is great but I think you really hit the nail on the head at 3:30 – 4:09 Everyone starts off going 7 days a week 2 hours a day and as soon as they realize it's highly improbable to keep it up, they figure it's not worth it. Impatience is the worst stipulation. 

  22. My resolution? I want to feel good… that's all, and I know that works by working my arse off in the gym. Not for too long, but really intense. I've been doing this for a few months now, however I haven't been doing anything the past two weeks. Jeff, thank you so much for remotivating me!!!

  23. sub 36 min 10k, sub 80 min HM, sub 3 for the marathon!

  24. Eat healthier to shed my body fat off & obtain a leaner physique.

  25. Here is something different. My new year resolution is to be fit like lot of others out there. Be in good shape, eat good and feel good. The difference is that I started working on it in October 2013 and not 01/01/2014. For last three months of 2013 I worked on my basics. Tried few things, experiment a little and get my body use to the pain and suffering 🙂 It is like fueling a jet and on my set date, 01/01/2014, launched it. It is working for me and I am not looking back.
    Good Luck.


  26. Rewards require sacrifice!

  27. started lifting last year and fell in love with it. i can put up 185 benching, my new goal is max out at 235. hopefully i can do it

  28. Im going to work on my diet and watch more of your videos to jump start my lifestyle of fitness

  29. I used to do 5 x 5 x 2 hours it socks
    Now I do 20 x 2 sets …for 20 min every day mmmmmm feel great and my knees and elbows are conditioning well getting strong ….short workouts is the key a bit of everything. .almost every day

  30. I'm 15 can't go to the gym legally don't have loads of equipment at home. I box so I'm in very good shape but I don't know whether or not to do weights or body weight because I have no idea what my natural weight will be also I'm 6 foot. Any advice?

  31. The way I see it that we all are going to die one day so get up get fit get your healthy life together..don't feel lazy don't say tomorow just do it today now we are not gonna b here one day some of May get sick then that's the day we wanna turn our life around well let's try and prevent that everyone and stay fit eat healthy my people cause life is real short

  32. Thank you, pretty much motivated me for this year 🙂

  33. I will, thanks.. 5 miles used to be so much easier

  34. Having some problem in dumbell flys with my shoulders please tell me what to do…. i am of 14 year old

  35. Give everything you got!!!!!

  36. Hi Jeff, I love your approach, I love what you're doing, I love your philosophy.  You know what you're doing, and you inspire me.  Thank you!  I was a personal trainer for 2.5 years and am still certified for the next two years; however, I felt overwhelmed and under qualified.  The folks that were coming to me needed help that I felt was over my head.  Also, my weight loss clients were not compliant, and it was frustrating seeing them fail.  I suppose I wasn't tough enough.  I stopped training and decided to continue learning at my own pace, and experimenting with my own health and nutrition.  I have really appreciated what I've seen in your videos so far, and I look forward to seeing more.  This is going to be the best year ever!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  37. Great video..very true.

  38. I destroyed my rotator cuffs in december, great way to start a new year :/

  39. jeff thanx for sharing ur knwoledge

  40. My New Years resolution is look lose at least 20 lbs , I weight almost 190lbs now and have a gut again! I hate it , it brings me down and I'm tired of it ! I love your videos/ workouts they are a real help to me an I plan on showing my year transformation in December 2014

  41. Got an indoor grill of high quality; Paleo-like meals done in 5-7 min. 🙂 

  42. Jeff gr8 video! I'm training for a tough murder this year!
    All the best
    Rob x

  43. My resolution is gym. I work out at home doing various youtube workouts that have helped me get to where i am but i am at the point where weight will be easier for me to build mass than reps do at home. I am just glad that i know more about better ways to use the tools at the gym. Before i had no idea and i stopped going all together and got fat. Lol. But i trimmed off my extra and gained some noticable mass. But i just want more. Lol. Thanks for the vids.

  44. I'm making it my business to go from 13 to sub 10% bodyfat. I train hard, and have made some serious gains, but I want to take it up a notch.

