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– What’s up everyone?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I am Adriene and today we have
an at-home yoga practice that’s gonna guide
you back to center. So I’m always saying and
reminding myself that a little goes a long way, so
take some time for yourself, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay everyone,
welcome, welcome. Let’s start in Sukhasana. Come on down to
a nice little seat. Cross at the shins or the
ankles and sit up nice and tall. We’re jumping right in today. I value your
time and your energy. Thank you for sharing it with
me and with all the other people practicing around the world. I think it’s a nice
thing to think about, to connect to as we begin a
practice that’s really about connecting to
our inner reserves. To our truest self. And may this practice also serve
as a reminder that amidst chaos you do have some amazing tools to re-center and
re-focus on what serves. So we’ll begin with breath,
of course. Let’s bring the
hands to the belly today. Close your eyes and start
to breathe into your hands, breathe into your belly. And just be really sweet and
loving with yourself today, best you can. Think of today’s little diddy as a dance or a spiraling back in to your core self, the core of your being. Your true self. Just taking a quiet moment
here to close your eyes and arrive on the mat. Hard part is over, you’re here. I admire you for being here. We’re gonna really
make the most of today. Moving quickly so it’s important
to take this time here to just settle in, relax your shoulders
and fire up your breath. Let your next inhale be the deepest breath you’ve taken
all day. Here we go. And let your
exhale be a sigh out, almost a sigh of relief
for this time for yourself, for this exploration
and this experience. Awesome. Bring the palms together, bring the thumbs right
up to the third eye. Elbows go wide here, inhale in. Exhale, draw the
navel in sharply. Inhale in. Exhale, navel draws in sharply. Just connecting, lighting
a little fire in the belly. Inhale, expand. Exhale, draw it in. Inhale, expand. Exhale, draw it in. One more time, big inhale. Feel the belly open, blossom. And exhale, retract. Awesome, hold on
to that retraction, that contraction
of navel to spine and then continue to breath. See if you can hold on to it. And if not, you’re like,
“Whoa, Nelly,” it’s okay. Just bringing some
awareness to this area. Fabulous, then keep breathing,
keep tapping into that inner smile best you can. We’re gonna
come on to our backs. Yay! So you’re gonna
come on to your back, you’re gonna bring
your arms into a Texas T. Sort of (laughs). And we’re gonna
scoop the tailbone up, bring the knees
up towards the chest. Tuck you chin, let your
neck be long and supported. And then we’re gonna
tick-tock so we’re gonna inhale, scoop the tailbone up,
find that contraction, engage your core. And then you’re gonna slowly rock your knees
towards your left. And then come
back through center. Try to keep the
shoulders on the ground, rock your knees
over to the right. Then keep it going. See if you can
inhale as you twist, and exhale as you bring it back. Contracting back to center. Inhale to twist. Exhale, contract back. Keep it going. Keep your gaze up. Breath is what’s
leading the way here. Beautiful. One more time on each side,
you got it. And then back to center. Send the toes
up towards the sky. Flex the feet towards the face. Knees can be bent here, we’re
not really warmed up in the backs of the legs so don’t feel
like you have to power through to a straight leg.
You can keep ’em nice and bent. Great, so the legs are kind of
in this dead bug shape here. You’re gonna bring
the fingertips up to join. Then scoop the tailbone up,
reach towards the toes. Inhale in, exhale sharp,
short contraction in as you reach up
towards the toes. Inhale to lower, exhale to lift. Inhale to lower, exhale lift. Now find your pulses,
keep it going with your breath. You should feel
your center engage, you core turn on.
Here we go. Moving at a
rhythm that feels good. You can also speed it up. Keep the gaze up. Keep the neck long. You should feel no
tension in the neck here. Reach your fingertips
up towards the sky now. You got it. Keep pulsing for
five, four, three, two. Check it out, on the one, you’re gonna cross
right ankle over the left. Grab the big toes or the outer
edges of the feet and from your center we’re gonna
move front to back. What’s up Benji? Rocking front to back, finding
that nice long massage up and down the back body and
then when you’re ready, come all the way up. You’re gonna rock
right up into your nice, comfortable seat. Inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale, open twist to the left. Inhale, up towards the sky,
back to center. Exhale, open twist to the right. Now try to initiate the
movement from your center. Inhale. Exhale, navel draws in. Inhale, reach up. Exhale to the right. Do one more time on each side. And then inhale,
come back to center. Palms come together, up
and overhead and exhale slowly down to your heart space. Now from here, just
take a moment to pause, close your eyes and
observe your breath. Center or re-center by listening
to the sound of your breath. This tool is
always available to you. Super simple, not always
easy but always available. Accessible. Awesome, then
slowly flutter not futter, got relaxed,
flutter the eyes open and we’re gonna
slowly come forward. Back up the truck
if you need to and shift to Downward Facing Dog. Take your time getting there. Okay, move like
you love yourself. When you get there pedal it out. Find what feels good. Create a nice solid foundation. And then when you’re ready, we’re gonna anchor
through the left heel. Draw the navel in and up,
Uddiyana Bandha, inhale, slowly
lift the right thigh, extend through the right leg. Right toes turn down. Baby pulses. Right heel up towards the sky. The whole time we’re
connected to center connection. Breathing deep, baby pulses,
right heel up, up, up. See if you can
move from your center. Good, then slowly lift the right
heel up as far as you can go. Bend your right knee and
you’re gonna stack the hips. Try to keep your
shoulders in line with each other here in space. Try to touch your right heel to
your right glute, you got it. Big breath in. Then exhale, come through that Three-Legged Dog
and then shift forward. Squeeze knee to nose,
round through the spine. Inhale, kick it up. Exhale, knee to nose twice more. Inhale, kick it up.
