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the FTA delays another deadline yet again the FDA announced Tuesday that the requirement for manufacturers to submit ingredient listings is postponed again large-scale manufacturers now must submit by May 8 2008 een and those under 150 employees have until November 8 2018 it sounds good however it can be frustrating for a manufacturer who spent a lot of time and money to meet the deadline this just goes to show how the FDA really doesn't care about the regulations what do you think about the situation Taiwan will ban all vaping products Taiwan is strengthening its ban on e-cigarettes and lawmakers claim the ban will protect teenagers from smoking what's the fine for this infraction while manufacturing or importing vapes is set at 50-thousand to 250,000 new Taiwan dollars if you are fined at the fullest extent that's nearly 10 thousand US dollars so think twice before bringing your bake to Taiwan you are going to love the newer Avenger X by vapor Esso vapor uh so only recently entered the high-powered sub owned vaping category but they are not letting this slow them down the most noticeable improvement on the new revenger x is the user interface and while everything is pretty much identical to the original revenger mod it is already a great device and so is this mod say hello to the new Visnjic CB 60 it was only a matter of time before new Nick's alt devices would hit the market and of course was make his first in line Nik salt-based eliquid is going to be the next big thing in vaping which means new Knick salt mods are coming soon the new whiz Moxxi b60 is created specifically for the new trend affordable and compact this mod is going to be a hit a new study shows smokers use vaping to quit smoking once again data shows that smokers who use vapes are more likely than other smokers to quit cigarettes researchers say that smokers who vape are three-and-a-half more times likely to try quit than non vaping smokers for more information on the new study and more helpful evidence about vaping check out vaping 360 calm alright guys this week's giveaway is sponsored by dinner lady one grand prize winner will receive a new ps4 fifa 2018 bundle and vape dinner lady a juice for runner-ups will also win some of dinnerladies famous and delicious a juice want to join in on the giveaway go to vaping 360 calm slash vape – giveaways for a chance to win that's all we have for today guys don't forget to like fall and subscribe and check out vaping 360 calm for vaping news and more every day


  1. Based on my understanding is that you are not allowed to sell vape but it doesn't say that you are not allowed to use

  2. Taiwan's gov doesn't know how to get the tax money from vaping so they just ban it all. Pure laziness! They should ban betelnut, but they get a lot of tax from that and the people would protest. Perhaps Taiwanese should protest.

  3. First! Taiwan is confused….

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