  45. My motivation comes from getting the athlean x email with a link to a new YouTube video! Every time I watch your videos it's like my battery gets recharged and I'm super motivated to try what was shown in the video.

  46. No

  47. Thanks Jeff! My motivation? Well, is to be healthy, not only fit, but healthy. I've been following your videos, can't afford to buy the program at this point in time, and I'm struggling to quit smoking. Eventually I will.

  48. Thank you and my motivation is to get stronger!! Only because my girlfriend who I haven't seen in almost 1 year now… I'm visiting her this summer and I already am strong but for her I want to get RIPPED!!

  49. i agree with everything u said but i train for like 50 min to an hour but sometimes it can take longer because someone is using your equipment i know anothe xcuse rigght

  50. hey jeff is training on muscle group per day a good idea

  51. Already bought the AX-1! this was my first day and it was outstanding! i hope it gets even better cuz this year i want to get the results i havent seen in the last 6 years ive been locked up in the gym. Happy New Year Jeff!

  52. Building muscle naturally takes a long time.. but i ain't quitiin' this year too..

  53. Starting athlean x next week can't wait.

  54. Hi Jeff could you help me out with a strength programme for Jiu-JITSU?

  55. Awesome!!! Thank you

  56. Jeff man I really appreciate the free videos. I follow the advice you have in them. I have lost 31 pounds I was weighing 227 I'm down to 186 I'm 5"10 so I got some more to lose but I definitely want to send you b4 and after shots!

  57. if you cant afford a gym membership, you dont workout? I dont have any money, I pretty much cant afford the gym membership, cant afford supplements either, but I still pay for it, cause thats just what you gotta do. then you just cut corners elsewhere or get a little debt or whatever

  58. New Years Resolution is to eat No Pizza for the whole year, bad fats in that stuff. Boosting my cardio from a shockingly low level at the same time. Need to cut my body fat down to expose 6pack, any other obvious diet ones to watch for Jeff?

  59. Why does he remind me of Christian Bale? I like this dude though, he makes sense.

  60. Thanks Jeff..I started my transformation program in 2013 and one of my major resolutions for 2014 is to keep going and reach new heights in this healthy life style journey 😉

  61. Consistently Committed

  62. Pumping Iron is a passion of mine.  Motivation for me is not an issue.

  63. I love your others vids but PLEASE make more of these. I've been listening to these motivationals as podcasts in the car. Thanks!

  64. Jeff is awesome. Wish he was my counselor.

    Anyway, I try to not have an excuse to being healthy & working out. But if I did have a resolution when it comes to physical, it's maintaining a 6 pack.

    Most resolutions this year are mostly mental & personal goals.

  65. Guys Im 6 feet tall and about 70kg (150 pounds?) and need help to gain weight. I eat "bro foods" anyway just not in enough quantity I suppose. For the past month I've been doing 50-100  press ups every day and already noticed a slight difference in my triceps which is encouraging. I suspect Im a hard gainer though. Is the athleeanx programme a good choice for me.

  66. Hi Jeff,
    Keep up the good work.

    I'm a 33 year old listening from the UK and have taken a lot from your videos, having recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis I decided to take my training more seriously and have tried to focus on exactly what I'm trying to achieve, your videos / advice have been instrumental.

    A few more videos on nutrition would be great!

    All the best

  67. My best Motivation is My Results!

  68. Hey Jeff, great video. I'm back into working out again after a long hiatus spent starting a family. My resolution this year is to exercise three times a week, no excuses. So far I'm 3 months in and going strong. your videos keep me motivated and add new and interesting elements to my workouts.

  69. its 23 days in and still not started….

  70. Any other guys out there find working out smart and hard and eating right easy.. but keeping off the alcohol at weekends real hard especially after you play rugby or football (soccer) on a Saturday afternoon ? perhaps in the U.S there isnt that drinking culture after some team sports..  

  71. Good videos I'm in the gym about 50 mins ; gotta increase the intensity

  72. Thanks again Jeff for a very fine video.  Personally for me, you and your programs are an inspiration.  I am going through a divorce after 30 years and trying to stay focus on what is good for my own personal development is a challenge (everyday).  But however long it takes I am committed to see success. 

