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get a buddy kids it's a vaping fucking bogan I was kicking back having a nice babe enjoying a nice brewski but I thought I've got to fucking weigh-in I've got to put me a little message out there because I care about you cunts and I care about the consulate is still in the fucking Stinky's and you know how I had a chance to to move over to the fuck in the vapes okay get off the fucking cancer sticks and it's advocacy time alright the fucking hammer has come down in the US the the shit has hit the fucking fan we've known about this you know for quite a while now it's going on two years ago I think it was when you know the FDA announced it was going to be bringing in these regulations and this whole grandfather fucking clock thing and you know where our vaping device is going to fucking fall what's going to be you know allowed on the market what's going to need approval and look this has come out and you know it doesn't look particularly good I can understand all of the freaking out all of the fucking all of our fucking key is gone deuces highway look calm the fuck down cuts all right just vape and chill out for a minute because there's a whole lot of shit that still has to come there's a whole bunch of things that are going to happen ie lawsuits they're definitely going to be multiple lawsuits or court appeals in the States regarding these regulations firstly nothing is gonna change for quite some time okay there's gonna be a period you know while they're not out exactly what they're fucking doing there's you know obviously organizations like Kassar and the vaping militia and not blowing smoke you know they're all obviously working and they've known about this for quite some time so ok I just want you cunts just a fucking chill all right just just fucking chill all right relax we're doing relax okay just don't stress because it's a whole bunch of shit that we need to be doing right now to make sure that you know what happens you know and we whatever happens in the next set of six months twelve months two years that we minimize you know the impact and that we actually still have you know the vast majority of stuff that we enjoy available okay so what we need to be fucking doing is if you're in America I obviously can't do this here in Australia but you can still be fucking writing your Senators writing new Congress men and women you need to be fucking getting onto these petitions that are that are going around you need to be activating your fucking you know vaping whatever you don't want to fucking mean all right you need to you need to do something if you haven't already done it if you have done something then do some more all right make sure you call in your Congress people and again your state representatives your local representatives calling emailing letters whatever it is you can do to let them know that you're not okay with what they're fucking about to try and do alright there's also going to be obviously a lot of stuff with these larger organizations coming in you know putting putting pressure on the government and look the way that they have worded things is also very complex and it's in the legal jargon all right and generally you know unless you're educated or familiar with how these laws and you know political legislation is actually fucking written it's pretty hard to decipher exactly what these regulations are going to mean you know for individual businesses okay but what we need to make sure that we're doing is not bitching and not fucking fighting and not either fucking cloud chases or their fucking favor chasers or their fucking the leaders console their fucking clone vapors like just fucking cut the crap okay right now we need everybody in our community you know global you know American wherever oh there we go that's it to fucking just cut the bullshit and your night okay and talk to our governments and our representatives as one and tell them this is not okay okay shit needs to change because people's lives are at stake okay those that are very fucking can convert into vaping and the millions of people that are still on cigarettes that are not going to have access to all the wonderful things that that vaping has to offer if this goes through the way that they are putting it forward so I'll put links below to Kassar to the vaping militia to not blowing smoke no get on to these these organizations and find out what you can do both locally and you know at a federal level to what to do it and you know obviously there's various ways to contact the FDA as well they need to hear from vapors because you know that is all that matters is the the population okay they care about money they care about votes if they know enough of you cunts you know are standing up then that is what they're going to fucking listen to alrighty fucking ell but it's not just America that is in a sticky situation at the moment with their vaping laws and regulations here in Australia we're under the same sort of pressure we've had a number of states bring in their own laws that are you know in most of these places pretty damning you know pretty you know anti vaping and not at all progressive you know we still don't have nicotine legally available for sale here in Australia we have to import it directly ourselves and then add it to our Aussie juicers or import American juicers with Nicorette in it so we've had that for a long time but there's also a looming federal decision that looks like is in sort of in the process of being fuckin made South Australia particularly at the moment we are waiting on the government to actually you know put forward what they're going to do that had that sort of hearing period that had their committee you know getting information and researching now that the panel hits the fuckin medal in terms of them actually making a decision on what regulations they're going to bring in and how that's going to affect businesses and consumers so if you're in Australia particularly if you're in South Australia please get on to the new nicotine Alliance I'll put a link below to that you know this is a fantastic organization headed up by a GP who you know converted to vaping it's a completely independent organisation they don't take funding directly from from retailers and shops and vendors it's all funded by vapors directly from other parties so you know we need to get behind the new nicotine Alliance I'll put some links down below to that I'll also put some links to South Australian stuff if you're in sa you know hit up the s FTA the smoke free traders association which is you know really pushing to to work with the government on this issue you know and there are other places in the world that are having some major issues as well I know that Germany has got some issues I've had people contacting me regarding Germany so if you're in Germany just get onto your fucking you know you know advocacy groups and do what you can if you're in the UK again you've had the UK government deciding whether or not it's going to follow with the EU and they're absolute bullshit act that is gonna basically limit you know vapours in terms of their their tanks to like two mils or less you're not gonna have anything higher than 12 24 milligrams God knows whose fucking bacon on that but there are a lot of people to do bad bit like 36 million crazy shit like that you know that's not going to be available you know all sorts of stuff in the UK if they go down the lines of the EU decision will massively ruin the industry and same with advertising laws and stuff like that so you're in the UK get behind your local groups over there or try and find some links but particularly you know if you're here in Australia at the moment and in the u.s. you know we're we're in a situation where if we don't stand up and unite as a community we're gonna end up with you know a really shit time thing to remember though cuts there is still plenty of time and plenty of things to be done so don't just think ah shit's fucked stop pile the juices stockpile all of your gear fucking buy up all the coils that you can it's not time for that okay it's not time to start fucking going underground and you know getting all fucking you know Wild West militia the welders fucking coming til we end you know it's not any of that stuff we don't need to be fucking thinking of ourselves and oh we're gonna have that fucking vapour you know next week that's not the time that no is you know if we don't do something now we're we're gonna end up what we want to do is avoid this black market situation there's stockpiling of stuff because it's not all going to be available we need to fucking unite and tell the government and here da exactly what you you know you think and you know how it's going to affect vapors and you know smokers because that's really you know who's gonna lose out all of you guys that are really fuckin converted you'll find a way okay who order you shit from online your audience stuff from overseas whatever it is you'll find a way to fucking get it because you've converted you've made that decision this is about all those fucking people that haven't had a chance yet to get off of the fucking smokes to get on to obey and want to be able to walk into a store or jump onto an American website and buy this shit and get it okay so don't think of yourself think of our community think of those that haven't fucking you know made the switch yet and just as I said write your Congressional write your state write your fucking legislators you know email them call them hound the fuck out of them and get on to some of these other organizations as I've already mentioned I'll put the links below do what you can all right I'll fuck at waffling getting a dry mouth all right you can say don't freak out let's fucking band together and and unite all right I'm the vaping fucking bogan so you cunts some of you fucking dicks off some omit tickets off activate the shit out of your out of your vaping community and let's fucking do this alright cheerio [Applause] you [Applause]


