FDA/CDER’s Small Business and Industry Assistance (SBIA) Program

the journey to develop and market a human drug can be long complex and filled with regulations but FDA seeder small business and industry assistance or SBI a is here to help SBI a provides education and answers to help all regulated pharmaceutical industries not just small business all over the world what do we offer web resources for all your questions and training needs the popular regulatory education for industry or ready conferences free events that offer direct interaction with FDA subject matter experts and provides RAC credits we offer free webinars to share FDA's knowledge and expertise featuring live question-and-answer sessions video and audio archives and virtual attendants from anywhere in the world we publish the seeder SBI a chronicle a brief a newsletter and podcasts that highlight a specific and timely regulatory topic and we offer in-depth feed or learn web based learning tutorials stay current by signing up for our listserv or connect via LinkedIn and best of all everything is free

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