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oh boy wait till a couple people get on here and we'll have a little conversation about what's going on got a little bit of everything going on right now mainly Mississippi and Kentucky we got some stuff going on luckily we got boots on the ground there which is great what's going on Aaron what's going on Justin we're kind of rounding out this legislative session right now and gearing up for for the next legislative session every state's kind of different when they end their legislative session and when they begin the next one but we're pretty much coming up to a summer recess some of them are ending this month we have other states that are ending in June and then they have that recess and this is a very very important time right now I cannot stress enough how important this time is for Daka and for us as creating consumers what's going on stone ghost so basically right now we're gearing up we have lobbyists on the ground we have consumers on the ground and everyone's trying to get to that point now where they can convince some people before this next legislative session before the next one hits and we're trying to convince people to create a safe get to science in their hands because that's all they need to be convinced we all know that but it costs a lot of money guys shitload of money if you guys can donate to the aka please do so they just went out on a big limb they just took a huge chance they have lobbyists in New Jersey they have them in New York they have them down in Florida right now they have them in Mississippi right now they have them in Ohio right now and honestly they need they need all they need all the money they can get right now and they do have someone matching donations right now so you know if you can donate $10 that's 20 so you know your money's getting stressed a little bit further if you're donating to the ika right now and they're in dire straits I've talked about the Indonesia talks that were going on over there and you know basically the aka went over there and helped them create their own American – her own Indonesian kratom Association so we do have boots on the ground over there but there's going to be a time when the aka has to go back over there and it's not cheap to go over there you're talking about plane tickets food transportation once they're in Indonesia there's a lot of things that go into it passports shots you know immunisations or whatever you want to call them there's a lot that goes into it and we're gonna have to go back over there thanks stone ghost I appreciate it and I have a meeting coming up on Thursday I keep getting her name wrong Elizabeth Fiedler I keep saying Cathy Fiedler for some reason I must have sold out somewhere but I have a meeting with Elizabeth Fiedler what's going on Chris Lopez and basically I had a chance to talk to Mac hat out yesterday which I thought was awesome he gave me a quick quick quick chat you know they're very busy but he basically broke down what I needed and sent me a lot of a lot of stuff via email one of the things that he sent me was the Appropriations Committee basically a commitment and basically outlining that we need to keep kratom legal and study it a lot more because it's a really good therapy for people who have issues with addiction who have opioid opioid abuse disorder so he sent me some of that stuff he sent me some other papers outlining into kratom Consumer Protection Act he sent me some stuff showing that vendors are working on GMP vendors of GMP approved basically outlining the whole GMP program that the aka is is actively working on and getting people to follow so with all this information with the science that I'm taking I have no reason to believe that things are gonna go badly I think they're gonna go very well and I think that would be the same for anyone who went into one of these meetings very prepared and it's one thing for us as consumers to have our boots on the ground but we also do need these lobbyists they have connections that we don't have their etiquette is a little different than ours I can go in there polished and present myself in a very professional manner but there's certain verbage that they use they know when to go somewhere that you know they know how to approach someone and they know what each individual politician wants to hear what's important to them it's one thing for me to go online and look at somebody's bio and and and you know pull little bits out of their bio but it's another thing for a lobbyist that's their job they study these people they study the politicians they know every single thing about the politicians and when they go in there they're armed with a lot of information and they know what trigger points they know what trigger points to push they know what buttons to push and they know how to get things done it's a two-pronged attack guys without the consumers it would never get done and without the aka is definitely not gonna get done we have fires in Mississippi right now we've had what I think it was Clay County back down but we have fires all over Mississippi it doesn't look like Mississippi's gonna get it done just with consumers that's why Daka has hired lobbyists to go down to Mississippi and try to make this thing work but it costs a lot of money cost a lot of money and yeah it would be great stone goes to have a famous person come out and say it I take cray and we have one though we have Vernon Jones and we were lucky enough me and Megan to talk to him through messenger and Vernon Jones is the