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  1. My experience contacting the number given in the description

    1. Ease of placing an order – 8/10
    2.behavior – 10/10
    3. Originality of suppliment – 10/10
    4. Helpfulness – 9/10 – please I want to share this part of my experience in Indian market I'm really impressed..
    ( a.
    I am from illinois Chicago, didn't have much idea about Indian market,this man guided me over the phone with all respect and interest.. oh yeah I was not even ordering from him

    B. Got a fake suppliment from a shop in Delhi.. again contacted this man he guided me with all his will never tried to endorse his shop )

    2. Later I had ordered DYMATIZE protien .. the delivery was free of cost , I had to go receive it from a guy near the metro station.. IT WAS GENUINE ! With a bill , the bar code matched and the Importer stamp ! Most importantly the powder inside is genuine!
    This is my personal experience !

    For anyone everyone who has suffered loss in this suppliment market I tried my luck here and I had good experience!

    Great Management, quick reply!

  2. Love you bro super dupper hit video

  3. Make a video on ESN mass gainer please

  4. Good work bro.

  5. Thanks for you

  6. Nice Bhai g

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