Fergie – Fergalicious (Official Music Video)


  1. 2:20

  2. Body Goals…."I ain't promiscuous" While standing in bikini. Ha! Love the old Fergie!

  3. This is true music.

  4. Bro not being racist but why is their only black people.?

  5. Super Sonic

  6. When I was younger I had a crush on that little boy. 😂

  7. 2019

  8. CAKE FIGHT!!!!!!!!

  9. …… 2:23

  10. 2019😍

  11. Só eu de 2019 aqui?

  12. I'm just now realizing I was talking about how boys want to "eat it" since I was 8.

  13. she sweet? NO WAY!! I’m sweeter

  14. Lol

  15. I think I need to pee now

  16. my brain cells during finals.

  17. so this is the song where the part that my friend and i used to sing in 4th grade came from…

    H U H

  18. what we are all here for 2:23

  19. You rap is the truth

  20. Hi

  21. O carro do churros…

  22. Idk why this showed up in my recommended after 9 years

  23. Epic movie?

  24. 10 years later I still love this song

  25. “T, to the A, to the S-T-E-Y girl you tasty”


  26. 0:03 the dancers remind me of the oompa loompas in the original charlies chocolate factory

  27. Alguem de 2019 kk 🇧🇷💓

  28. Could Tekashi be one of those men in the golden braces?

  29. 0:02

  30. Anyone in 2019?

  31. My AP Lang class was jamming to this the day after the AP test and I hadn’t heard it in so long but it’s stuck in my head now 😂 let’s go AP Lang exam of 2019 test takers

  32. this song is so delicious

  33. 2019 anyone?

  34. Fergie dit it before cardi b

  35. Who is watching ithis in 2019

  36. First time hearing this song and i legit thought it was gonna be some sweet girly song

  37. Pamelicious ❤️

  38. 1:40 me in my bed at 3 am when everyone's asleep

  39. Tatti randi

  40. 2:23

  41. Charlie and the chocolate thots

  42. Willy Wonka gonna kill Charlie.

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