one that reached out to Mack at out and we were lucky enough to be able to call him yesterday morning and just quickly tell him what we were doing what we were gonna say in this meeting and ask him what do you think are the best papers to take so if you guys would like any kind of if you're going on a meeting strictly if you're going on a meeting and you're meeting with your representatives keep getting text messages if you're meeting with your representatives ask me for the info I'll be happy to send it to you because we need all of the ammunition we can get to fight this battle Kentucky right now Glasgow Kentucky you know they're there today I forgot who's going I think is Kellie divine from kratom United is going they went yesterday okay see I'm one I'm one day behind in dijon evans right so a couple of big names in the kratom community went to glasgow yesterday and i've been on a tear i've been busy not that kind of tear but i've been busy so i you know i'm not totally up to date on everything that's going on but i do know that there was a threat of a band there's another meeting coming up in Glasgow Kentucky so they are listening to kratom consumers there but as far as Mississippi they have a task force down there I forgot what it's called but it's basically like three or four people driving this whole thing that's going on in Mississippi and as far as listening to consumers that's something they're really not doing so it's really important for us to donate to the aka right now even if it's five dollars I don't care what you guys can do do something listen I'm in the same boat as you guys I'm still working my job yeah I have the little company going on the side but all the money's going back into the company that's the way it is right now so I'm in the same boat as far as my budget but I'm donating every chance that I can get I'm donating as much as I can and I really encourage you guys to do the same what we do from now this day until all these states hit their next legislative session is very important we have to have people with their minds made up and we have to have people ready to pass this Protection Act this is one of the most pivotal moments in kratom history right now if we can go in and we can get about five six seven states to pass a protection act during the winter that's a huge win every state that we get this passed in it shows that the governor that state is supporting kratom and believes that it can be a benefit to society and every other governor is going to look around and say oh wow now I have all these governors around me passing the Protection Act our goal is to isolate these states that are holdouts and make it to where they have no other choice but to pass the Act because they're gonna be the minority eventually and there's gonna be some things that are going to happen in these states to pass the Protection Act first of all it's gonna make it easier for vendors there's gonna be vendors that pop up some of them are gonna be good some of them are going to be bad a lot of them are gonna be overpriced but it makes it easier to get kratom into the hands of a lot of people you're gonna see it popping up in more places in turn you're gonna see more people turning away from street drugs and turning to kratom as a suitable substitute you're gonna see people's lives improve you're gonna see overdose rates go down you're gonna see the unemployment rate drop in a lot of areas this may not happen overnight but as the years go on there's going to be big improvement in these states that are protecting kratom that's very important for them to be able to see the benefit that it has for society so there's going to be holdouts but eventually it's going to get to that point where the governor at a state or the leadership of that state is gonna step out and say you know what I think we need to try this it blows my mind that our consol doesn't want to hear from anyone it blows my mind that they're doing all these bans in Mississippi in all these different counties and cities some places it only takes one consumer to get up out of their chair and make that email and say I am a kratom consumer I'm also a constituent I want you to learn about kratom I feel like if you're gonna make a decision I want you to be educated and you can come to your own conclusion about it if we if half of my subscribers went out there tomorrow and had a meeting with their representatives if 2,500 people all across the United States had that meeting with their representatives this thing would be sped up by about two years but until we get people really willing to come out and support and I know everyone's time is precious trust me I've got a million things going on every day but it's very important for us to make these meetings it's very important for us to have our voice be heard so I implore you to do the best you can like whatever you got to do to get there get there if you have to take a day off of work but my thing is send out about five emails a day to reps in your area well some places don't have as many reps as they do in Philly but you know send one every week to your rep put a little bit of information and say you know I'd really like to get a meeting with you so you can learn a little bit about this natural product called kratom and if we can get that done this whole thing wouldn't be so painful we wouldn't have to donate as much Daka because we'd be winning everywhere and the aka wouldn't have to send out lobbyists to twelve different states the aka committed a lot of money to making sure that there are