Fat Sims? Learn How The Sims 4 Manages Weight, Muscle and Fitness

Over the years I’ve seen plenty of people
complain about how their Sims get fat over time. Because of this I thought it’d be fun to do
some playtesting and see if some guidelines you read about preventing fat gain are really
true, mainly the idea to only eat when hungry. At the same time we’ll discover several little
known things about how The Sims handles fitness and fatness. We know The Sims 4 uses a calorie system for
foods, meaning some foods contribute to weight more than others. Calories in this case are completely irrelevant
to how filling a certain food is. Many high calorie items like cake are not
very filling compared to even a garden salad which is one of the best foods, both in terms
of value and in reducing insurance claims from fire. However it’s not as filling as spaghetti. What people will notice is their Sims get
fat, despite the players only eating when their Sims are hungry. This is due to the game’s calorie system. Every pound is 3500 calories, just like in
real life. Foods also have their own numbers that determine
how filling they are. I tested whether eating only when hungry prevents
weight gain, and as you can see it does nothing of the sort. The problem is that calories on Sims don’t
really decay unless you do some activities that reduce them, so a lot of elder Sims can
end up chubby if they don’t focus on fitness especially on longer life spans. If they’re high calorie enough every few meals
the Sim puts on a pound or two. Ultimately the lesson here is Sims lack a
basic metabolism and must burn calories manually or else they’ll gain fat. Because of this, eating anything but low calorie
food will gradually add on pounds, though some foods are far far worse than others. Sims who get rich and live like they are will
be more likely to eat the expensive meals from the high level homestyle and gourmet
cooking list, and they’re almost all over 300 calories if not double that. Lobster Thermidor has the highest calories,
at 800. But it’s not as bad as a black and white cake,
which has 500 but only fills hunger by a small amount. At least you can lean on the thermidor to
top off hunger if it’s really low – a garden salad can’t do that. So, yeah. Certain foods are not as filling as others,
but when made of high quality get a boost to how filling they are, about 30% more. For losing weight you’ve got to counter the
high calorie foods and either hop on a treadmill, swim, or jog while eating lower calorie foods
to speed it up. These cardio activities directly lower body
fat while not making Sim muscles bulk up. Work on the bodybuilder aspiration while you
do so, and you can get the long-lived reward trait eventually, adding to your Sim’s life
span. Each minute on the treadmill reduces fat by
a small amount. You only need to do a few hours a week to
keep your Sim in good shape. This is something that a lot of people miss
and there’s no need for equipment – treadmills are only slightly better than jogging. So we’ve talked about fatness, let’s look
at the hidden fitness stat, or how muscular a Sim is. Building muscle on a Sim is a different animal
because muscle decays over time. When you make a Sim, it locks in the muscle
amount you selected. This is the floor for that Sim, and their
muscles aren’t supposed to decay below it. So if you start at a 5 and work your way to
full muscle, it’ll not go back below 5. Still, every day about 4% of your muscle will
be lost unless you lift weights. You’ve got to work to keep the muscular look
you want for your Sim and one long session each week is about all it takes. Players who take the bodybuilder aspiration
at the time of Sim creation get High Metabolism, which not only cuts fat gains in half while
helping with muscle gain, but also lets you click them to get an energy drink on the spot
that will help them get in the mood for exercise. At level 5 fitness Sims get the protein shake
recipe at the bar. This gives a 50% boost to fitness gains while
active. You can use it to keep your Sim’s muscles
intact without working out as often. Something I realized working on this is that
when Sims get to higher fitness levels, the hygiene decay they suffer begins to get smaller. I suppose they’re sweating less and this makes
perfect sense! Knowledge of the fatness and calories systems
are also useful if you have a Sim who is very active. If you do not want them to be skinny, you
need to eat high calorie foods in order to offset some of the exercise. Just keep in mind weight lifting alone won’t
cause your Sim to lose body fat. But, Sims who jog a lot can get far too thin
and should eat a few high calorie meals each week. There are a couple of hybrid activities, like
punching bags and the training dummy from StrangerVille that increase fitness while
reducing fat. Strangely, basketball increases fit but doesn’t
reduce fat. It’s like whoever made that thought the fit
stat is for keeping Sims slim. Speaking of bugs, I went on a quest to document
the calories and satisfaction a Sim gets from eating different foods and found some strange
things. I haven’t put this up on the guide yet, but
I will. To keep the list within reason I only did
those that are attainable from leveling cooking and gourmet cooking. Let’s be real, this game has a lot of foods
and 2 hours of this left me starving anyway. Just the names of foods was triggering me
to go eat some leftover hamburger helper and I haven’t even heard of some of these recipes! To create an Efficiency stat at the top right
I did a little math, dividing the amount of hunger stat you get for eating a food by its
calories in order to find the most efficient diet foods. Players may also be interested in knowing
which are high calorie. There are some obvious winners like garden
salad, which blows the fair competition away. Even mac and cheese is OK and not nearly as
bad as something like fish tacos, BLTs or Monte Cristo sandwiches. I’ve bolded the best recipes along with the
worst, ranked by the efficiency. Something I noticed while doing this is a
pretty annoying bug. A bunch of recipes from expansions are broken
under the hood. They have 0 calories and are mostly set at
the maximum fullness. So if someone out there said, “My Sim doesn’t
get fat I eat tilapia” they were correct in noticing it. This is definitely a ‘someone forgot’ thing
as you only have to make up 2 numbers to make these foods work. All the outdoor retreat foods have 0 calories,
and that pack is not the only exception. It’s as if devs at different times forgot
that the calorie mechanic existed and copied placeholder code for a basic recipe over to
them. I’m probably going to file a bug report for
it as I have a number of broken recipes to share. So, that’s a lot to take in about a very specific
topic but people are supporting me on Patreon and I wanted to make a new video this week. I’m grateful for you all signing up, and visiting
the guide. Things look a lot better than they did a year
ago and I have the entire Sims community to thank for that. I hope some of you found this stuff interesting. It was fun to research it. See you next time.


