Finland Healthcare vs USA Healthcare

today as baby Ava's one-year birthday so I thought it'd be a perfect episode to talk about my experience in the u.s. of having a baby so when I was having my baby I began to do research to see how having a baby in u.s. compared to having a baby and Finland would be if they were living there because my husband's a citizen babies are dual citizens so I was just curious and one to compare the costs so those of you who live in Finland you can shoot me a message or comment you know down below to kind of help me navigate if this is love true or false or the reality of it but I'm gonna give you my experience in the States of having a baby so there's a couple different types of insurance we have here in the US the most common is group insurance that you can get through your workplace and your workplace plays pays a portion and then you pay another portion monthly to kind of lower the cost of like really expensive insurance but on average I thought I'd share in the open with kind of what our journey has been so our monthly insurance is about this much 786 or so about $800 is our portion that we pay and the employer pays another portion so it can get around almost honestly on average without a group insurance you can be paying about thirteen hundred to fourteen fifteen hundred dollars a month to cover your family so I'm sure it varies according to how many members are in your family but for our group insurance we pay about eight hundred dollars or so a month which is to me a little pricey because we have something called a deductible a deductible is something that you pay we have to reach a certain amount before your insurance kicks in so for example say you wanted to go to the doctor or you needed to see the dentist but the plan has like a three thousand dollar deductible that means that you need to pay out of your pocket about three grand before the insurance will kick up so yes you're paying about $800 a month for insurance but you also have something adaptable that you have to pay or meet out of your pocket meaning cash swipe the card incident before the insurance will kick in so usually the cheapest amount is about 3 grands which is still like crazy so when I got pregnant when I go to my OB my obstetrician I had to also see a specialist as well because I had some uterine fibroids going on so I kinda had double whammy so when I go see my my OB is about 120 dollars each time I had to go see her so that's cash at the swipe at your bank card or just pay you know to ward or three thousand dollar deductible for that year so on top of that if I went to see the specialist when I wrote down you guys I want to show you how much this is how much I paid each time I had to go see my specialist it ranged from a hundred and twenty dollars to three hundred dollars each visit and you're visiting Lord God I don't know 15 20 times or more during your pregnancy so imagine having an OB appointment and they want to send you to a specialist you literally have to pay out of your pocket three hundred dollars one hundred twenty dollars two dollars here you know the in prescriptions my prescription was about a thousand dollars money even kidding you guys a thousand dollars for these pills that I needed because I had extreme morning sickness I think it's called hyperemesis or something and the prescription with a thousand dollars so when my insurance kicked in and brought it down to ninety dollars there's still a $90 pill I had to have every month because I ended up in the hospital because of the sickness because I had extreme nausea the whole pregnancy so I ended up dropping my levels my iron levels were pretty much disappeared I had to get IVs I had to get lots of things just to keep me healthy and keep the baby healthy so saying the average cost of a copay to see my specialist was this much about 120 to 300 dollars each visit so on top of my OB copay I had to pay it you don't have a choice you have to either pay or you don't see the specialist this is kind of how it works and I maybe some of your like what about free insurance or Medicaid or government insurance and to be honest we have something called Medicaid here in the states but I think the income is so minimal per family size it's pretty much almost impossible to qualify for pretty much free health care or very minimal cost because you pretty much have to either just not work at all anyone in household or have to make such a low amount of the household income per amount of people in the house to even qualify so I could remember standing you know in my specialist office you know in line to pay for my you know ridiculous copay amount you know because of just you know how much money we made and then someone in front of me you know swapping down their free card you know we're getting the same same procedures done same sonogram we're seeing the same doctor and like one person's completely free and then I'm paying almost you know an arm and a leg you know for the same same doctor and that's hard that's hard to take but I understand to give and take those who can't afford health care at all so you know it's completely free and then those who even just work a normal job you don't qualify for any real discounts so you're paying this exorbitant amount of money just for basic needs and I think hopefully in the America that will begin to change I mean it's been that way for god knows how long so a lot