FDA Regulation of GMO Labeling

however in july of this heat last year in july of 2016 there was an act of congress asked and that has in many ways who preceded the fda regulation so i change the title just to give this a broader perspective and i am going to be discussing the act of congress the law that was passed in july of 2016 that will come at the end of the presentation but i just wanted to clarify that in case anyone was confused by the title of the slide alright so today is discussion is about mandatory GMO labeling at its implementation if you go to the presentation outline i'm going to be discussing the status of GMOs in the US fda is position on GMOs and genetically engineered foods the FDA biotechnology policy and consultation program worldwide GMO labeling regulations state initiatives from the vermont labeling law Devon GMO labeling law and I'm going to also discuss two very important bills HR 1599 which was the original proposed bill to override state labeling laws and last but not least in July 2016 compromise TMO label and built which is the law that I was referring to its beginning and is now in effect I always like to start with references if you go to the next slide you'll see a list of useful references that I think you will find helpful if any of you are interested in gym i'll label endings are references to fda policies on genetically engineered foods fda guidance documents particularly their target registry on voluntary labeling and also on the FDA's statement

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