  1. Here's a link to the table, Sorry I'm late to post it: http://www.carls-sims-4-guide.com/tutorials/calories.php

  2. What about babies? I’ve had a few toddlers grow up and be surprisingly large but the baby was only fed when it’s crying and both the parents were fairly fit / thin. Is it random?

  3. I only use cheats to fill my sim's hunger… she got fat. High calorie air, I presume??

  4. One day my sim was getting big so I got her to the gym and she ended up being super thin lol

  5. its kinda crazy that the game has it's own calorie system. I mean right? That's a detail I'd never expect to think of. I knew about sims gaining weight but I certainly did not know about this.

  6. How convenient

  7. oh wow did you always have a youtube channel? i've always used your site over the years of playing the sims!

  8. I feel like the Sims 4 base game is pretty tightly designed but the expansions have gotten more and more sloppy over time.

  9. I’ve taken to having my families live off of salad and eating fruits or veggies from their gardens as snacks. I only wish I could do this in real life! 😜

  10. Sim players: "We want realism!"


  11. Me: hmm ok, time for my sims to work out then.

    Also me: nah playing games is more important

  12. Love your guides! Yay spreadsheets! 😍😅

  13. Now i know why all my sims get fat even though they eat only when hungry😅😅👍amazing in the sims too they need to burn it out 😁 its a game of life thanks for information

  14. Unless they fixed it recently, which I doubt, I know for a fact that all the recipes that came with Get To Work all have zero caleries.

  15. Oh, I thought it only had to do with how full they become. I almost always click away the eating action when they're halfway through a meal, so that the hunger meter doesn't go to the top. But now I know that I should only let my sims eat salad. 👍🏻

  16. I love weight in the sims, especially after they have a baby and get a lil thiccer it feels rly real

  17. My girl was hella ripped and when she got pregnant, her baby bump had a 6 pack 😂

  18. God bless for this guide lol

  19. ohhhh so that’s why all my skinny sims end up huge by elder age 😂🙏🏻

  20. As soon as my sim had baby the baby daddy gained a load

  21. My Sims on the Sims 4 aren’t exactly what I would call “fat”, a lot of them just become “disproportionate”. I need a calorie list! This was very helpful. 💯💯🤩

  22. Did the calories get fixed? They’re getting SO. LAZY. In the expansions.

    Also, my kids are always fat when they’re raised from infants. Feeding too much ?

  23. Wow thank you so much, i didnt know that being health body wise was as complicated and difficult in game as it is in real life! 😅🤨😣

  24. My sim dad got fat asf what seems like overnight.

  25. that explains why my matriarch from the 100 baby challenge is always gaining weight

  26. Amazing

  27. I never even noticed sims gaining weight cuz I make all my sims fat lol

  28. the lesson is that you should eat garden salad because it:
    – is filling (but not as filling as spaghetti!)
    – is low-calorie
    – won't burn your house down

    edit: from carl's table, your sim should be eating garden salad and scrambled eggs to stay thin. your sim can eat scrambled eggs if they are super hungry, but they should stick to garden salad otherwise.

  29. My sim eats two pieces of cake and suddenly shes huge

  30. Very interesting! Thanks for covering this topic.

  31. in one game I had a sim that I wanted to have no cooking skill, so I made her only order pizza. Even eating only when hungry, she became pretty fat quickly.