of people I think would grow their families a lot bigger than they are if health care was a lot more refined or not like farm and a leg you know just to see the dentist see the doctor you know so for those who are fortunate enough to have access to you know a system like Finland that's kind of pro the people you know to kind of just really look out for you guys just be thankful be thankful because you know it's it's a tough balance you know when you just need to make sure your family's covered so you can't believe compromise I'm just not having health care so it is what it is and that's how I've lived all my life you know here in the States just knowing the cost of health care so on average the cost of having a baby in the states is about $12,000 and I would say 12,000 kind of like Oh out-of-pocket maybe when after insurance kicks in I remember seeing my hospital bill the breakdown of it before insurance kicked in and it was like a hundred and thirty thousand dollars and even more there was like multiple bills I'm like how like what what was so expensive and there was like supply is you know 10 grand or prescriptions 8,000 I'm like I had like one motrin like I think I'm I'm confused you know sometimes of just the itemized my items of like you know just I think pharmaceutical or just how how that works I just hmm I don't know I don't know I think if there's someone out there that understands it maybe better as to how the price prices are so exurban I mean just you know help a sister out just explain it so I hate to be like the whiny person but I am a real girl I'm gonna tell you guys just you know novice just innocent American I don't I don't think any of us really unless you're in the industry of medicine and pharmaceuticals and the drug industry I think the average American just probably doesn't understand maybe why things cost so much here but yet you know somewhere else I can get the same thing done for like a fraction of the cost so you know I just my heart goes out to moms dads families that are just trying to grow their families you're just trying to even like live and you're just being crippled by like medical debt and just the stresses of just a system we can't quite figure out so Finland I love y'all because I think not any system is perfect but I'm saying from woman its perspective as a mom you guys really beautifully take care of your moms and your families you guys have something called paternity leave which I was like what they let dads like have time off you know for more than like two weeks or even a week my husband had to use like PTO we help call that paid time off and usually that's about eight eight to 14 days maybe that he has to save so he could stay home with me you know I've had the baby I had a mandatory c-section so that was like you know because I had the uterine fibroids that were in the way of the baby so to be safe I couldn't deliver naturally so you know that was more intense surgery so after the healing is about four to six weeks so you know to have my husband there because I couldn't necessarily go up downstairs make dinner and clean the house things like that so it would be really beneficial for my husband to be home with me just don't be during that time so he was amazing amazing amazing husband had just you know he's amazing husband you know took great care of me and one sweet thing during the c-section you know there was there was a little bump in the road there was a touch-and-go situation there that was pretty tough I mean I I unexpectedly the uterine fibroids were bigger than me and I don't even know how those developed that was luck of I didn't even know I had them they were benign but they were quite sizable you know one was pretty much like this big and it was in the way it's almost like carrying twins so one was in the way you know of the baby coming out so when they cut me open they realize you know they had that kind of emergency do you a double it's called a myectomy take out that fire board at the same time you know and they usually say no to doing that because of the extreme blood loss and you can literally die on the table because you're open that long and two major surgeries can be like it's a big no-no so but the doctor knew to save the baby she's gonna have to do that to save my life she's gonna have to get that out and do as fast as you can and close me up and you guys I know a lot of you may not believe in my premonitions or things like that but I had a dream probably months earlier that I was supposed to ask my doctor to do extra blood look I was supposed to go get blood work and just stockpile kind of like a lot more blood and I asked her I know that sounds more present you put a crash cart in life and I realized just feel like you may need it or can you get extra blood and I actually have like probably the most godsend doctor working on me because she was sensitive and she's like you know what I'm not gonna write you off and I think you're crazy I'm just gonna listen to your intuition so she let me go get my blood work done ahead of time they matched my blood perfectly and they had kind of a little stockpile of extra blood which is not standard but you know they had it in the back you know in the hospital like the day before my surgery and they put a little cart in there a little crash cart you know it has things that are typically in delivery rooms when they just kind of go standard but I just had this