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hey guys it's Demian again from marketing put online as always I hope you're having a great day so FDA labeling guide what exactly is that and why is that important to you and what is it about the FDA food labeling that is so challenging to understand and follow so I want to go through this resource I'm super excited to bring this to you and I'm actually going to put the link for the FDA website that I'm going to specifically show you this is a labeling guide and it's I'm going to walk you through it just a little bit through it I don't wanna get too too deep into it because it is quite extensive but I want to explain what it is I want to also explain how it works and how this information is crucial very vital for your understanding of how to label your food product and as you guys know I'm always looking out for you guys to try to bring your resources to help you along the way in order to develop your food business or your food product and if you are looking to label your food product correctly and follow the guidelines set up by the FDA then this video is going to be an enormous resource for you okay so I'm gonna head to Google if you wanted to type this in FDA food labeling guide okay type that into Google and this page will pop up with these search results now the one that's important that you need to know and again don't worry about it if you can't find this one I'm actually gonna put the link directly in the description so you don't you're not gonna get confused but I just want to show you how I found it and more importantly the keywords that I typed in in order to find it okay that's the most important part of it so right down here this PDF file a food labeling guide FDA click on that let's give it one second to come up it is it takes a little bit of time to low by computers actually fast but this document is a hundred and thirty two pages now am I going to ask you or expect it to you sit there and read through hundred thirty two pages absolutely not but over time you can come to this read a little bit about it see which one applies to your food product because it's going to show you a lot of variations on food labels so really quick just show you the table of contents let me get down here here we go okay take a look so this thing is going to cover a bit of course a brief introduction background general food labeling requirements the name of the food that content quantity etc etc so take some time like I said on your own go through this don't feel overwhelmed 132 pages I'm a huge avid reader I can actually sit here honestly and read all of this myself just because I enjoy reading but if you're different and you know you want to take a little bit of time to read a little bit each day do that but just know that this information is amazing it's great so let me show you the specifically the part that I want you to see okay so this is the first beginning stages here general food labeling requirements this actually is going to give you some fantastic pictures and explanations the reason why I say this resource is so valuable is because this is really great stuff it shows you how to label depending on their packaging there is literally a limitless amount of packaging styles you can do bags you could have it in a can circular square rectangular you can even just have it wrapped in cellophane believer not in plastic wrap when I worked for the big retailer that I worked for for about eight years managing the deli department we actually had a vendor who had brownies believe it or not they were literally plastic wrap saran wrap with a label on it and that was completely fine so all right so now you go through this list here it's going to show you and explain to you what is expected on the panels okay now as you scroll down it's gonna show you variation of packaging styles so again this is important to all of you who subscribe obviously to my channel because you have over you all have a variety of different ways that you want to package a product this is going to break it down for you okay just understand don't be afraid of the FDA in regards to maybe not knowing how to how to label a product don't be apprehensive about creating a food product because you just don't know what is supposed to be on there I don't want to violate the law understand this the FDA simply creates a guide of what they would expect on a package there's not some FDA FBI FBI agent or something there's some FDA agent that's going to come banging on your door when you don't properly label something now with that being said you want to just make sure you just go through here you understand the guidelines so you can properly inform your consumer it's really about guys not being afraid of not knowing what is needed but it's really about as the FDA just wants everybody to be safe they want consumers to know what is in your package what's on it what's in it how is it made and all that good stuff what I mean by that is that you just want to make sure you cover your allergen statements your nutritional labeling the ingredient lists all of that stuff just to inform the customer that's really what it's about so don't be afraid of it just educate yourself when you understand and you've got the knowledge of what they expect and how the packaging should be you're fine you're good to go so the reason why I said that I do of course a lot of consulting work and I've helped launched dozens and dozens of companies have actually worked me I've had the fortunate opportunity to help out a lot of people since I've had marketing food online and the one thing that I see a lot of my clients ask about and they're so kind of leery and kind of iffy and scared of is what about the labeling am i doing it right is it this is wrong it's not a question of doing it right or wrong it's simply making sure your label has all of the information the consumer needs to make a decision an intelligent way okay ingredients allergens Express explain to them what it is Express it on the label that's it okay so so now as you go through here and again I'm not gonna go through the hundred thirty two pages but as you scroll down it gives a wonderful examples it shows you about packaging size about net weight what's expected on the label this resource is really truly fantastic and I don't mean to scroll fast through it but I just want to talk briefly about what else is included so as you go through here things like what ingredient listing is necessary for chemical preservatives okay you know how are spices and quote natural flavors and artificial flavors declared how do you actually declare that on a label if you're using an artificial preservatives an a chiral ingredients whatever it is go through you it literally goes question by question as literally everything you could potentially ask din if you had someone from the FDA sitting next to you and ask some questions these are all the questions that you could potentially ask them so great resource and as I always try to do I want my video to be short and sweet to the point take a look at this use it as a reference guides if you're in the process of developing a food product and you're kind of not sure you're on the fence about you know maybe I want to add this ingredient but do I have to state that on there or do I have to add it if I put a preservative you know there's I'm not a really big on preservatives myself but if you do use a preservative how do you label it so this is a resource that is worth its weight in gold take some time look at it I thought I'd bring it to you because I thought it would be useful I think it I found it to be extremely helpful in understanding when it comes to labeling so with that being said I'll wrap it up check the link below this is by the way it's not an affiliate link or anything like that the FDA link is just to the government website I don't get a dollar if you click on the link so does it click on the link and and take a look at the the information on this fantastic guide and then let me know what you think down below if you take a look at this and get back another week or so give me a comment let me know if it was really helpful which of course that's the whole objective of what I bring you guys as resources so with that being said I'll wrap it up and again yeah if you know any friends or family who could benefit I appreciate everyone who shared my videos with friends or if you have a family member who's wanting to start a food business check out the FDA guide this guide is great and I'll see you guys on the next video take care


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  2. This is a huge resource for every one of my subscribers this explains much of what is needed to know about labeling a food product !

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