  1. Hey I do not know where to post this but I think you can help. The MD Anderson Cancer Center president (MD Anderson Cancer Center being one of the supposed premier cancer research facilities in the US) came out with a statement in favor of the FDA. Write on their YT channel and let them know what you think

  2. Its fuckin awesome that the vape community is so strong that people like you living in other countries care about vapers all over the globe! We need to tell these FDA cunts whats up in the USA!

  3. Am i the only one who actually likes the FDA budding in? I feel safer for some reason.

  4. Why do all the "Vape Famous" YouTube reviewers keep telling people the FDA Regs are hard to decipher???

    This just encourages people NOT to read them.

    If you can read English and comprehend it–they are very straightforward.

    Try it…you'll see the intent of the regs and the absolute ambiguity the FDA has "baked in" on complying with them.

  5. Meanwhile in Australia

  6. Fuck the FDA coming straight from the underground. Fucking with vapers cause we found… a way to stop smoking and giving our money to these big tobacco clowns!

  7. Surely all the regs in the world can't stop us ordering off the net

  8. get involved sign petitions write letters

  9. Hey Thanks for the video you put it in check talking my lingo lol

  10. Right on, brother.

  11. So well said!! I agree 100%. Keep it up man!

  12. Hi i am 11 years old.My brother bought me a e-cig for my 12 years old birthday which is next week.What liquid should i start whit? 24 mg nicotine its ok?

  13. As we have been saying for the last fuckin 5 years!!! Advocate ya dicks off. We are fighting some big old sharks in the world of governments, tax and corruption so jump up and start emails, letters and videos to you local governments and with time and luck save the vaping and save peoples lives. Amen from the UK…

  14. its happening world wide because lorilard and reynolds sell smokes worldwide.

  15. Great video. You are 100 percent. Boganoraclefordayzbro.

  16. Now that's how you unite a community! Couldn't have said it any better myself. Screw the government. Let's take a stand against them and those nasty cancer sticks. "The vaping bogan" I stand behind you. Well said mate, well said.

  17. Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst…

  18. Well said Sam. Don't panic, participate.

  19. hey vaping bogan what are some of your favorite e juices.