lobbyists in these hot states New Jersey was under the gun a couple of times luckily they dig back down New York was definitely under the gun they claim that that police officer died from kratom for some reason they back down on that that was about I think two years ago they back down on that police officer who they were saying died of kratom like I said we have the fires in Mississippi we have fires in Kentucky we have fires in Missouri we have fires in Michigan now we have stuff going on all over the country and we have a lot of reasons for these people to be against kratom and we know that all more so pure you know we have the people who are a crooked who don't want to see kratom on the market obviously because it's gonna take money out of farmers pockets we all know that but then we have parents whose loved ones on the on the tox report it said that they had kratom in their system as a result of that the medical examiner's put the cause of death as kratom obviously there has never been a lethal dose really established that makes any sense with these tox reports because we all know we all know that it takes about two kilos a powder for someone to die and there's no way anyone could ingest that we've never found a mechanism of death for kratom so why our medical examiner is reporting on it well it doesn't matter they are reporting on it and as a parent had just lost their kid confused I'm gonna blame the one thing that's more mysterious than anything else and of course I'm going to go on a crusade to try to get that out of the hands of everyone so we have to be just as motivated as these parents we have to be just as passionate about keeping kratom legal as they are getting AB and for me that passion is a hundred percent there I will do whatever I have to and I only have to do it in my state I only have to do it in my area I don't have to cover the whole state of Pennsylvania there's other willing people here who are working boots on the ground to get it done we have Laura Jones up in Northeast Pennsylvania we Apryl out and uh up in Northwest Pennsylvania we have people all over the place we got Mary Ann she's going all over the state wherever she can go I'm pretty sure she's retired and that's a lot of driving but god bless her for doing that but you don't have to wait until there's a press conference like there is in pencil bit like there was in Pennsylvania saying that they want to ban it we've convinced one guy we've convinced one of them we convinced rusy he wants to see regulation regulation could mean a lot of things but as far as I'm concerned we've told Suzy everything we've can we've given him all the information we piled it up on his desk we've sent him to testimonials we've sent him the email saying how it has changed our life and he has the science so we've done everything we can for representative Suzy now he's gonna make up his own mind with the information that he received but there's so many reps out there that don't have the information in their hands so if you guys are comfortable with people making uninformed decisions then don't contact your representative but if you want them to make a really good informed decision then you have to get the information in their hands guys bottom line I wish you know I wish things were different and I wish everyone knew about kratom and had the science but we are one of the most fastest grown growing industries around you have so many brand-new people who are kratom consumers now you have so many people who have no idea what the serving sizes of kratom they have no idea what the differences in the vein colors and a lot of these people who are consuming kratom believe a lot of the things that they hear on the news arena on the internet so it's up to us to educate the new kratom consumer obviously and it's up to us to educate our lawmakers guys but uh it's gonna read through the comments real quick I'm gonna go way back see what's going on everybody is on here today very cool guys yes Chris Lopez in Florida they sent lobbyists to Florida to work on this before the next legislative session in Florida so unlike Chris Robertson said we can start a tidal wave if we get that information into our legislators hands things are going to go very well what's up Suzanne what's up Nate thanks for the shoutout tanner much appreciated Arkansas is a bunch of good old boys don't you got that right and anything that's gonna take money out of their pockets they're definitely not gonna try to help stay legal or overturn a ban awesome New York Medical Marijuana New York medical marijuana said he made a copy of the cretan fact sheet that I sent in this order and sent them to senators governor and Assemblyman in New York I got a meeting with Lee Zeldin in one month see that's what I'm talking about right there if every vendor were to send out the fact sheets I'm gonna start switching it up when I run out of these fact sheets I'm gonna start sending the congressional committee letter saying that they want more studies to be done on kratom when I when I run out of them I'm gonna send one that's to study of the ld50 in rats and mice when I get done with that one I'm gonna send a different one the more information we put in the consumers hands the better off we're gonna be bottom line and not everyone's gonna go on the computer and pour through all these articles and and and and understand it or or even know where to look I would stay out of all the consumers that although kratom consumers probably half of them know about the aka resources probably half of em are on