Federal ministers and health officials provide COVID-19 update – March 22, 2020


  1. Fear and hate the life blood of media and government

  2. China is still lying. Chiba Flu is getting us all in one way or another.

  3. Problem with your plans is I don't respect your 'authority', or the minions you'll send.

  4. awesome video keep up the amazing work

  5. Seriously. there are Sooooo many idiots in my town who aren't listening. Hoarding is still happening, people are coming back from vacay and not isolating. Still having parties and hanging out with friends. I can't believe the stupidity.

  6. Starts at 15:40.

  7. Canada is in big trouble here . Justin appointed a bunch of amateurs to save Canada from the World Pandemic.

  8. Like people that are landing from China are going to self isolate when they are clearly staying with family. Instead of supporting people in the work place you are promoting companies to lay off people. What a stupid idea.

  9. Were just asked to appreciate that Trudeau worked 7 days. F that, every Canadian works more then this privileged crook.

  10. As always, I'm impressed with these news conferences and the detailed scientific work being done as a team.

  11. Seriously, is not the common flu itself an ongoing pandemic? Is not the common cold itself a Coronavirus? Have not more people died from the common Coronavirus flu than from Covid19?

    Are we being tested for the specific Covid19 or anyone with a mild cold or flu be identified as being tested positive for "Coronavirus"?

    Did not the notoriously corrupt WHO organization, the one that is largely funded by communist China, not label this version of a Coronavirus flu a pandemic?

  12. Why is canada still allowing planes from china to keeping comming in

  13. Our prime minster is spineless

  14. The press is out to have people jailed?

  15. I think its obvious that testing facilities would have to be localized, there should be at least one in every capital by now. Government is creating bottlenecks in the testing, but threatening our people for social distancing? This is what we needed government leadership for here, oversight deployment, and as Hadju says the "logistics". Hey, thats the governments job here, so in that respect theyve dropped the ball, yes pandemic planning(cause this is totally a plan) would have included 'best practices for testing during an international pandemic'. Might/should have even been question one. Im willing to guess 'mail in to convenient central locations' was not an option with the public in mind. Admit it, fix it, move on.
    Its the army that would provide logistics in a national emergency, and theyre not even in the conversation. Hope government is taking notes on its own performance.

  16. Pendant ce temps on ramène les voyageurs retardataires contaminés…

  17. Well done!!! Thank you so much for finally making self-isolation mandatory. Please enforce it!

  18. anyone know, why are there 2 sign interpreters?

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