FDA 2014 – ANTI-CIGAR REGULATIONS – Famous Smoke Shop Video

today I'm here not only on behalf of famous smoke shop but the entire premium cigar industry here's the reality guys many of our freedoms and privileges are being stripped away in the US by legislators who feel that they know what's best for us in other words they're trying to save us from ourselves but I sure as hell don't need to be saved do you the world of tobacco is under attack absorbing in taxes and draconian small gun laws just to name a few and the cigar industry faces some of the most serious threats imaginable including extinction you've been hearing this for a couple of years now and it's true the US government wants the FDA to intervene and oversee the cigar industry and regulate it the way that they do with cigarettes the cigar industry by nature is a completely different product than cigarettes and the FDA's intrusion could become fatal for the past time that we all love well the time has finally come where a decision will be made what's taken so long are the typical bureaucratic layers that this is all gone through but now it's time to fish or cut bait the FDA has sent its proposed regulations to the Office of Management and Budget the very last step before regulations are enacted the OMB are the people who assist the president and executing his policies and programs and now they're in the final stages of deciding on what kind of control that the FDA is actually allowed to have over the cigar industry so here's a little to-do list of the atrocities that the feds want to inflict upon the lifestyle that we all love so dearly now one of their goals is to control the blending process of cigars which can cause cigar makers to take years to bring a new stick to market they want to control the nicotine content affecting the strength of cigars they want to ban walk-in humidors can you believe that while disallowing you to smell and ogle over your favorite smokes they want shop owners to keep their cigars in in a back room where they'll only be able to show you the selection from catalogue sheets they actually want to ban cigar box art and labels something that's become iconic a part of our industry for hundreds of years and they want to ban all mail order of cigars the residual effect could also bring about 80,000 plus job losses to the people right here in our industry and to that i say yikes guys me be blunt the big picture here is scarier than a Rosie O'Donnell lingerie show and the residual effects are far worse these people really have no clue about the lifestyle that we love and what cigars me to us and worse yet they don't care famous smoke shop has certainly done its share in the fight to preserve this industry including intense backing of the lobbyist group cigar rights of America and we're also huge supporters of the trade organizations the cigar association of america and the IPC PR famous has been vigilant in fighting to protect cigars and your right to smoke them and we will continue to do so listen guys if you care about your rights as a cigar smoker you owe it to yourself to visit the CRA s website cigar rights org where you can see firsthand what's really happening in your state now if you're like me you're going to want to contact your state reps via email or phone to let them know exactly how you feel about the FDA's intrusion on the cigars that you love so moving forward we'll keep you informed on any and all decisions made concerning the FDA and any possible new taxes and laws involving cigar smoking and rest assured we will continue to fight to protect your cigars and your rights as a smoker I'm Tom easy man for famous smoke shop and in the words of a patriotic American named John Paul Jones I have not yet begun to fight we have not yet begun to fight


  1. "if we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy." – Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Cooper, November 29, 1802

  2. will you still process international orders if the situation goes sour?

  3. will you still process international orders if the situation goes sour?

  4. What happened on 5-5-2016 is pure tyranny ! The 4th branch of government are the regulatory agencies (We're supposed to only have three). Nobody voted for these liberal bureaucrats ! This behemoth of a government is out of control; Article 5 of the Constitution (Convention of the States) is our only hope. This was THE only way Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Congress, the Supreme Court and the Presidency didn't solve that overreach, it was the Convention of the States that put those progressives in their place…

  5. Well today is the day where the shit hit the fan. Screw the FDA. It's my decision not yours!

  6. The thing is once they get their hands in the pot, by taxing, they're never happy. It's tax, tax, tax. I am very much on the Liberal side of politics, but I like my guns, whisky, and cigars, and the govt. can keep their filthy hands off of them!

  7. I don't mean to be rude about this at all but I have to point something out that a lot of people are missing (its been bugging me for a while). Not every state/city/town is like Tampa Florida or Pennsylvania in terms of cigar freedoms or taxes or smoking bans. Not every state or cigar store has a wonderful walk in humidor or self service, not every place allows flavored cigars/tobacco. Massachusetts and northern US is a great example…we (meaning me at my local smoke shop) pay at least $5.00 per cigar some are over $40, MA has a state wide self service ban already and has it for years and the only way stores can be self serviced is if they are 18+ or 21+ (in the case of certain towns and cigar bars) most cigar stores in MA keep their cigars in locked cases and have been doing this for years, Providence RI has a city wide ban on flavored tobacco as well as many other cities in the northern US, we pay out of our ass in taxes on ALL TOBACCO including: cigarettes ($8.00+), dip ($7 – $10+) R.Y.O ($45+ depending on the amount of tobacco) and we pay for a good damn decent cigar $13.00+ I have only been in one walk in humidor in my life which was the size of a closet and to boot the store clerk had to be in the humidor with you (granted that was at a liquor store) the point is NOT every state has wonderful free cigar rights with taxes as low as .25 cents on cigars and there are plenty of states/cities/towns that are pretty much basically FDA/Canadian model already if you catch my drift….including my own…GRR…$#@^!!!!(No I'm not mad I love Massachusetts, hate hot weather and bugs down south LOL)

  8. If only we could convince the FDA that cigars are a homeopathic cure for something …. that they never regulate!!!

  9. First they force us to enjoy cigars in concentrated places like cigars lounges (Which I don;t really mind), but now they also want to control how we enjoy the actual product?! Here's a thought, if you're in a cigar lounge is not by mistake. You actually want to immerse your self in the cigar hobby without any type of stereotypes. So do us a favor politicians, mind you're damn business!

  10. Very well said brother.  Very scary chit.  Very sad.  If they only did a tenth of what they did to the cigarette industry it will destroy the cigar world.  Sadly alot of the pressure and monies are also coming from cigarette industry because people are going to cigars now.  Good job Tommy and Famous!

  11. Well said Sir!

  12. Guys, I've read on some of the forums that "some" think that this video is filled with over the top conjecture & I'm here to tell you that it's NOT & we need to get ramped up as a community to fight for our rights. I've spent a lot of time with CRA director, Glynn Loope & many of the manufacturers & the threat is REAL & NOTHING in this piece is puffery (pun not intended.) Do your research… it's real…

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