FDA chief: Looking to regulate nicotine in cigarettes


  1. Leave smoker's alone! Smokers aren't all to blame. We don't go around starting wildfires. Climate change isn't going to be positively affected by forcing people to quit smoking. My life, my choice as an adult to live as I see fit. My freedom as an American. No I'm not harming children, I don't have any. Go inspect the Chinese chickens we are getting from them for our beef…

  2. Why is epipen so expensive? It is just epinephrine (adrenaline).

  3. Idn , might be good as a smoker i quit for 3 months and just smelled it and went to buy some. Poor me i know but nicotine is more powerful than cocain.

  4. So they can poison us with gmo's in our food, but they want to regulate tabbaco..lol Yeah, that's government for ya.

  5. So Canada is legalizing cannabis and the US is wanting to regulate cigarettes. Figures

  6. Fuck these Sally asses, kids will just smoke cigarettes. Commounists

  7. Ugh….would they limit the amount of THC allowed in marijuana? Yup. Don't let the gov get big enough to do this…to over reaching.

  8. keep government out of our business.

  9. Where do we go to get fitted for our government appointed helmets, knee and elbow pads??????????

  10. Lay off tobacco cutting it back or getting rid of it is meens nothing with all the crap in the world with volcanos going off you could stop Cole n tabacco And gas and it would do nothing one volcano going off would cancel out any. So called Gabe you would make pharmacies are corrupt greedy people who care only about the profits bad health gives them

  11. Abolish the FDA

  12. All while the FDA is trying to get Kratom, a natural plant that gets people off of an opium addiction, listed as a schedule 1. And our soldiers in Afghanistan are guarding the opium fields so "progress" continues. Our government has no incentive to help the people. The war on drugs, guns, terror or whatever is really just a war on We the People. We had the right to put into and do to our own bodies whatever we wanted to as long as we didn't cause harm to someone else. Now you can't do anything without some permit or license(permission). This is just flipping madness. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave has turned into land of the FEE and home to the SLAVE.

  13. Abolish the FDA.

  14. Vaping is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard of.

  15. Just a way to tax ecigs..fuck off.

  16. More government over reach.

  17. If you lessen the nicotine people will just smoke more… basicly you are killing them faster

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