Feel Good Friday: 4 Healthy Meal Ideas for Breakfast and Lunch

hey guys we are in my kitchen it is kind of messy don't judge I got stuff all over there and I got stuff on my island I got my camera there which means I just filmed a video for you guys I had a lot of requests after I started my filled with Friday series just a couple weeks ago to do a what I eat in a day video and so that's what this video started out to be it actually ended up being me sharing four healthy meal options to breakfast ideas and to lunch ideas these are things that I eat all the time so I wanted to share that with you guys I didn't really quite do a dinner option but really you could do the lunch options for dinner and I can always do a video later but as I was going through my pantry I realize didn't have a lot of the ingredients that I need because today's Sunday and I usually go grocery shopping on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings so as I was getting ready to film this I was like oh shoot I don't have the tortillas that I use I don't have the enchilada sauce that I like so um so for this video it's two healthy breakfast ideas and two healthy salads suit two healthy lunch ideas but I can always follow up with other meals in the future so let me know in the comments section below if you want to see that but yeah these are just things that I eat all the time there are really nothing special you guys I'm not a great cook at all in fact I'm probably a pair I think some people would call me a terrible cook I can follow a recipe but I'm not creative when it comes to putting stuff together and so when you watch this video you might think oh well that's super simple or that's nothing special but I think that it's also it's nice to see what other people eat when they're healthy ideas because sometimes you just get in a rut and you don't think about things that you could be eating or and for me it's all about simplicity and quickness like I don't have time to prepare a big you know elaborate meal I just don't have time for that so I need something quick and easy and healthy that's the only way that it'll fit into my lifestyle and I'll be able to continue to eat healthy as if it's quick and fast so these recipes are it does take a little bit of prepping ahead of time so I do talk about that in the video but I'm going to quit rambling because um I've been told that I talk too much on my channel can you believe that anyway let's go ahead and get started okay so this is a protein shake I have most mornings on the weekend sometimes all cook eggs or toast or something but for overall five six days a week I have this shake and basically all it is is I just pour some almond milk in Magic Bullet cup about half way this almond milk I use a variety of them I usually look for the unsweetened ones I try not to go over 50 calories per cup this one is by caliph farms I guess it's yeah caliphs arms I get it from Whole Foods but Blue Diamond has one that's like 40 calories or 35 calories for half per cup so that one's a good option too and then the protein powder that I really like it I like a few of them in all league the others down below but this is the only one that I had this is the only one that I currently have I need to buy the other one which is the bone broth protein powder but this one's really good this I talked about this in a video before this actually has two shots of espresso per serving so this is a way to get your caffeine and your protein in one serving it actually tastes pretty good so I put one scoop of that then I put a whole banana I try not to get like the really large bananas I just like to get like a medium sized or a small banana because the banana can add a lot of calories and sugar you can also add a scoop of peanut butter if you want to add a little extra fat and calories to the shake having that fat in the shake is going to hold you over a little longer so if you find that you take the shake and then you're hungry an hour two hours later and it doesn't really get you through until lunchtime or until late morning then you might want to add some healthy fats to it I'm not going to add it today though and then I add just a couple cubes of ice and I put the lid on it if you don't have one of these magic bullets they are awesome you blend the shake up in here and then you drink it straight from the container so it's really there's really not a lot of mess to clean up it's really quick and easy and then it just attaches to this base and then you blend it up so I'm going to go do that real quick and there you have it so easy so quick and it's really really really good okay so the next breakfast option is something that I used to make all the time it takes a little more time than the shake dust so I don't really make it as much anymore but sometimes I'll make this on the weekends this would be a great option for your kids if you want a satisfying healthy fulfilling meal for your kids in the mornings yeah so it basically it's just an oatmeal and egg white pancake is what it is and I start with about 1/3 a cup of oats and these are just the old-fashioned rolled oats these are not the instant oats and then I do two egg whites if you want to do more oats than you just increase your egg white count but basically you just want to add the egg whites to the oats I don't do the yolk some people you can do the yolk and in that case I would just blend it up into blender I just take a fork and mix this up and you'll know to if you need to add a little bit more egg whites depending on the size of the egg geez eggs are kind of small so I might add another egg white to this yeah I think I do because I want it to be a little more like batter and two egg whites really is enough to coat these all these oats I'm going to add one more yep one more egg wait it's okay if a little yolk gets in there yolk is good healthy fat so that's a little better then we're going to go and cook this on the stove