Feel Good Flow – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and we have
a special travel edition yoga practice for you. This is a quickie that you
can do anytime, anywhere when you’re feeling your
energy is a little bit meh, or maybe your emotional
body is a little meh. Here we have a
quick feel good flow. So, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (soft music) Alright, let’s begin standing
right at the top of your mat. Feet hip width apart. Find a soft bend in the knees. And then when you’re
ready bring the palms together at the heart and inhale. Stand nice and tall, sternum
reaching up to the thumbs. Exhale, rounding down
through the heels. Relaxing the shoulders
and just taking a moment here to tune in, check in. Feel your feet on the earth. And from your feet root
down and slowly lift up through the arches. Lift the kneecaps find
this lift up through the front body and this
grounding through the back body. So we have a
short practice today so we want to
make the most of it. Gently begin to
deepen your breath. We’ll work to
synchronize the movement with the breath and the
breath with the movement. Here we go, nice and slow. Soft bend of the knees,
inhale, reach for the sky. Big full body stretch here. Exhale, forward fold. Take it all the way down. Bend the knees as
generously as you need to take a couple
breaths here to find what feels good,
bending the knees, gently rocking side to side. Maybe clasp the elbows,
shake the head a little yes and a little no. Careful not to grip in the toes. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. deep breath in,
big breath out. On your next
inhale lift up halfway. Flat back position,
open in the chest. Loop the shoulders,
pull the elbows back, and then exhale, release. Awesome, inhale,
reach for the sky. Again, feel that foot
to earth connection. Big full body stretch here. And exhale, hands to heart. Awesome, release one
hand down then the other. And big neck circles
here, drawing big circles with the nose one way and then the other. Continue to deepen the breath. Enjoy this time for yourself. When you feel satisfied
loop the shoulders, find an open heart, lift
in the armpit chest here. Tops of the shoulders
externally rotating out. Here we go again, soft knees, feel that foot to earth
connection as you inhale. Root to rise, big stretch. Exhale forward
fold nice and slow. Inhale halfway, lift. And exhale, fold. Again, inhale reach for the sky. Big full body stretch. Move with the breath. Exhale hands to heart. So now would be a
good time to cultivate a little ujjayai breath
or the ocean breath. We have a video just
on ujjayai so you can check out the foundations
of ujjayai breath if you want to learn that from the beginning. And when you’re ready
here we go again. Inhale, the breath
fuels the movement. Reach it up. On the exhale,
soft knees, forward fold. Inhale, lifts you up
halfway, long neck. And exhale, release. Awesome, this time
bend the knees, fingertips or palms come to mat. We step the right toes back, followed by the left. Take a second to peddle
it out here and plank. Lift up through the
shoulder blades here so careful not to collapse. Press away from
your yoga mat. We’re here for
five more seconds, peddling it out, stretching it out. Breathing deep. And then, when you’re
ready downward facing dog. Take a second to connect
to a nice long breath and then take a second to
just notice how you feel here where your mind’s at today. So, taking it all in. Find a little movement
if it feels good or relish in the stillness. Deep breaths. Can’t say my view
is bad on this one. Top of the shoulders roll
out one more breath here you got it,
just refining and checking in. And slowly lowering
to the knees. Great, flip onto the
tops of the feet. Walk the wrist right
underneath the shoulders. Pay attention to detail here, really coming into
a strong table top. Nice strong line from
the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. Lots of mindfulness
throughout both palms. Here we go, cat cow
but nice and slow, moving with the breath. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest. And exhale,
starting with the tailbone, traveling all the way up,
up, up the spine to the crown of the head. Reach it down, keep it going. Inhale nice and slow today. And exhale, rounding
through navel draws up. Keep going, inhale, press
into all ten fingerprints. Not a lot of pressure
on the wrist here. So, press into the
index finger and thumb. Last one, navel draws up. Great, then we’ll bring
the two toes together here and bring the knees as
wide as your yoga mat. Right hand comes
to the mid-line. As if you’re pulling
a bow and arrow up. We’ll pull the
left finger tips up, really press away
from your yoga mat. Press into the tops of the feet and begin to open
up through the chest. Smile, draw the shoulders
away from the ears. Activate the belly
here, navel draws inward and upward uddiyana bandha one more big breath in here. Finger tips spread and
then exhale, release. Left hand replaces the right, same thing nice and slow. So resist the urge to
move super fast today vinyasa doesn’t mean fast
or flow doesn’t mean flast, or fast (laughs) flast. Move with the breath. Pull that bow and arrow up. Right fingertips
up towards the sky. Shoulder blades firming
down the back body. Inhale in, exhale out. Inhale in again and
spread the finger tips find length in the neck. And then exhale all
the way back down. Awesome, walk the palms forward. Walk the knees in
underneath the hips. Curl the toes under. Inhale, look forwards, smile. And the exhale from
the tail this time lift it up, finding a new
entrance to downward facing dog. Same thing find a little
movement here that feels good check in with how
you’re feeling today and use your breath. Let it go, stay present. I am looking at a butterfly
(laughs) in the sand. Wow, this is a dream, a dream. Inhale lift the right leg up high, you got this, exhale,
knee to nose. Tap into your power,
your strength. Only three of these. Inhale, lift it up, exhale, knee to nose. Last one, inhale, reach it up. Exhale, knee to nose. And then we step the
right foot all the way up you can lower the back
knee here if you like. Otherwise, keep if lifted. Neck to your center and
hug the inner thighs in the mid-line and then inhale. Sweep the arms all the way up. High lunge. Bend the left knee
just for starters here get your pelvis right
underneath your heart. And then begin to extend
that left heel back, strong legs here guys. Inhale, big breath in. Exhale, rain the fingertips