dream that I'm you know I was supposed to do that and thank God I had like the best OB literally I think she's just an angel sent down from heaven that operated on me and she was just so sensitive she like listened and she could just sense yes and no and kind of don't do that yes do that wait on that do that I mean God sent so guys I needed I went through all of that extra blood and they had to rush and go get me more blood because we ended up having to do an emergency my Ekta t on the table and I could feel myself waning out you know feel like I saw Jesus coming you know so that'll be um that'll be like saved my life and so mom's out there here getting a little sense to do something or premonition or dream or kind of some wisdom from heaven you know don't push it off as just your emotions you know just be willing to talk to your OBE or your husband or someone because I think you know that was a message obviously to save my life which it did and I saved the life of my baby that was a completely unexpected you know situation that popped up so I'm thankful for I would say the OB and that sense that really operated and it did a beautiful thing and brought our little baby into the world so what is the packing my sweet husband the c-section was supposed to be about 45 minutes like standard 45 minutes and mind you you don't need like before you're not supposed to because you need to be like empty bladder and all that stuff to make it easy so I was like starving you know they gave me they don't put you under when you're pregnant so they gave me an epidural and I was completely numb couldn't feel anything and they kind of cover a little privacy sheet so and you'll see some pictures that I'll show I kind of come and save you from seeing you know the surgery of what they're doing and my husband was able to see everything so he said they were fighting you know for my life and China you know after c-section have to kind of put everything back in and close you back up so for whatever reason my but my stomach was just having a hard time you know letting all my parts go back in so I mean they were fighting for me but what he did was he had the joy and privilege of holding our baby and of taking four hours to 45 minutes standard c-section to about four hours of my husband you know somewhere out there not knowing if I was uh if I was living or dying but he during that time here he got to hold baby Ava he stood my finish has been as composed this Finnish men are as you know stood beautifully for four hours holding our baby for the first four hours of her life just speaking life to her and praying for me and you know when I saw him after they build me back into my hospital room the look at my finished husband's face you know Finnish man I don't think I've ever seen my husband cry but he's followed pretty hard you know and I could tell he was thankful that I made it through and um and I just have to thank God for as whore as horrid or not fun as our medical industry is here I honestly just say I'm thankful for the doctor I had she was she was amazing and not everyone is blessed to have like a sensitive and caring OB vet but I did but enough of the tears I just want to say like I have some family in Finland who after hearing my journey told me how much they paid when they were in Finland for their baby and I think I need Google but you guys who are infant love you hi babies tell me if this is true it's an average of maybe $60 and if you want the fancy fancy room the fancy room where you don't have to like what you have like it's called a family room I guess for that's more private and I heard you guys get like the best food I saw some of the food online and if someone has pictures from delivering a baby in Finland like please share your pictures over the food or the room or comments about your experience because I'm like totally curious I'm totally curious I heard like you get two appointments for free or something you know like sonograms or something like that so for those of you who have had babies in Finland I really would love to hear what love to know your experiences and you know me and my husband we said we do want more kids surprising after that amazing feat and journey of just bringing our baby into it but we just want to try one more time in and call it done but for that time you know because we are he is a citizen kids or citizens we were in the back of my head and like you wouldn't be just so nice to just try having a child in Finland I mean why not they know let's try and that way the kids can see where Dad was born and I don't know it like their summer cottage there or something like that you know and and just try to see what what that journey would be I don't know so we're still paying off you know our baby so we want to be wise and finished closing the loop on that before we start again you know having another one because that's just wisdom but you know I think I think the u.s. really needs to learn a little something from Finland you know so I am just impressed I think with a lot of things of the way that Finland does things I think you guys are unique and just from my American mind it's just so mind-boggling I think you know that the care and I think detail that you guys really show your citizens I just I'm so intrigued by that that that's so pro-family you know like you really care about like women would love their husbands to be able to kind of support and