Facebook not everybody you know the average kratom consumer is anywhere from thirty five years old all the way up to sixty up so you know not everyone's on Facebook not everyone's tech savvy so it's up to us as a vendor to try to get that information in their hands that's one way to do it let's see thanks for donating Alex like it much appreciated man yeah the aka is awesome guys do i I don't you know Ohio I want to talk about Ohio for a minute you know I I came out with a video last week and I said it looks really good for Ohio because dak wouldn't come out and say that they you know that they're working on it in Ohio they're working on it in Ohio I don't know the chances of them getting any kind of Protection Act passed in Ohio now in the next couple months I really don't I don't even know honestly and I'm gonna do some more research guys but I'm not even sure if that has to go to the governor's desk I would imagine since it is a scheduling it has to go to his desk I'm gonna get more information on that I know they have another comment period coming up I got to look into that and I will give you guys the information on that but um as far as I'm concerned everything's moving forward right now in Ohio in a negative manner with the Pharmacy Board but the aka has people boots on the ground board members from the aka on Ohio and they're doing everything they can and the wheels don't keep turning unless they have the donations bottom line what's up baby oh I thought you had something good I'm just reading I'm just reading the comments guys and Chris Roberson made a great point by the way Chris I said I sent you out today and I really appreciate you I mean Chris Robertson did a little sample swap very cool I really appreciate it Chris Chris Robertson says it will take 200 advocates to offset one grieving parent couldn't have said it better myself because they're gonna be on that mission and I want you guys to really think about that 200 advocates to offset one grieving parent I want you to think about that and I want you to take that into consideration when you're making your choice about whether you want to step away from this fight and let other people handle it or rather you want to be a part of this and you want to feel the pride that you're gonna feel you're gonna feel that upwelling of pride when things start going even better than they are now I know me I've been a cheerleader for a long time and now my boots are on the ground I know for me every time every time a protection act gets passed somewhere I get emotional I feel great about that because I know in some small way I had a small part of that and I want you guys to feel that way too I want you guys to be just as passionate about great them as I am because that's the only way we get this done and I realize it's just a small part of your day to take you're serving and then you move on but I don't know for me it saved my life and for a lot of people they can't even get out of bed until they take their serving of kratom hey Louise Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas Arkansas what's up Ted Turner been hearing a lot about this black kratom lately I tried to get something I got ripped off but I've heard I've heard people say that it's not really that great I would think it's just sits outside and the Sun and just bakes to death and then you're getting basically it's like honestly I would think it's like scooping up the leaves right before winter all the oak leaves and just grinding him up I wouldn't think it would be that great I couldn't see how the alkaloids in it would would still really be there if it's being baked that much in the Sun but I've been hearing a lot of talk about the black manga I don't know for me I would imagine it would be a very fast strain I don't think it would be a very slow strain I don't think it would be very euphoric honestly I don't think it would have any kind of mood lift what's going on from across the pond Jimmy K yeah that was the person crate asaurus rex is talking about the police officer up in New York he died from steroids and had kratom in his system yep what's up blunt master ain't no black kratom come on that's just marketing well there is black kratom I saw my own two eyes but I don't think it's very good I don't think it's anything that we want to get too excited about that's for sure but who knows there's definitely chocolate it's got a nice brown color to it what's going on Brian miles just reading through the comments here awesome Ted Turner definitely man I'll definitely make sure you get a fact sheet you'll get a spoon too and you'll get a bingo card if you guys want to know what that's all about you can you can just PM me if you want become part of my Facebook group mr. P the aka is making progress in Indonesia like I said earlier they are they have one over there they have started an Indonesian kratom Association I've talked to the guy who's pretty much heading that up over in Indonesia and it's looking really good over there but there's going to be a point where they have to go back over there there's gonna be several times when they have to go back over there with more education as things develop now we have this congressional house committee saying that they want more studies done on kratom Indonesia needs that information it needs to be translated it needs to be explained a time so they can as farmers go to their government and say look this is what's going on in the United States and the only way to do that kind of stuff is face-to-face that's the best way to do it what's