FDA Announces New E Cigarette Regulations

the Food and Drug Administration has announced a new series of regulations to control East cigarettes and cigars other tobacco products will also be affected by these new rulings the FDA already regulated cigarettes bulk and smokeless tobacco the new announcement extends their power to control electronic cigarettes hookahs and all pipe tobacco under the new regulation purchasers of any of these products will need to be at least 18 years old in some states may establish higher age limits the agency will also need to approve any advertising claim to reduce risk of tobacco use free samples from tobacco manufacturers and distributors would be prohibited in all companies selling tobacco products will need to register with the FDA the FDA regulations are subject to a 75 day waiting period during which the agency will collect feedback from the public tobacco sales from vending machines will be prohibited packaging for all affected products will be required warning users of health risks when new rules go into effect warnings about addiction would be the only mandatory label on e-cigarettes vaporizers contain a small amount of nicotine in a liquid form and when a user presses a button a sample is heated up until some of the material converts into vapor these devices have not yet been subject to federal regulation in a situation which FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has described as the wild wild west the government official worries that e-cigarettes might be a gateway to other harmful tobacco products for young people according to the Centers for Disease Control during February there are 215 calls to poison centers nationwide involving East cigarettes just over 100 of these calls involved minors Hamburg told the press there are roughly 80 million people under the age of 19 living in the United States and 42 million adult smokers the FDA Commissioner stated quote we think that there's a lot of information that needs to be understood about e-cigarettes and their use or trying to help provide some of that information through research that we're conducting


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  2. The FDA allows us consume unhealthy chemicals every day in our food. This affects more Americans than tobacco ever will!

  3. We aim to work with the FDA to prove that Vaping is safe. It will take us all working together not against each other.

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  5. Rip trippers and some other top Vape reviewers has setup a website for to step up and speak out to the FDA www.freetovape.org

  6. The FDA. Federal delusional Association. Snakes..
    Slicing into your profits!! Ha ha ha Lolllllol lLOLOllllollolLLOlOllollll

  7. +NextNewsNetwork I hope u guys look further into this. If these proposals go through lots of people and businesses will go out of business. I make my own e liquid and if I was going to sell what I make here's what I have to do. Get a lawyer cuz if I screw up the app and leave anything blank or incorrectly fill it out then it's tossed out and have to do it again. I would get no refund on the application fee either. Let's I want to apply for one of my simple single flavored liquids. I'd get a lawyer and that's costs money plus let's say for example purposes $1,500 app fee and $1500 per ingredient. Which contains VG PG nic and one flavoring=$7,500 and now I have to submit each milligram I carry and that's 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 so total cost for one flavor would be $66,000 and no way that most of these small liquid makers with all the different flavors they have could even pay that much. I hope u read your comments thank you 🙂

  8. When drinking alcohol was banned, the mafia started.  I wonder what will happen if smoking is also banned.  Hmmmm..

  9. They are just trying to figure out how to tax e-cigs like tobacco.

  10. Why do you keep saying tobacco? Just a thought, but how about doing a little research into what you are reporting…

  11. It's so ridiculous that you can't even smoke an e-cig inside your own car at a computer / camera operated bank teller drive up! I know, they're all hating us for our freedom here in the USSA.

  12. cause as long as the gov can "regulate/tax" it somehow makes it "safe"

  13. have all the mind, mood and thought altering drugs your doctor can tell you to take to feel better, but e cigs are dangerous!

  14. Regs regs everywhere, but not a drop of good to be found.

  15. This is only the beginning, e-Cigs are getting popular and cutting into tax revenues, so they can't have that. 

    I made the switch over to e-cigs a year ago and haven't touched a cigarette since.  I smell better, breathe easier, and my teeth are white again.

  16. Yet another "gateway" myth from those loving agents so zealously protecting us.

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