hey everyone welcome back I hope we're good today I'm gonna be showing you my favorite easy healthy meals to make number one is a big nice warm chicken salad so I start off by cutting some sweet potato up into tiny little chunks and sometimes I do more than I need because I can actually put it in the fridge and have it another day so I then put it in a dish and using some fry light I then cover it with a little few squirts to the liver then I take some curry powder some paprika and some garlic salt and I just cover it over just to give it so much flavor and then what I do is I use it all up together and I take it and I put it in the oven for about 30 minutes I normally take some Tomatoes some spring onion and some peppers I take a bag of salad and I put on the play and I put all the salad II bits together I do however take the peppers and I put them on the George Foreman because I love a grilled pepper then I take a meat rub I always get different types of these whatever's on offer work from feeling and I take a chicken breast and a rubber on this sometimes I don't use a whole packet at once but it's just good for adding so much flavor to some chicken or some meat or whatever your fancy I also then put that on the George Foreman and just grill everything together then when the sweet potato is done I put it on the plate or if I have any left over I'll put that in a Tupperware tub in the fridge I'll then cut up my chicken pop it on the salad and then add my peppers and voila are really filling warm salads which is delicious I love it next is my most anticipated sloka Zachary I start by chopping up some sweet potato and I normally kind of go with one per person one on a bit per person and I chop it up and I shove it in the slow cooker and then somehow open some chickpeas having long nails is so annoying and I pop a tin of that into the slow cooker as well I chop up an onion or two I normally go with two if there's more people I also somehow opened some coconut milk and shove that in there it was a couple of tins of chopped tomatoes and then I add the spices so obviously curry powder a few tablespoons of that then I go with some cumin and some coriander but to be honest this is where you can kind of get experimented and you can try different things it's totally up to you what you put in there spice wok because I put on all day I put it on low I then give it a little bit of a stir to make sure everything is combined and then I just leave it sometimes I start throughout the day depending if I'm in or not then this is where I get lazy I absolutely love this tilde microwave rice I know it's not the cheapest thing but I do normally bite when it's on offer but I absolutely love it because you get flavored Rice's you microwave it for two minutes so much easier than cooking right and then here we go so good so filling and I always have leftover so I can have it another day in the week next is super quick summer so I get my fish from the fish counter normally marinated as it tastes so much better and I also sometimes get a little wet bubbles as well and so I take the salmon and I cook it for around 2025 minutes it's so delicious and then I go to the freezer and I get my weakness these are my weakness on my guard they're quite cheap but they're steamed back and they are vegetables these are mine and Jason's favorite ones the green vegetable medley oh absolutely and they microwave for four and a half to five minutes so take no time at all and then again my favorite my tilde right and love the lemon and herbs it goes so well with salmon and I'll put that in the microwave for two minutes all done I cook this meal in under 25 minutes and it's really good and it's really filling and kind of fresh in it I love it that's one of my favorites next is dirty but not so dirty loaded chili fries and homemade guacamole and some sour cream so I take myself a bag of corn mints and I put this in the slow cooker so yeah this chili is slow-cooked as well but you can just do it on the hob if you if you want to and I stab it with us with some scissors just just separate it a bit and then I take an onion and I chop up an onion and then I take some pepper and chopped up some pepper and then I take some chopped tomatoes some passata and of course some kidney beans if I'm feeling lazy I would just buy a chili con carne spice mix but you can just buy spices separately but I like this one I wanted to use this one today and I pop it in on top of everything and then you just give it a nice little stir get everything combined together and I leave that on low as well I then make my fries chop up a sweet potato into bright shapes into little chips and then I put some foil out on a tray put them on the tray and then I just add some spices as well got some chips spiced enough selecting these little spices and like grubs and stuff it's my favorite thing to do and then some good garlic never that any of them thirty minutes for my back we're gonna chop up an onion pop that in the blender thing then I'll put in some tomatoes and then obviously of course we're gonna put in some avocado two avocados just to be safe to say you grow enough you know what am I and then I'm I will add a little bit of some insights so a little bit of lemon juice is always good a little bit of coriander again add some salt if you look of oil totally up to you what you do and then give it a roll then I put it in a little Tupperware tub because I'm not gonna use the whole thing tonight so you can use it up day it's great on toast never the sour cream natural yoghurt 0% put it in a bowl you might think this is rank but it's not serious it works add some paprika because yogurts quite sour it kind of works the sour cream and then shove it on a plate pile up that ship and this meal is so good it's so filling and you feel like you're having a dirty treat but really it ain't so bad then lastly iced coffee this ain't a meal but grab some good coffee some nice ground coffee and put it in the cafeteria I normally put about 3 or 4 big scoops of it in there and I feel the calf is here right to the top and then I'll just let it do its thing for a bit let it do a little bit of steering for a little bit and obviously push the little doo-dah down and then I will let it cool in the cup of tea air before I then pour it into a jug so this jug I got from a stirrer it fits nicely in the fridge door it's good little lid on it so I'll put that in there and then yeah then yeah I'll put it in the fridge and I'll leave it to cool down for ages and ages but what I want to serve it get a glass pop some ice in there pour it in and then I'll put my little metal straw in oh my god I can't believe how messy I am I've got things everywhere buddy I put my little metal store in beautiful and then I'll see why I'm so late here we go they are my favorite meals to cook that relatively healthy relatively quick and easy this I thought you might want to know so yeah happy cooking everyone thanks for watching bye