going on Lehigh Valley Dave kratom Nation New Jersey rocks New Jersey rocks but you know they just had the sale ban in Belmar New Jersey and things like that especially in little sleepy Shore towns where at a value family and there's no games on the boardwalk you know places like that that can spread from shore town to shore town so you know New Jersey that's what they sent lobbyists there for a reason they send the lobbyists to places where it could be one of two things or a little bit of both they send them somewhere where they think they can win or they send them somewhere where they think there's gonna be fires where they think people are going to be against kratom and they tried to change their minds so there's a couple different reasons why lobbyists go it's not only it's not always because the outlook is rosy I'll tell you that look at Mississippi they have them there right now look at Ohio they have them there Florida I think Florida has a good chance of getting a protection act passed I think a couple of them are definitely going to get overturned you know and if we keep working in Missouri like mr. Vernon Jones did if we keep doing that and we keep showing up as consumers also like we did in Missouri we have an awesome chance I can't function properly but I'll create them either it's been a god-sent it's been a really really really really been a god-sent Brian miles says I've been getting some kratom vacuum-sealed and it's been fermented a lot of strains are fermented I had fermented strains too and some people prefer beth wong he's not the only kratom strain is fermented some people prefer to fermented some people like this just straight grind basically from my understanding when they ferment it they actually put it in a bag for a few days a big bag and it sits in there and it produces his own heat in its own fermentation process then they take it out they may dry it a little bit or they may put it out in the Sun they may endure drier to put it out in the Sun but something changes in the alkaloids and it has a little bit of a different smell to it and the stuff I have it has a little bit of a little bit of a coarser grind to it all the string dried strains that I have have a coarser grind tool but yet I don't know Ted Turner if you said you were gonna give with me about something just just you know you can message me anytime Facebook Shawn Zamorano and I'll tell you which ones are which ones are which yeah oh did you see that you see that kratom United sent that to me very cool Thank You Kelly Devine I really appreciate that kratom united's all about the veterans and she also sent me some of this I'll show you if I could find it she sent me some of this stuff off sorry guys I want to show you this real quick though I can get it I can do it a couple things to show you guys actually so she sent me some of this Mulungu bark which if I remember right it's very good for sleeping anxiety and then she sent me some skullcap which is really good for inflammation headaches too honey was the skull case nerves so which one was the malloon boo bark on that was for the nerves wasn't it yeah I believe so but she sent me that in a t-shirt and I really appreciate it they're doing great things over there they have a ferry services for veterans that are in need of kratom and awesome cause but I'll show you what this guy looks like I got the I got the Mulungu bark take a little bit of that just to kind of that one tastes pretty good I'm just taking little drips it's not gonna give me real on any real effects guys and then I'm gonna show you the skull cap and the skull caps got a great color I believe skull caps actually in the mint feel it was dripping all over me skull cap tastes more minty I think it's in the mint family if I remember right I did look it up when I got it and skull caps got a great flavor to it then I got these suckers right here and I got these the other day I'm still kind of testing these out this is Colorado hemp honey and these are just uh this one's called lemon stress less so the ingredients the ingredients raw honey organic lemon essential oil then it has a full spectrum hemp extract and it has very very very trace amounts of THC in it is it high enough for you to fail a drug test maybe maybe so but it's not it's it's not super high the difference between obviously the isolate isolate doesn't have any of the other great ingredients that you get when you take a whole plant and make an extract it just has the CBD isolated from everything else when you have all these other alkaloids in with the CBD you get the entourage effect they all start acting on each other they work in synergy with each other and you end up with a really great a really great pain reliever and something that can I wouldn't say it improves your mood because it doesn't really improve my mood at all but it does help with easiest stress a little bit and it does help with pain and this one this lemon stress less is the strongest one you can taste the plan in it and it tastes excellent like I said the effects are very mild and they're only 15 milligrams per stick I love honey I'm like we needed Pooh and I love ham I love the taste a ham it tastes hemp is one of the most amazing flavors I could ever imagine if you like earthy flavors you probably like hemp in your food and I just want to eat on it but um these aren't expensive to be honest with you guys that wants tangerine that one's raw love relief and it's funny because the roll relief is supposed to be the strongest one but it just goes to show that these are like