Claw through the fingertips. Exhale, knee to nose last time. Great, this time
step it all the way up. Lower the back knee. Press into the top of the back
foot and then when you’re ready scoop the fingertips
up, forward and back. Now here we have an opportunity
to just let everything splay open or connect upper abdominals
and lower belly together by drawing them in
towards your center. Give it a try. Big breath in. Long breath out. Great, inhale in.
Bring the palms together. And then exhale, all the way
back down through the midline. Plant the palms,
step it back, Plank Pose. Deep breath in. Deep breath out,
Downward Facing Dog. Nice work. Alright, really
activate the breath here. You don’t have much time on
your mat today so use it wisely. Flow with the breath. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Baby pulses. Stay connected to your core. Left toes are turned
down towards the earth. Hips nice and level. Obviously, activating
the glutes here creating a 100% full body
experience here. Baby pulses, use your breath. Welcoming heat
quite quickly to the body. Nice and then
bend your left knee, here we go. Open it up. Stack the hips. Try to keep the
shoulders in line. Press through
the fingertips firmly to take pressure out of the wrist. Upper arm bones
rotating out and away. You got it, one more breath. Then exhale, come through that
Three-Legged Dog and then all the way through,
squeeze it up and in. One of three. Round through the spine, inhale. Anchor through the right heel. Kick the left leg out and up. Exhale, shifting forward. Inhale, send it up. And last time, try to touch your
left heel to your left glute here as you squeeze and lift. Great, and then step it up. Gently lower the
right knee to the earth. And from the midline sweeping,
pressing into the top of the back foot and then
sweeping fingertips forward, up and back. So again, I love this Crescent
Lunge because you can either let everything splay
open or you can really go, “Okay, am I letting
this start from here?” Creating connection
to the midline and then growing it from there. Inhale in, exhale,
relax your shoulders. Inhale in again. And then exhale, palms come
together and down through the midline to
release hands to earth. Great, step it back
to your Plank Posture, deep breath in. Look forward, shift forward on
your toes as you breathe out bend the elbows,
lower all the way to the belly. Press into the tops of the feet. Inhale, Cobra. Exhale to release. Inhale, press up to Plank. Exhale, find your foundation. Inhale, lift the
right leg up in Plank. You got it. Exhale, shifting
forward just with the knee. Squeeze it in. Send it back out. Inhale, lift the
left leg up in Plank. You got it. Exhale, shifting forward,
just with the knee. Mindful Mountain Climber. One more time on each side.
Inhale, lift the right leg up. Exhale, shift forward
with the knee. Shoulders stay over the wrist
and then other side last time, here we go, lift it up. Exhale, shift forward. Beautiful, Plank Pose,
deep breath in. Exhale, sigh it up,
Downward Facing Dog. Three breaths here. Soften your gaze
or close your eyes. Awesome, then from here you’re
gonna slowly lower knees to the ground, shift
your toes to one side, and slowly send
the legs out long. Point the toes, inhale, reach
the arms up towards the sky, palms together. We’ll interlace the fingertips,
steeple grip. Inhale in, exhale,
navel draws in and up. Then slowly hands come in
line with the heart center. We start with the tailbone and
from your center slowly begin to roll it down.
Nice and slow. As slow as you can go.
Soft in the face. Point through the toes. And then when
the shoulders land, let the hands part and you’re
just gonna create more space between the ankles. Allow you palms to
rest gently on the earth. You can decide what feels best, palms face up
or palms face down. And take a deep breath in.
Awesome work! Exhale, soften
and relax everything. Now take a moment to welcome a calm energy to the body. A stillness. An opportunity to release. To soften and to let go. We’re gonna be here
for five breath cycles, five long breath cycles
so just let everything go. Give yourself permission
here for a moment to do absolutely nothing. Now as you’re ready, gently begin to deepen
the breath once again. Feel the coolness of the inhale as you breathe
in through the nose. And the warmth as you breathe
out through the nose or mouth. Slowly begin to bring
some energy back to the body by wiggling the
fingers and the toes. Then nice and slow from your
center peel the right knee up. And then peel the left knee up. And you’re gonna come gently,
from your center, activate all this
movement from your midline, you’re gonna come
into a fetal posture. So come into
fetal position here. Let everything rest. You can use your bottom
arm as a pillow if you need. And you’re just gonna
take a moment here to relax. Continue to gently
deepen your breath. Come in back into your own. And after one more loving breath
in and out you’ll use your palms to slowly press
up back to a seat. When you get there
you can close your eyes. Sit up nice and tall and draw
your hands together at your heart in prayer. Finding yourself
in your center amongst the chaos is
just a part of life. So thank you again for
sharing your time and energy. A little goes a long way. Share this video, this practice
with anyone you think might like it, benefit from it. Please subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already. It’s the best way to support
this free yoga for everyone. And we’ll finish by
recognizing the light and the truth in
ourselves and in one another. Bring the thumbs
up to the third eye. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, deep bow today. Namaste. (gentle music)


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