  1. Can you do more crockpot meals😍😍

  2. I cooked the slow cooker curry today and my husband and I LOVED IT! Thank you for sharing this 🥰

  3. Girl your microwave window is DIIIIIIIIIIIRTY XD !!!!

  4. I could watch these videos alllll day long, I love your accent and your sense of humor

  5. Yes! I've been waiting for this one 🙂 Going to have to bite the bullet and get a Foreman I think. And to people moaning about the portion sizes….thank god they can't see the plates in our house! x

  6. I'm a student and I'm about to eat SO GOOD this term

  7. How long do you leave the mince and other bits in the slow cooker for on low?

  8. I just realize I bought the same tiles you have in your kitchen for my new bathroom and it made me super happy 😀

  9. I love how your portions are actually realistic, like I‘d be starving and can‘t relate to what sizes YouTube’s usually show.

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  11. This all looks incredible 😍 you should try letting your coffee brew cold so add cold water instead of hot in the French press and leave it overnight it's less bitter brewed cold 👌🙌

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  13. Fantastic! They all look so tasty, thank you for sharing I was so curious 😀
    If you're looking for reducing your plastic consumption (expensive, very short use for a long life and not good for our environnement) it's very easy to cook tasty rice. I do a recipe tought by my corean neighbour:
    – rinse with hot water your basmati rice three times (it just takes four minutes, I swear)
    – then you leave just 1cm water above your rice and let it cook high temperature, once it's boiling you drop the heat at the smallest level and then wait 20min (I personnaly watch tv or instagram)
    – and voilà!
    It tastes so so good and you can buy basmati rice in bigger container for cheaper!

  14. Oh god I lived off those tilda rice things while I was studying for my med school exams. Was literally the highlight of my day. I love the lemongrass, coconut and chilli ones!

  15. What size is your slow cooker please xx

  16. in what universe are these portion sizes too big ?? haha she literally uses half a bag of rice in each one, which is the reccomended size, or one sweet potato each.. am i missing something .. the only one that looked a little big was the loaded fries but she said that it was meant to be a bit of a treat so who cares?? also i bet if you added up the calories it would still only be about 600 which really isnt bad for a dinner meal. im over youtube commenters

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  22. Tbh spices aren’t all that good for your body

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  25. Love the video Helen and love that there's a mix of options here! One thing that does scream out at me though is the amount of single use plastic!! I know there is a lot of individually packaged/plastic-gone-mad packaging in the UK, but would be interested to hear your thoughts on reducing plastic waste in grocery packaging! Love always xxx

  26. Man some of these comments are a pure joke! Helen I think you did a great job! What some people have failed to recognise is that a lot of people, especially in the UK, rely on easy ready to go oven meals to eat partly down to the fact that they may have no bloody time to cook and partly because they don't know how or are uninspired! This IS healthier than that stuff and I think, Helen, you did a great job at inspiring people to get in the kitchen and make something homemade, with plenty of veg, that tastes damn good. xx

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  35. I love this ! As someone who is trying to eat better but isn’t the worlds best cook and lives alone ,to see someone do recipes that aren’t too hard to follow and admit they struggle with certain thing (like rice!) and knowing you cook for just you or you and Josie rarther than spending hours cooking a huge posh dish that will feed a whole family,I feel like I can try this recipes and it’s not a million miles out of my league !

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