homemade people are making these they're very good hemp farmers out there in Colorado and I kind of asked him about the process and everything and they're third they're pretty official it's not like one of them it's not like one of them things where it's not one of them things where like they're just getting in the plants from somewhere on a truck and like making in a lab no these people are like getting down and dirty at the farm and making these prop DS products so very cool I heard the same thing about gold MD I heard it was a mix I heard it was a mix of red and white for the goal Crate asaurus rex go for it man I always encourage people I know a couple people who started watching my channel and now they're doing their own thing either on Facebook or YouTube or some other social media outlet and they're doing a lot of good in the community I would say creative source Rex if you want to start a YouTube channel you know keep the focus on keep the focus on advocacy first and foremost because without the advocacy we can't do two reviews without the advocacy no one can have a no one can have a business if we don't have kratom there won't be no kratom channel so I wish you the best yeah you guys got to get down on the bingo with me on Facebook live every order as a bingo card so I hope you guys will get down on the bingo with me and then we we have a little prizes that we give away and I don't know if it's banned I don't know if it's banned in Belmar but it's it's DeSales banned in Belmar that's funny you said that Samuel wore in the third we were gonna do a crypto kratom coin a while back and then things just kind of went south bitcoins pretty cool though right now bitcoin is going up Bitcoin is is over to 8,000 threshold I think it's gonna see 9,000 maybe even 10,500 before things start evening out how much oh yeah and if you guys donate to the AKA and you put in an order with us we'll take 25% off your order how about that for the next week so not only or is your donation getting doubled if you can prove that you donated to the AKA will make will make you ten dollars ten and up will take 25% off of your order oh you got you got skullcap to Montana let me know what you think of it it seemed like it helped a lot when I hurt my leg so yet it's honey it's delicious I can't get this one open though and this one's the raw relief this one tastes like maybe it's a raw honey and maybe that's why they call it raw relief but you really can't taste the cannabis in it at all I'm just reading through the comments guys Adam D I would love to try some of your some of your products one day especially if you taste like this what's going on Utica eutychus in the house are leaving Utica what's going on Mo's a meal I love that name that's an awesome name Mo's a meal it's a very nice name this is the honey this is the bill dog and it's delicious it's very good honey and I feel I already feel a little relaxed in chatting it's really good if you guys want to send me a care package I'll send you a care package let me just put it that way guys so if you're ever thinking about that get a hold of me I'll messenger and I would definitely take a care package especially if you can isolate not isolate especially if it could be CBD rich I like the CBD I think it has a good place I don't know if you guys heard about CBD or not but um about the payment methods supposedly May 15th they the credit card companies will no longer support CBD sales so everyone's scrambling and the industry is really trying to stop that before it gets bad which is horrible that's what I had right now I got this full spectrum hemp I tried the CBD buds I smoked one and made me feel stone I'll be honest with you and that's not really what I was looking for it was a more heady stone but uh I still felt stoned and I haven't smoked in a long time so I wasn't expecting that I smoked one of them CBD buds on Easter but anyway guys I really appreciate you guys tuning in awesome conversation today if you guys can please donate to the a hey a greatly appreciated it's a real real real rough time right now it's a very important time and if we can get this money raised I believe it's like 90,000 they need at least because that's going to be doubled by an anonymous donor if we can get to 90,000 we can get them lobbyists and keep them in these states they went out on a limb and hired a lot of people without being able to pay them that's why we're having this big fund drive right now so if you can reach up be the big superhero put on your cape and donate to the aka right now greatly appreciated so I'm hoping you guys can at least dig deep and do $10 $20 $50 for the aka and hopefully we can get this money raised and we can keep this high going cuz right now we're up there hot we're getting the Protection Act passed in a lot of states and the only way we do that is with a little bit more money and with more boots on the ground so greetings and salutations guys I hope you guys have a good rest of your week and I'll reach out again


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  11. Quit lying to people about kratom being harmless. Fuck the kratom community some of y'all arrogant as fuck. KRATOM gave me terrible WD and I wasn't mega dosing or even taking daily. But I bet my comment get a deleted because anyone having a contrary opinion or experience gets shunned. Peace I'm out. Fuck kratom

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    Imagine the money they'd have if we all donated 1 dollar a month .

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