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to federal agency is the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission send warning letters to vaping companies over concerns that their products are illegally marketed to children welcome back to what's trending I'm Martine Biermann make sure to subscribe for more social media news every single day the letter from the FDA to companies like candy Co a liquid says that their products contain labeling and/or advertising that causes them to imitate food products particularly ones that are marketed towards and/or appealing to children and a quick look at the packaging confirms it's specifically designed to imitate candy and juice the product one mad hit from the company Mad Hatter juice appears pretty egregious in its resemblance to a tree top apple juice box for kids and these products aren't particularly new either reviews for one mad hit for example go back to 2016 and the critics aren't shocked at the similarity to kids products you have a straw and then on the straw it says no straw needed because this juice doesn't suck the box even says things like a juice box a day keeps the doctor away though the nutritional facts are obviously honest that the product contains nicotine and no real apples FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is pretty passionate about this issue he told reporters you look at the lollipop for example I don't see how my four or five year old doesn't look at that and then see a lollipop it's a lollipop not product by the way the twirly pop comes with a real lollipop when you buy it other products targeted by the FDA are vay ped sour smurf sauce candy king sour worms whipped strawberry pink sticks and vanilla cookies and milk which come on it looks just like a box of Nilla wafers are golden Oreos which at first looking at it I think looks kind of cute but then if you think about it that is exactly what kids are drawn to Jameson Rogers VP of business development for the company that makes one mad hit said the products are not intended for children he told NPR we definitely didn't intend to position it as a product that would appeal to anybody who wasn't of legal smoking age sure cuz no cigarette company has ever done an ad that appeals to everyone who may possibly have some extra cash in their pocket and Nick warned her the owner of lifted liquids said the vape ads product was designed to play to adults in the stall juh for sour warheads he also says that they've in steps to address the packaging because they've continually now seen it as a problem you have a product and you want to market it you understandably want to make it as appealing as possible to as many people as possible and I don't know about you but if I see something sweet on the Shelf of the supermarket in bright colors that's the first thing my eye catches and the first thing I go to but unfortunately in this instance it's the same situation for kids of course they want to go towards the bright juice box which they know from home or the cookie which their mom puts in their lunchbox so then to dress a product up in bright colors and make it something visually appealing to kids is dangerous so I'm really glad that this is being addressed now despite I moved several years back to make packaging more child resistant experts say liquid nicotine exposure still poses a risk to kids my Children's Hospital says from 2012 to 2017 there was an average of four calls a day to poison control centers about nicotine exposure some children suffered seizures comas and one child died though there's no evidence that any of the products mentioned were responsible for making children sick experts say it doesn't take much ingested vape liquid to cause respiratory arrest or seizures and children I mean they're kind of poisonous to anyone if swallowed but children are the ones most likely to see these packages and think they're a drinkable candy what do you guys think have a juice company's been able to just run wild with their marketing let us know in the comments and for more trends head to what's trending com


  1. Why is a 4 and 5 year old lookin at this stuff and how do they have extra cash ??

  2. It appeals to fucking adults too them flavors and a minor can legally vape or smoke in the United States they just can’t buy it they can consume it it’s legal for them too and they just can’t buy it

  3. So what about cake vodka or cotton candy flavored vodka?? Oh that's right alcohol gets a pass…

  4. Fuck big tobacco!

  5. You guys are stupid. You have to be 18+ to buy these in a store. How could a child get their hands on this stuff?? Sure they may see it online but they would have to use their parents information to order it. And by that point the parents are to blame. If they dont realize that the stuff isnt ok to injest by then, its just natural selection. This is overall equivilent to people freaking out over putting something "apealing to children" on an alcohol bottle. I think people are just against vaping and are atempting to stop it

  6. Why would a child be in a vape shop anyways??? They don’t sell these products in grocery stores or convenient stores. Big Tobacco is paying big money to sabotage the vaping industry!! I am 33 and I personally love the nostalgia of some of these juices. They are not directed towards kids and if you think they are you’re just dumb, cause kids don’t even see these products unless they of age to purchase them.

  7. Imagine accidentally drinking one of those. So nasty.

  8. come on now do they want teenagers to vape or smoke i mean they going to do what ever they want to do no matter what they say or do i mean they're not 3 or 4 years olds no package is going to stop them no matter what it looks like or what they smells like

  9. Horrid
    Educate your children.

  10. Just take care of your god dam child

  11. The Same Thing Can Be Said About Tide Pods

  12. I work in & am part-owner of a vape shop. This is absolutely ridiculous. Vapes themselves & the juices are classified as a tobacco product & you must be 18 to purchase (some places even 21). Children aren't even permitted inside our store without a parent. I could see their point if you could simply walk into a grocery store & grab the item from the shelf yourself. But in vape shops (the ones in Maryland, anyway) the items are behind the counters, no different than cigarettes.

    All vape juices already have child-safe caps. In my opinion, once it leaves our store, it is up to the parent to store their juice bottles in a safe place away from their kids. Same as any other product that is sold & could be deemed unsafe (prescription/OTC drugs, cleaning products, weapons, etc.)

    The government is simply anti-vaping because they make so much money from cigarette sales. It's truly unfortunate that they'd rather people smoke & get cancer..

  13. what grocery store can you buy vape at? jesus christ fda = fucking deranged agenda

  14. your 4 or 5 year old isn't allowed in the freaking store.

  15. Maybe these people should stop letting their 5 year olds shop online by themselves and grabbing anything in a smoke store.
    Lol.. Maybe they should focus on the cleaning products that are in juice bottles. Such things are banned in other countries.

    Hmm.. Thinking about this further, this is a consumer issue. If you purchase a candy looking vape juice and know kids will be around, that on you to put it away safely. It's unfortunate when manufacturers have to make changes because people are too stupid to take these precautions on their own.

  16. people inside the vaping community have been trying to persuade companies to not have child appealing branding on their own. the vaping legion's blacklist has been trying to get companies to change their ways for a year or two now.

  17. …marketed to kids… but can kids even buy them to begin with?

  18. GSW Blew A 3-1 lead

  19. how's a kid supposed to buy this tf??? and why is candy just for kids??? where's the parents? this is so mf stupid

  20. Tell me when you are every going to see vape juices on a shelf of a Walmart or at the checkout line of a supermarket store??? You have to enter a shop for vaping then be ID if you are 21, if it really markets towards kids then little kids dont have a credit or debit card to go online and purchase anything without their parents. Its a cool spinoff of awesome candies you had when you are a kid but now u are an adult and whats wrong with seeking cool packages like that when kids cant even come close to it without parental advisory.

  21. Lol it's always been like this

  22. I don’t see the big deal. They’re not advertised on TV or other media directed at kids, and kid can’t just walk into a smoke shop and buy one if they’re under the age of 18. If a parent is irresponsible and leaves their juice out and a child drinks it then that burden of accountability is on the parent. I’m not even a smoker, it just annoys me that the government is over extending their reach into areas that are unimportant when we have real shit happening in our country that needs immediate attention. Get the kids in Flint, Michigan clean drinking water and the worry about novelty vape juice.

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