FDA nutritional label requirements and claims for New Fda Labeling

hey guys it's Damian from marketing food online I hope you guys are having another great day as always FDA and your food nutritional labeling guidelines I wanted to do a video I wanted to show you this specific link that will help you understand exactly what the FDA requires allows and offers you as far as what you can claim on your label if it happens to be a health product if it happens to be of a nutritional value if it happens to be a product that could benefit someone's health you need to understand what you actually can and cannot put on a label and then how that works so I wanted to walk you through this really quick and what I'll do is I'm actually going to leave the link for this down in the description below and you can do a little bit more research on it for yourself so I'm gonna run through this kind of briefly I just wanted to let you be aware of this and this is a great resource now some of the stuff I'm gonna show you is actually quite a bit of reading but to be honest with you it is well worth the time just take a few minutes sit down and take a look at this information because it will help you understand your label creation and then what is allowed to be put on it so when you go to the site it is of course the FDA gov on the left side here you'll have the handful of topics that you can actually go over and take a look at okay this one in particular that I just opened the page with is the label claims the front of the package labeling initiative okay and then the nutritional facts labeling program and materials this is great by the way this bar right here and then of course all the way down through here and these are types of claims this is going to give you the definitions okay and then of course the guidance regulatory information for these types of claims now there are different types of claims there are some claims that are health claims some our nutrient based and you can take a look at these individually for yourself what I want to do is is I wanted to show you the nutritional there it is alright now nutritional facts labelled programs and materials so in 2016 actually the FDA just a couple years ago they redid the actual label the way it's laid out and then also some of the information has changed slightly as far as how you've displayed on the label okay so right here is the changes to the nutritional facts label and I'm going to go over that in just one second okay but I just wanted to scroll down here and show you guys all of the resources the believe or not this FDA website is is loaded with resources it by the way if you're wanting to get into pharmaceutical armor suta Kohl's you can check here animal veterinarian cosmetic labeling tobacco products and vaccines etc all of that stuff is right here it's a load of information it's it's really interesting so scroll down here a couple extra resources too there's an educational resource library this has articles and information that is really useful as well for labeling more on the labeling and nutrition of your products here okay and then guidance and regulations here okay so whatever it is that you want to learn more about or know more of so you can label your product properly you need to check that out and of course really quick I'll show you some of the options if you find an article in here that's really interesting something you want to keep on hand of course you can email it you can add it to your social media or you can print it some of the stuff myself I actually print that I go back over and read it it's really interesting and it's definitely important to be on top of what you can and can't do of course with your label I get questions like this all the time here on my youtube channel so that I'm from this information on the website will perfectly explain to you exactly what is recommended by the FDA now go down through here it will talk to you about so it'll break this down into kind of mini smaller versions of each part of the label like for instance sodium how to take a look at the sodium what's required for that some other items here is nutrient and fact sheets these are really quick kind of quick reads if you want that'll show you some information specifically about labeling again based upon your needs if you're trying to understand a certain topic okay and then they have multimedia some of the stuff comes in the form of videos which is really great if you don't want to sit here reading and you want to just listen to it it's great as well but all of these resources and even more additional resources some online books and things here okay so label claims let me go back up here really quick and then let me show you this right here label claims for conventional foods and dietary this is what I would recommend you read okay first off before any of this other other information take a look at this because this will explain to you because like I mentioned before I get a ton of questions about somebody wants to create a health product and you want to claim that it gives you more energy burns fat you know all of these things are considered health claims but you have to depending upon the type of claim that you're going to make on the label you need to get in writing you need to send away for an FDA approval to allow you to use those terms based on the ingredients and the product itself okay and it's super important because you don't want to make a claim on a product and then have a consumer filed a complaint to the FDA about your claim and it doesn't do that because it just creates a big problem so and by the way the most important part of all of this this entire art this article right here is going to be right here okay make sure you read this as you go through and then read the rest of it because it tells you the definition of what they claim is a health claim okay so definitely I actually worked with a company one of marketing for the lines started it was about a year and a half ago we we actually worked with the company that had a beverage it was a beverage company and they wanted to clarify the health claims on their packaging so I explained to them I brought them to this website and I showed them and I also explained to them what you can and can't put on there so they understood it because the way that it was worded you have to be careful of the types of words you use when you make health claims so this right here breaks that down and then of course you can go through the rest of the information and all of this information is super important and again it's a it's not a ton of reading it's just a little bit of a little bit of reading here okay so definitely keep that in mind these are some great resources take a few minutes and find out what information is important to the product that you're making here okay plus there's just a lot of other general information and resources that take you to great articles about foods and how you can properly label them so I thought this would be something that you guys could definitely use and it's a great resource to have on hand so if it of course helps you out as always I'm going to keep this one short and sweet do give me a big thumbs up and I appreciate you guys again subscribing in all of your great comments and feedback I do appreciate that and if you know anybody that could benefit from market food online please let them know if it's a family or friend and I look forward to seeing you guys on the next video thanks

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  1. Do you have experience with supplement labels and the FDA – Such as Pre workouts, amino acids, ect

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