  73. Thank you. I need led this. Great tip, intensity instead of time.

  74. to gain 10-20 pounds of muscle.

  75. Thank u coach Jeff

  76. I wish you were my dad

  77. Thank you Jeff I've been determined as of late to really buckle down and follow all the advice I can get from you I sadly can't afford any of the programs but I looked through all your videos and came up with a diet and a 5 day program all off your free videos and I can say they are the fastest hardest work outs I've ever tried you have really opened a lot of doors for me and you are doing all of us a great service Thank you. Athlean x is very next thing on my to do list!!

  78. Great.  Plain & simple.

  79. Im a 17 years old, 6'2 lean 170lbs basketball player, law student and law trainee, I work 6h, study 4, sleep 8h and the rest I train and study, I just want to let you all people know, that I never have a day in my life that I feel like "I don't wanna work", I just love it, can't live without, I wanted to know if there is someone else that feels this way, thanks.

  80. no joke,
    I gained over 30 pounds of fat in 5 years. it's taken me over 4 months to get about 70% of it gone.

  81. Here's how I solved the DVD Workout rut in my home gym. Instead of watching a workout DVD, I watch an action-adventure-horror-sci fi DVD scripted with lots of athletic action. Predator & Alien series, Dirty Harry series, Starship Troopers, etc. Whatever has the action to motivate. How can you not workout to your full potential when people are fighting for their lives on the screen? Anyway, it works for me.

  82. What is the song  at 9:03  ?

  83. Hi Jeff. I'm new to your channel and I absolutely love it. My resolution is to become more organized and disciplined with my time. I usually let things distract me from what i need to do. Once I stick to my own schedule I'll get what I want.
    Thanks for the videos, keep it up buddy.

  84. People still train with DVD's programs this day and age? LOL

  85. omds Jeff wearing normal clothes

  86. did Jeff just finish his college or university ?

  87. What the hell Jeff's wearing normal clothes

  88. I turned my life around in 2012. For past year or so, I have been looking for a credible PT an/or program. I came across Atlean-X maybe 6-7 months ago and thoroughly compared it alternatives before committing. I am sure I made the right decision. The program has increased my motivation ever further.

  89. Thank you for making these videos, you are my idol sir.

  90. Jeff the kind of guy who has veins visible through his shirt

  91. Thank you, Jeff. Your energy is awesome.

  92. August, 2017…….16 dislikes on the video in 3.5 years.
    We need to locate those folks and see what exactly is their malfunction. 😀

  93. I workout at home and luckly for me my dad used to lift weights before he started crossfit so I got hooked up with a bench,barbell,dumbbells and different type of weights

  94. 2:44 Lmao that face after he said leg extension machines

  95. Watching this in 2018, Jeff, I gotta say you are an amazing human being. This year, I'm trying to make healthy choices even when I go out to restaurants. Thank you for your motivational videos and for taking the time to educate your viewers. You're a legend.
    – Yenifer

  96. 2018 has been the year for me and these videos have helped me massiveley

  97. I started Fitness in the summer of 9th Grade, when I was 15. I worked out with only hollow blocks and my own body and it kept up for only 2 weeks. I stopped completely. But 6 months later I was scrolling through Youtube as normal and found your hardest ab workout video (even though I was watching no fitness related videos at the time), If I hadnt found that video I propably would have never gotten into fitness. Ive been working out purely calisthenics only with your videos as my guide for a year and have been in the gym twice recently. Though I may have parents that dont care about my well being, as they never give me the money or food I need (I have gotten practically nothing from them since I became 8) and I live in a developing country. No factor has stopped me from working out. Thank you for completely changing my life.

  98. Watching this on august 3 2019 pretty amazing.

  99. This guys the shit
    Going for more training without alcohol
    It will be hard
    I drink a 12 pack a day
    Looking for a better result and over all life
    Thanks jeff

  100. I get it what your saying about working out is a lifetime goal. But do you or should you go hard all the time with your workouts??

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