so I'm going to take you guys over there okay then I like to put the heat on medium and spray the pan with a little olive oil let that heat up for just about a minute then you're going to just scoop that all that little batter that you may have got oats and egg white batter into the pan I think I had a little too many oats this time it's going to be fine it really you can kind of create the texture and thickness that you like but if you want it to be a little more liquidy you can just use less oats or more egg whites and then I just kind of press it to get the shape of about a pancake and how it's not very pretty you guys but it's good and it's healthy and it's fulfilling and that's the thing you know I when I hear people that skip skip breakfast I feel like that's just setting yourself up to fail for the day you really need to start your day with a healthy breakfast okay one way you can make these extra tasty is by adding fruit while they're cooking bananas are delicious so if you slice bananas and you kind of press them and lay them into the pancake it's going to really sweeten the pancake up you can also add blueberries which is what I like to do and it's great because when these blueberries cook they get really hot and when you bite into the pancake it's just like this really yummy hot sweet tart little surprise so I just go in and kind of place them you can add as many as you want one fruit that is not does not work out well cooking inside the pancake your strawberries I tried that once and I don't recommend that I do like to top it off with frog fresh strawberries before I eat it but I don't like the strawberries to be hot in the pancake and then you just kind of hang out and I like to just kind of go with a spatula underneath it you'll you'll know when it's ready I can tell that this needs a little bit more time to cook so I'm going to let it cook for just about another 30 seconds okay so it's been about another 30 seconds let's see okay that's better you can see when I put my spatula underneath it it just slides right out then you're going to just flip it over and let it cook for about another 30 seconds on the side I kind of like to press it too just so those blueberries can hear I'm cooking you do want it to have like a golden brown kind of color that's when you know that it's done I mean you can't really undercooked this you just want to make sure the bag is cooked which cooks really quickly but I find that the consistency and the texture that I really enjoy is best when it had like a little golden brown color to it okay so I'm gonna turn the heat off and I'm gonna plate it we're gonna add some strawberries and drizzle it with a little bit of pancake syrup and then I just like to top it with a little bit of strawberries I out whenever I buy strawberries at the store I always wash them and cut them up right away and put them in a container I find that when I just let them sit in my frigerator most of the time that end up growing mold and I don't use them so that's one tip strawberries are one thing that I always kind of always have in the frigerator and I always wash them and pre-cut them and then I would just drizzle this with a little bit of like a low-calorie pancake syrup and that would be my breakfast so you can see when you cut into it you can see those those blueberries and how yummy that is so so good again bananas are really good too for your kids if your kids like them a little sweeter bananas are going to make it a little sweeter okay so first I started with just chopping up two sweet potatoes sweet potatoes is something that I always try and prep every week because I find that I can add to salads I can make like little bowls with it adding a protein and cheese or salsa or something it's really good so I like to cut up about two large sweet potatoes every Sunday cut them up in little cubes just salt them and pop them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes so I'm going to go ahead and do that right now so now that I have the sweet potatoes in the oven I'm going to go ahead and cook my chicken I always buy organic chicken breasts I find that it's just best to just spend the extra money on good quality meats because I think if we knew how a lot of our meats are produced and raised it kind of scare us so I like to go as healthy and as premium quality meats as I can so all I've done is they came in a package and these these chicken breasts are actually really thick I've sliced them in half because I don't want them to be too thick that they don't cook well enough and then I've just salt and peppered them on both sides so I'm going to go ahead and cook these real quick okay so first I have a huge large pan because I've got a lot of chicken to cook I have a key on medium-high and I'm going to actually put it on medium and I'm going to heat it up with some olive oil I want and I kind of been pretty generous with the olive oil because I do have a lot of chicken to cook but I'm gonna let this heat up before I start cooking the chicken so we're going to give this about a minute to heat up while that's heating up I want to tell you guys about another way that I prepare chicken that's super quick and super easy I've already told you guys I'm not like a really great chef or cooker by any means so the recipes that I share are very simple and easy and there's not a lot to them but one thing I can also do is take a big chicken breast and put it in the crock-pot with a little bit of olive oil and taco seasoning and just let that cook for four or five hours and it just I mean it just shreds apart it's so delicious and you can use that in top codes you can use it in salad you can make taco bowls with it so I like to do that too as an easy way to have a healthy protein available and have lots of options to prepare it okay so this is heating it pretty well I'm gonna go ahead put my chicken on it I let it cook on each side just a couple of minutes are now maybe four