First Time This Happens 😧| Juggernaut Nutrition Isolate Review

what's going on everyone DJ Fitness dings reviews and together with me your boy the Magnificent gilad and together with us Chuck you're not nutrition oh this is the isolate protein powder so we are excited we're gonna take you to the label then we're gonna try both flavors I already tried one so I can tell you how it feels after you take it and then towards the end of the video we're gonna give you our final verdict let's get right into it okay guys so juggernaut nutrition you know it's a company that's been around for a few years but has been really getting a lot of attention around their pre-workout wild their pre-workout wild is one of my favorite pre-workout made my top 10 best pre workouts for 2019 the steam junkie addition I'm gonna link to it below irate extreme probably should have made that list also I really liked it I actually liked it better than what was before that the DMA version at least anyway listen guys uh I wild and I rate generally speaking very good flavors also the e1 EA we really liked one of the flavor the skittles I'm gonna link to that review below actually I'm gonna link to all the juggernaut nutrition with Dane we've used within the channel below anyway isolated is their that's their debut into the protein world I really like what they've done with the packaging this looks really nice looks different looks the juggernaut nutrition style if you've seen well then obviously know how they look like what they really claim here beyond flavor which is obviously something that we come to expect from dragon inclusion is really super high quality so we're talking about from a whey isolate perspective you're talking about the as far as the ingredients what the where'd the way is coming from 25 grams of whey isolate so this is just ice 100% pure whey isolate then on top of that you have 100 so 25 grams right out of the twenty nine point five twenty nine point six scoop that's great that's good that's really really good as far as protein content in basically have only 4.5 4.6 grams that are not the pure isolate protein you have zero and less than two grams of carbohydrate no fiber no sugars so that the carbohydrates are basically fillers as far as flavor flavor of fillers and that's it now as far as where the protein where the protein is coming from its eat where's the protein coming from actually they don't tell you know why because it's a hundred percent whey isolate they don't even need to say so that's its listen as far as we're gonna try both flavors now get organized so that you know as far as label 110 calories for 25 grams of protein that's solid right that is super solid as far as how clean this protein is as far as the it and it's just a very low cholesterol right like 100 milligrams of cholesterol a 5 milligrams of cholesterol sorry hunger minimums would be a lot actually beyond the 25 grams of whey protein isolate and the 110 calories which is on the lower end of lower end as far as the calories this is also grass-fed cows so these are happy cows eating grass lab tested blah blah blah naturally-occurring BCA no minnow spiking zero fat and your so as far as label this looks good definitely this is nicer so we have two flavors and I think these are the only two flavors out there there's uh what is this is creamy vanilla this is how it looks like on the image creamy vanilla and this one is chocolate fudge cheesecake actually I'm excited for the chocolate fudge cheesecake vanilla so both Gilad and myself are not very big yeah it's actually when you open it up it doesn't have the color it said the cover is here somehow no it's not anyway so chocolate fudge vanilla get outta myself are not big vanilla people so it doesn't have it in it why are you locking it so we're gonna try both flavor they say a heaping scoop you like heaping scoop so with 8 ounces of water so let's do 8 ounces rounded rounded scoop then rounded scoop yet so we're gonna try vanilla is not really we're not like if we say both good I to myself that we like the vanilla that means that it's super vanilla if we say it's okay then it means it's good if we say it is not that bad it means for people that like funny like probably is okay and if we say it sucks and it sucks Bible Oh another thing why you ladies shaking is that these are also lactose free 100% whey isolate so there's no milk in this thing and actually for a lot of people this means it's supposed to be easy on the stomach I can tell you I tried the vanilla already several times as far as the actual usage I use this one it is super easy on the stomach you you barely feel it it's just great as far as it and it's also I tried it with a couple of recipes I used like to create like ice cream and stuff like that really versatile really really versatile really liked it so as far as quality I can vouch for this now as far as the flavor I'm gonna let you like try the vanilla I tried it already and then we're gonna try the other one so you wanna try the vanilla first let's try it with the vanilla first no I guess not okay so listen as far as texture I can tell you right like for the vanilla at least I try this one as far as texture it's actually very creamy for isolate it's not super creamy milkshake but for an isolate and this quality it is creamy so you're gonna like the texture okay I'm gonna try this one then you ask it out what he thinks about the vanilla okay okay what do you think you know everything so my experience every single vanilla and chocolate protein shake taste exactly this it okay no I mean some suck come on some are great yeah poor nutrition one come on the chocolate upon nutrition is unbelievable okay this is okay right actually which one do you prefer though this is the chocolate mud cake whatever yeah I was gonna say I actually like them a little better the the chocolate fudge whatever it is I don't think it tastes like cheesecake by the way cheesecake I don't feel the Cheesecake I do feel a bit of the chocolate fudge it is an okay chocolate I had better chocolates for sure I had better chocolates as far as the van yeah I talked to you they're in good vanilla like it's it's good like if I like I actually drink it and I'm totally okay with it and I enjoy it so as far as the vanilla goes it's okay the chocolate fudge is I would say is it okay like the vanilla is better so for us if we're saying vanilla is better then that means that either the vanilla is really really good or the other flavor is just okay right so I think it's just okay I really like the vanilla as far as quality though like I mentioned these are these are kick-ass quality stuff and also like the mixture right it mixes really well no no floaters no no shit you know like just crumbling in your mouth or smart no what a smarts oh no ass marks never heard that one before listen people as far as where you can find it you can find with the juggernaut nutrition website I can't remember why it goes for but I'm gonna link to the page on Fitness News below where you can compare prices from all over the web so you can see you know can you find coupons save money anyway spices pouring a verdict I would say if you're going for quality this is super high quality and I really enjoyed it if you're going for flavor the vanilla is actually good for a vanilla the chocolate fudge brownie both to get out in myself like it's less than the veneer that means that it's not that great but I can tell you it's good like I would can totally drink it it's just not the vanilla one is better that's what I would say there's some people this video was helpful in your jogging our nutrition isolated decision-making process give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel see more of these like this cuz this is what we do here we hope you think not do and if you want to save money


  1. The legend has spoken!!! Lol good review!

  2. So when u mix this its not foamy? I have one now, and its like drink'n sea foam. Not good. Muscle feast, isolate.

  3. the manchild has spoken!!! good to see him back!!!!

  4. Hey brother, thanks for the heads up on that ion v2X pre workout deal. πŸ‘

  5. How can it be 100% whey isolate if it’s flavored

  6. No azz marks?! Is that on the nutrition label 🏷 πŸ˜‚ azz mark free πŸ’―

  7. Listen People no ass marks I repeat no ass Marc's

  8. Outside getting some fresh air with the Magnificent one woo

  9. I have to say every Juggernaut product I've tried so far the flavor was on point so I would definitely give this a try but my favorite protein all time so far is the apollon nutrition 50/50 chocolate it's not cheap but a good quality great flavor great consistency overall good stop

  10. I need to hit them up and get my hands on this looked pretty decent. πŸ’ͺ🏼


  12. The tub looks cool lol 😎 (I'm always a sucker for a pretty package ha ha)

    Hmm might try after I finish my Ambrosia Planta, they deserve my money for making me happy with their pre's πŸ˜†

  13. how many scoops of stim preworkouts do you give a kid ? 2,3 ? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚

  14. Their pre's and pump products are the best I have ever tasted. I am surprised that the chocolate isolate is not in your top isolates.

  15. Give me the protein so I can make them gainz!!! Shocking you guys like vanilla, good review boys. #noassmarks

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