down interlaced behind the tail. Knuckles drawn down and away,
open up through the chest. Strong legs, you got this,
here we go. Inhale, pressing into
that front foot, we straighten the front leg, really lifting through
the back heel. Straight leg, exhale, sink deep. Two more, inhale, reach up. And exhale, sink deep. Nice and slow, one more time. Inhale, reach up, lift your heart. Exhale, release. Great, break free
in the fingertips. Inhale, reach for the
sky, should feel awesome. Big power pose here,
and then exhale all the way down. Awesome work, plant the palms,
step the right toes back. Take it straight to down
dog or belly to cobra or maybe move
through a chaturanga to upward facing dog here. Yogis choice. We’ll meet in
downward facing dog. Inhale in. Exhale out through the mouth. Drop the right heel on
your next big breath in lift the left leg up high. Here we go, exhale knee
to nose, navel draws up. Inhale, lift, exhale knee to nose. Last one you got this,
creating strength. Exhale, stepping into your power. Here we go, step it up. Beautiful, again feel free
to lower the back knee if you need to. Otherwise, front knee
over front ankle. We rise up strong,
cultivating energy, really building from
the ground up, right. Hug the inner thighs
to the mid-line and then when
you’re ready inhale, sweep the arms all the
way up and over head. Bend the right knee this time, just to get your tailbone
lengthening down. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Inhale in, exhale rain it down. Interlink the fingertips
now, opposite thumb on top. And we draw the
knuckles down and away. Opening up through the chest. Here we go, ready. Inhale, lift up
through the heart. Straighten the front
leg, back heel lifts up. Really connecting to that
lift from the pelvic floor. Exhale, sink deep. Only two more, nice and
slow conscious breaths. Inhale, lifts you up. Exhale, sink deep. Great last one,
inhale lifting up from the crown of the head. And exhale, release. Gorgeous, release the fingertips. Big breath in and sweep the arms all the way up and overhead. (singing) and exhale, release. Great job, plant the palms,
step the left toes back, move through a vinyasa,
belly to cobra, or chaturanga to up dog. Or feel free to
skip this and take it straight to your downward dog. That’s where we’ll meet,
you’re doing great. You’re gonna feel
so awesome after this. Hug the lower ribs in here. Turn the tubic toes in slightly. Tops of the shoulders rotate out. Inhale in, exhale out. Great, step the right foot up. Followed by the left. All the way up to
the top of the mat. You can also take
a nice slow walk. If that is tricky. Great, here we go. Inhale, halfway lift,
long beautiful neck. Exhale back. Bring the feet together,
keep a little bit of space between the heels. Bend the knees generously,
inhale, utkatasana. Chair pose, sink deep,
make it work. Explore, refine, two
more breaths, you got it. Maybe sit a little lower,
one more breath. And then exhale release,
awesome work. We’ll keep the knees bent here, returning to this bow and arrow. Right finger tips or right
palm come to the earth. We inhale, pull the
left fingertips up and as you do that lengthen
through the left leg all the way up. So, right knee is bent,
left leg is straight. One more breath
inhale, exhale, release. Left hand replaces the right, bend both knees,
inhale, right fingertips up towards the sky,
soft and easy here. Straighten the right leg. Inhale, find length. And exhale, release. Gorgeous work. Plant the palms, step
or hop it back to plank. Move through a vinyasa that
feels good for you, last one. Exhale, child’s pose. Great work. Bring the palms together,
namaste shark fin here as you bring the palms
all the way up and overhead and
gently walk the elbows toward the front edge
of your yoga mat. Cleansing breath, here we go. Inhale in deeply. And exhale completely. Two more times, inhale in. And letting go. One more time, deep breath in, feel the skin of the
back body stretching and exhale, release. Keep your eyes closed
as you slowly reach the fingertips
towards the front edge of the mat, we’ll
come back to all fours. Swing the legs to one side, and come to a seat. Sukhasana, cross legged. Sit up nice and tall, take your time getting there. Life is good. So on the off chance
that you weren’t feeling good when you
started this video. Take a second to just
sit up nice and tall and align, and align (laughs) your head over your heart,
your heart over your pelvis. And just remember that
nothing is permanent, everything’s always changing
and we can use the tools, I think, very powerful
tools of yoga. A little goes a long way
to transform our moods. To support us when we
need a little extra umph. To lift us when
we’re feeling down. So, we’re gonna end
with a twist here today. Inhale, lift your heart
nice and easy. And exhale, glide the shoulder
blades down the back body. Inhale, reach the
right finger tips up, find length, stretch
in the right side body and then exhale, dial
your heart to the left. Lift the corners of
the mouth slightly, and see if you can stay
really, really present here. Inhaling,
lifting through the spine, and exhaling, rounding. Down through
the shoulder blades, down through the
tops of the thighs. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, maybe twist
a little bit further. One more breath, inhale,
feel the expansion, fill the lungs with air. And exhale, release. Other side. Inhale, left finger tips reach up, find lots of length in
the side by (laughs) lots of length in the side
by, god I zenned out again. Got in the groove, big stretch. Exhale twist, this stuff works. Tuck the chin into the
chest maybe, roll it up. Then you gotta bring
the breath, you gotta bring the pranayama. Nice, rejuvenating,
refreshing, recharging breaths. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, journey maybe a little
further into your twist. Then one more inhale,
then exhale to release. Draw the palms together
and lift the thumb up to the third eye. Inhale, lots of love in, and exhale, lots of love out. You deserve to feel good. We finish our practice
by bowing to the best and most beautiful
version of ourselves and recognizing that
in each other. So, thank you for
sharing your time and your energy with me. I hope you feel better. I hope you feel
awesome, namaste. I’m awesome, you’re awesome. We’re freakin’ awesome. Inhale, exhale, to bow. (soft music)


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