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hello viewers welcome to our Channel today dr. Suman rnd is with us consultant fertility specialist and laparoscopy surgeon at le bateau hospital's Banjara Hills hello dr. ho a doctor and good doctor can you please explain what is fibroids fibroids are benign growths that arise out of the uterus they are seen in about 20 to 25% of young women in their reproductive age group there is Trojan dependent conditions arising mainly because of harm on imbalances they can either be single or multiple they can range from small to very large in the size and depending upon their location they are classified into three types if they are located completely within the uterus they are called as submucous if they are situated in the wall of the uterus they are intramural and if they are situated on the outer side of the uterus they are called sub-zero's 'el fibroids these are usually benign growths and the risk of cancer is only 1 to 3 percent okay doctor what are the causes of fibroids there are various causes for fibroids usually these are because of hormone imbalances they are also seen to run in the families apart from that unhealthy lifestyle delay childbearing and obesity also lead to fibroid growth okay doctor what are the symptoms of fibroids fibroids present with various symptoms the main symptoms are menstrual irregularities presenting as heavy menstrual flow prolonged bleeding and repeated bleeding within a month they faced with challenges of fertility repeated miscarriages growth in the lower abdomen pain in the lower abdomen chronic backache and pressure symptoms such as need for repeated passage of urine and retention okay doctor how to diagnose fibroids fibroids we get a clue about fibroids where from the history and physical examination apart from that we confirm that based on an ultrasound scan sometimes an MRI may be needed for exact fibroid mapping do fibroids leads to infertility yes fibroids do lead to infertility mainly if they are too many number and based on their location they may obstruct the implantation of the embryo and also the migration of sperms causing infertility problems okay doctor what are the treatments available for fibroids there are various treatments available for fibroids the treatments range from just careful monitoring of the fibroid size if there are no symptoms if they are small in size with clinically manageable symptoms we can treat them with medicines if they are to law a large in size or cause problems in their fertility we need to remove them through surgery okay this surgery can either be myomectomy that is removal of just the fibroid or hysterectomy that is removal of entire uterus based again on the age and fertility of the patient thank you so much doctor thanks for the information thank you I hope you liked this video if you liked it please like share and subscribe to our channel thanks for watching


  1. if a women have fiboriod in during pregnancy…if there is 7th month of pregnancy ….a women can do sex …it ll be safe of not ….plzz tell ……

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