  20. Thanks for your support. As a US vaper, my primary concern is for the would've been and might still be vapers who haven't quite found their way to us yet and are now having the living shit scared out of them by the negative media blitz going on right now. After writing everyone in government (by email and by hand) and calling them all to boot, I put in for another few liters of nic base… not for me, but for those new folks. I've now got about 90 years worth of nic base in my freezer and a shitload of DIY knowledge, along with a cupboard full of cheap but solid gear. It won't keep eliquid or gear available for everyone but I've got no problem handing it out for free to anyone who needs it if things go that way. If not, and we win, then hey… I can still give out free eliquid to new vapers, so it's a win win.

  21. Awesome vid bro

  22. Well said brother. I live in California and people are uniting from what I can see. But yes, it's about the people still on the stinkers. Time to REALLY fuckin' organize.

  23. Thank You Sam for all of your words to us US vapors and those abroad. I have supported CASSA and all the organizations trying to make changes and we all haven't seen any let up in the choke hold these A-holes have us in. I hope we can in the near future make some headway with the leaders of our country's to make them understand that this is not about not selling to minors, clean production practices and transparency, this is about the human cost, our lives and the lives of our loved ones period, and if left to stand these smoke and mirror laws disguising the real reasons for being put in place, the loss to all of us and the future people trying to quit smoking will be devastating.

  24. Why does the government always have to shit on everyone's good time? Fuckin' cunts.

  25. Probably one of the best video's released since the FDA announcement. Well said buddy.

  26. The 1 dislike is a tobacco VP

  27. We cunts need to stick together

  28. Thank you for supporting us all the way from Australia brother.

  29. vape market now on the dark web

  30. Whoever disliked this ; please fucking die. Thanks

  31. Well said.

  32. Good on ya Mate!! the shite going on in OZ is even worse sadly.

  33. fda is threatening the cigar industry just as bad or worse so its not just vape they are in war with right now

  34. Wise words Bogan. From the "mouth to lungers" to the "cloud chasers" all us vapsters no matter which country we come from or walk of life we come from must unite against the outright tyrannical vaping legislation being implemented by our goverments and the tobacco companies / corporations who influence our politicians policy making decisions. furthermore the many vaping celebrates from the entertainment industry (e.g. Leo and Tom) should be using their fame to help the cause !!!!

  35. Are there any vaping YouTubers from Europe that have spoke about the TPD with information on what to do? I only know DJLsb Vapes and Vaping Biker, but neither of them have made a video regarding the regulations and another, Vaping With Vic said the battle is over, basically he's not advocating or anything because we've already lost according to him. Europe just doesn't seem to give a shit about challenging the TPD.

    There were supposedly only 26k vapers who signed some petition stating their opposition to the TPD. I only started vaping 6 weeks ago today, so it's not surprising that I missed it, but I would seriously put down the lack of signatures down to lack of advertisement about said petition.

    I'm pretty sure there are groups mounting a legal challenge against the TPD and need a bit of help (and this phase also seems to be lacking a voice(s)), but if all Europe has is defeatist cunts like Vaping With Vic, who actually made a video saying it was over before the fucking TPD 2016 was finalised, then fuck it, I'm off lol… Bogan, fancy a room mate?

  36. Nice work Sam….keep the fight happening

  37. Hand Write your 2 Senator and Congressional Representative NOW.
    Here is a sample letter for your consideration:

    Dear Senator/Representative ___________:

    I am writing this letter about the FDA deeming regulations that were published on May 10, 2016. These regulations will:
    1. Economically devastate the vape community. It will eliminate 99.9% of all products currently on the market and drive 99.9% of the vape shops out of business
    2. Black Market. People will make their own liquid just like in prohibition. Mistakes will be made and people will get injured. The FDA Regs will cause more damage to public Health then helping.
    3.Eliminate Choice. By banning 99.9% of all vape products, you are eliminating my freedom to choose. I will NEVER use a Big Tobacco product EVER again. My choice will always be small to medium size business for my vapor supplies.
    4. Lifestyle. The Government cannot eliminate a lifestyle. The Govt. tried in the past and did not work (Same Sex/Prohibition/Marijuana). Vaping is here to stay. The Govt can either regulate it to death and collect no tax revenue or enact reasonable regulation and participate in a growing industry that will financially benefit Federal, State and Local Governments.

    I implore you to support HR2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment in the Agricultural Appropriations Bill. These bills will allow existing vape products to remain on the market and move the grandfather/predicate date to the date of the finalized FDA Regs. Supporting these bills will support jobs and the economy in my state. Your support on these Bills will allow me to support you in your upcoming election.

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