minutes or so I'm gonna put too much olive oil I think these have been pushing to fill over formulas I'm going to go to flip them I'm going to go ahead and take off the small pieces first because I know that those are done okay so next I'm just going to cut this into little cubes and I'm going to go ahead and put it in a plastic container just to store it for the week I'm going to use this chicken for lots of different meals I'm going to make salads with it I'll make chicken bowls with it I could make enchiladas with it but I like to have it all just prepped and ready to go because I don't have a lot of time to cook every day so having this done ahead of time makes my life so much easier it makes it so much easier for me to eat healthy meal so while the solut potatoes are cooling I'm going to show you guys another salad that I really like to make that utilizes the the chicken that we prepared and it's finish I always have a big bag of spinach on hand it just works great to make salads or saute with dinner for this salad all you need is chicken I like to add feta cheese I have strawberries blackberries and then I have grapes these are cotton candy grapes I don't know if you guys have these where you live but they are so good they actually taste like cotton candy I bought them for my kids and then I found that I love them too and then a salad dressing I like this one by um is it Tessa Mays and I get it at Whole Foods but this one is gluten free set low sodium sugar free vegan dairy-free I'm not gluten free and I'm not a dairy-free person but it is whole thirty approved so if you like to follow a whole 32 and this would work one thing you have to do is you have to shake it up though every time you use it because there's a lot of oil and it kind of separates here but all you do is just you know put your spinach in then I'm gonna chop these strawberries up to be a little bit smaller and then chop the grapes I just like to cut them in half I move this all the way I just like to cut the grapes in half and eat one they're so good I don't know how they get em tastes like cotton candy does anyone know tell me in the comment section below if you do and I leave the blackberries as is and then you're just going to put a little bit of chicken and I would usually make this salad bigger but I just wanted to have a pretty little bowl for you guys and then you just put your fruit I always like to add a little bit of feta cheese to my salads it's a really to me it's a yummy cheese and it doesn't have a lot of fat so I'm just going to sprinkle a little bit of this on top and then I'm not going to top this with dressing yet because I'm going to put this in the fridge and eat it a little bit later I just drank that protein shake so I'm not ready to eat lunch but this is going to be my lunch but then I would top it with about a tablespoon of this dressing this brand Tessa Mays they make a lot of other great there's SD ranch is really good they have a Green Goddess dressing that is amazing so I haven't tried one of their dressings yet that I don't like so if you I know that I get this at Whole Foods I don't know if the big chain grocery store that I go to sells it but yeah this is what I like usually what I find is that I like the salad dressings that are in the produce section the ones that are refrigerated not the ones that are in the grocery store aisle that are on the shelves so if you don't have this particular brand look at the dressings that they do offer in the produce section because you'll probably find one pretty similar to it but yeah this salad is super delicious and so yummy and so healthy I'm gonna put this in the fridge and this is what I'm gonna eat for lunch in a little bit I'm gonna check on the sweet potatoes and if they're cooled I'll show you how I simple the other salad okay so this salad I've been really enjoying the last couple of months I wish I could take credit for but my sister-in-law gave me this salad idea and I eat it at least once a week but usually I buy the ingredients and I eat it at least three four times a week but all you need is spinach or kale she actually gave me this recipe with kale and I was making with kale for a while but right now I just have spinach and you're gonna add your chicken and you're gonna add sweet potatoes and this can be eaten cold so if you keep all these ingredients in the refrigerator and they're all cold it's perfect it's great for lunch you don't have to heat anything up and I like to add walnuts for a healthy fat when she gave me the recipe she used an avocado which is really good too I'm not going to cut this up though cuz I'm gonna eat this later I don't want the avocado to brown and get all gross looking so but you can that's not you can add avocado to it it's delicious I'm going to add these walnuts and then a little bit of feta cheese as well I just tossed it with the same dressing when she originally gave me this idea she was using kale she was adding avocado and she was using the green goddess dressing by Tessa me but any dressing you like find a dress and you like and use that one but this is the one I have so this is what I'll use laters so this is what the salad looks like complete it has the chicken for your protein the spinach for your fiber your sweet potatoes for your good healthy carb and the walnuts for your fat if you're not going to do a nuts and maybe do the avocado but I do recommend having a healthy fat in your cell that's just going to help keep your body running on all cylinders and it's going to help keep you full and satisfied throughout the day I hope you guys enjoy these little quick meal ideas so I give you guys two breakfasts and two lunch ideas like I said I know it's not super complicated or super impressive recipes but this you guys wanted to know what I ate every day and these are things that I go to they're healthy they're quick they're easy you


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