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we are in a street market and we're gonna see how much freedom they get the 20 pounds – lets go [Applause] hey guys I'm back home now so the premise of this video is to show families parents and carers how healthy you can eat at a cheaper price you don't necessarily have to go test gross weight showing Sainsbury's istar even little to buy your fruit and veg you can literally go to the market spend less money more than half the price that you would spend in Waitrose Asda and it would last you so much longer so all of this for the free kids well that's a cool because it made me eat some too so for the four kids my husband and everyone else in the house this would last a week right it would love to be considering the fact that the kids go to school so they only come after school to eat so it's a breakfast snack just before dinner and yeah so the whole week this they're not fruit for everyone so yeah the purpose of this video is just to show you how through well you can be go into the market for instance this is the most expensive item I've got the watermelon there was a slice I think for one pound fifty or something I don't think it makes sense to get just one little sacks for one pound fifty if we get the whole thing for four pounds for instance berries we all know how expensive blueberries are if I've got three crates of them for a pound right it hopes to get them a Sainsbury's in Aldi inland or in Waitrose all these other places I would not get my value for money where I have a whole crate I can you know you make breakfast with them they can have a no granola or pour into them anything you can do a lot of them and I wear it for a cheap price and pretty happy with this so these are the three groups of blueberries and some bananas so this is worth what all right so these are two pound worth of bananas right I love shopping at Aldi but I still wouldn't buy a mine for algae if I can help it if I'm not going Markey and I really need the bananas then I'll get it from algae however Maki is the way all the way from a fruit and veg these were two pounds I would get literally only about this much so it's about six of them six or five of them for almost a pound for mr. pan whereas the market you get so much more for a pound so you have pretty happy about these bananas and they will last long as well for a week my apples I've got to power money worth of apples again it's a bargain because I think this is about 14 apples for two pounds yeah you can get it the paper you should we get more but again this is a bargain teaspoons weight so it sings breathe all these other places would cost so much more oranges same thing avocados let's not even talk about avocados avocados are so expensive and it's all your closet avocados because if they were let's say super organic and you know certified I don't know prestige mango avocados then I was saying okay I paid a price for it but who's to say that the sense of players of the market are not the same surprise of Tesco Sainsbury's which was in all these other places who's to say you know from when they're not organic and I love these RT shots like we used to have them in France so I've got two of these four pounds my plantain now I don't know not many stores actually self grunting so usually you get nothing for the market but I've bought six to two pounds which is great so I've got my bell peppers these are also expensive in stores but in a market to get your value for money my line I couldn't do so much of one of this and with this big watermelon if I decided to not get and get fruits instead I would have owned four batches of other trees you know maybe four times this I would've gotten or four times apples and so much more so yeah the point of my video is to show you guys that you can be frugal you can be healthy you don't have to buy you know the old junk because you know it costs too much money to buy the healthy foods and all of that in Tesco sends me to ask that if you want to buy fruit and veg and have a lot of it I would always advise go to the market you get your value for money and you get quantity as well now wanna eat like you saw I have to pick and choose to get the best tangerines that's all it is cuz everything's out there you can pick and choose yourself what you want so is for you to pick the best quality ones that you see there and yeah you get your value for money so yeah I hope this video was really helpful because this is literally how I shop for my family I've got a big family we aim to be healthy and eat clean as much as we can and yeah that's how I shop to ensure that you know my family get their fruit and veg daily and I don't spend too much money I aim to go to the market if there's something specific that pressing it from the store then I would but in general I will get all my fruit all my beige from the market at a decent price I really hope this video was helpful I hope that you'd possibly go shopping now I think twice about spending two pounds of strawberries when you can get just as much a really good quality for a pound in the market you just need to be able to pick and choose what your bank cuz everything's out there as you saw you just pick what you want and that's it see ya in a few shall be doing more videos on family savings because this is something that alone from my earning to budget for the family where it comes to food – clothes – you know bills all of that and hopefully share more of that with you guys in the future yeah hope you at the video and don't forget to Like share and subscribe and I'll catch you guys in my next video bye guys


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