Feeding and Disease Prevention

after removing most of the honey which the bees have collected over the course of the summer it is important to feed them in order to ensure they can survive the winter to feed the bees we use a sugar syrup mixed with some antifungal medicines on all grounds but the first there will be empty pails on most of the hives remove these pails and bring them to the filling tank on ty the hole is or the filling tank begin feeling the pails as they are brought using a broom and pail sweep the wax room between the highs when all the pallets have been swept dump the small pail into the larger barrel located in the truck the mass of each hard determines the amount of syrup needed if the hive is less than 68 pounds at a full pail if the weight is between 68 pounds and 72 pounds at a medium pailful termed wringer if the weight is between 72 pounds and 73 pounds at a pail about one-third full term shirt wringer if the weight is pater than 73 pounds plug the lid and do not add a pail if the hive is very light check it to determine whether or not it is thriving if there is a lack of population and our brood remove the hive bones of these out and load it on the truck

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