help and you know like cuz after you get cut open and you're just trying to even having a vaginal birth like just that's even tough because you can't like get up and make all your dinners and you know but norm so I I have to applaud you Finland I think it's a beautiful thing and falling in love with a fan I think you know maybe that's an advantage I should I should take advantage of different I guess you know as a wife of a Finnish citizen u.s. citizens both he's duel I think I've had my American experience of childbirth if not before my OB I would say the rest of it you know not that enjoyable you know when it comes to just the practicality of just surviving the American system just to have a kid and I I really kind of like pray for a lot of the other families out there who are in the states who are just like you're just struggling it's just hard you know like when half of your paycheck goes to you know either your mortgage or many family health care you know just to make sure you're doing a responsible thing you know as parents and and citizens to just pay your way and and do your part you know and you know for those who can't afford it thank God that you guys do have that ability to have you know Medicaid or for those who can't so I'm thankful because I wouldn't want any mom to experience like not have any opportunity to have health coverage so you know I understand what my heart is I'm just saying it's painful you know just a system where in just did how how hard it is just to live like life you know just to afford the basics that are you know I think it should be afforded to every human just to be able to have access to to normal healthcare you know so I think it's been this way from forever so I would just encourage those of you out there that may be watching that are in a position to drink change to our to our health care system you know hello remember me just the I worked up to about eight and a half months pregnant you know you know doing a I was in finance and financial aid and all that and I set up my desk with my feet up and hobble around the office you know until about eight and a half months pregnant because we didn't have a maternity leave there it's a smaller with a smaller company so it wasn't required really I guess you know according to how big your company is so I pushed it to the point where it looked like I was about to you know deliver you know while I was working but you know I did that I worked up to about a month out where I just knew it well it probably wouldn't be wise to work any more since I was having a c-section it was kind of a high risk so I did my part the best I could as a mom to be and as a woman and and because there was no maternity leave for that particular company I could take time away but it wouldn't have to be like PTO and I obviously didn't have that much available from my work history there to to be out for an extended amount of time you know but it is what it is and I'm just so thankful today that we get to celebrate our little baby Ava who you saw earlier or you'll see you later for know where I'd slide it in it's a joy it's a joy our little our little Sisu strong-willed half black half and beautiful wonders joy and you know guys I'll keep you in the loop if if and when I know there'll be a win I just don't know I don't it's not gonna be an if I know we will visit Finland and check it out I just don't know man but I'll definitely keep you guys in the loop on our journey to you know to grow our family like any and every other normal person wants to do is to bring a legacy you know of kids into the world to carry on the family name and to just you know have that little little person that's the part of you and your and your husband so finish man good job on the paternity leave and you know taking care of your kiddos and my friend even though he's here in the states he was rock star I mean like those two am wake-ups he would feed but the little formula when I was too tired to nurse or couldn't at the very beginning and it was it was pretty pretty wonderful guy so Finn's great great to marry you know they may not be that emotional on the outside but I'd say stoic and strong exactly what I needed for my personality so I would say that I'm blessed and I'm very curious to hear the feedback from those living in Finland or those who have thrown in love with the fend of your childhood experiences or your journey and growing your family and the health care system over in Finland shoot some messages some questions pictures I love to hear I mean the baby box my in-laws my Finnish and laws hooked me up with a finished baby box still have it I'll put a little picture about two of oh baby Ava and her both baby box which was phenomenal and it was full of all the cool stuff for you know her first year and cute memories and things that I just it's wonderful and I think we're all catching on to that Finnish way so


  1. Inflation and greed in the medical industry!

  2. There is so much differences between economy system and amount of population between these two countries that can you really compare. I am a Finn and proud of it, but i think at this time here thing's are going worse, of course there still is benefits against 5.5M people against hundred of millions. I am no pro in any case.

  3. Great video, but please get some sound dampening. The reverb is pretty grating.

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