  32. My mistake was using the nudge to make my sim's belly a little larger, without making his whole body fat, for more realism…

    After using a lot of gym, my sim is very muscular, but the belly is still large and with abs.

    Horrible. I had to cheat to correct it is cas.

  33. The whole calorie system in The Sims really doesn't make sense. Most of the foods my sims eat have like 300 calories and they need to eat only twice a day most of the time. So their daily calorie intake is 600 calories. A person would be severely malnourished after a while but my sims just get fat af. I hate it.

  34. I never knew that there was a calorie system. But my Sims never got fat because I never wanted to pay money for food so I would just feed them a quick snack every day for whenever they get hungry and it put their food bar up all the way when they just eat a ham sandwich that cost me zero dollars. That’s what I do 🙂

  35. I kinda figured this aspect of the game was based on bad science. Thanks for the confirmation.
    I wonder if anyone has made a low carb mod.

  36. i didnt realize my sims gained weight until i saw another one of my premade sims walking around town looking skinnier😹

  37. Eat healthy and do cardio to burn fat. Eat more calories to not get too skinny. Lift weights to build muscle.

    In short, it works just like real life.

  38. My sim children always turn out fat, always.

  39. My sims always get fat lol then I have to make then go jogging

  40. watches this while eating chocolate pudding

  41. What fruit or vegadeble is high in caloris You kan eat only crops so

  42. This is super helpful 😁

  43. What if I open my sim in CAS, do his base muscles get overwritten?

  44. Hu? I always have my Sims get unnormal skinny over time if I forget to feed them extra (like without them being hungry)! O.O
    I´ve only one time had a Sim go fat by accident and after on or two days of INTENSE jogging, the slim line was there again. 😀
    Maybe it´s because all of my Sims sport around so much… Hmmm…

  45. I like to play an individual sim some times and end up playing them for a while (😬) and I notice they do get over weight after time. I just have them do cardio everyday until I am content with their shape! 😅 i never realized that calories are in this game! I mean of course desserts aren't gonna suffice as a hearty, satisfying meal lol

  46. Okay but the important question remains: why is my vampire sim fat??? Have some sims more calorie blood than others?

  47. So, does the bug get fixed now? I guess not lol

  48. Had no idea it was that close to real life. I have a love hate situation going on with this right now. lol.
    I usually feed my Sims Garden Salads and Fruit Salad but I have been having them make other recipes, I'll go back to the old days of salad salad and more salad. lol.

  49. My legacy family are skinny without me doing anything. They eat only when hungry and dont gain. Each sim's metabolism is very different tho. I have sims outside the family and they can get fat or whatever

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  51. I didn’t know sims could get fat so when I compared my sim to how I originally made her I was like what the heck? How did i not notice for so long.

  52. I'm so glad that most of my sims are vampires 🤣

  53. I know when my sims get pregnant or age up they’ll get bigger but whenever my sims workout they don’t get thinner so idk

  54. I'm curious about something. How did you figure out how many calories each food recipe have?
    Did you have to search in the game files somehow or?

  55. That calorie system is unrealistic to me, I kept my Sim active, let her eat only when hungry and went through a diversity of (gourmet) food. I have a similar lifestyle in real life, eating a diversity of rich food and I'm not getting fat like my Sim! Because I don't eat more than necessary and I stay active. It should work for the Sims too
    Edit: And it's all from homecooked meals! Not even fast food…

  56. how can you edit the sims body type even though you've already started playing?? i tried it so many times

  57. Thanks, Carl.

  58. He sounds like Mr. Garrison from South Park, only more manly.

  59. Mine never get fat, but the townies do! Sometimes I modify them in CAS to put then back to the original weight, but then after a while they get fat and I never play with them 🤦🏻‍♀️

  60. the fact that i’d rather watch fitness vids on my sims instead of myself lmaoo

  61. Once I made a Sim fat on purpose but she automatically kept excersizing. She kept losing weight and gaining muscle even though she wasn't supposed to be skinny lol

  62. Is there an update to this?!

  63. My sims get SOOOO thick after they get pregnant ):::

  64. Whenever my toddlers age to kids they’re always really fat 😂 ( I don’t over feed my toddlers )

  65. I wish we had actual bathroom scales in the sims so we could see if our sims are losing or gaining pounds.

  66. I'm guessing maybe the vampires don't gain much of any weight during pregnancy? I had my Sim(not a vampire) marry the vampire girl from the DLC. We had 4 kids and she literally looked exactly the same, slim.

  67. When your sim gets fat from filling food need with cheats

  68. recipe for sims in good shape:
    – never lets the Hunger bar 100% full (more-less 90 is enough)
    – jogging or hour of training every few days (or everyday)
    – low-calorie food (in exaple salads)
    – eat only when hunger bar is (at least) yellow

  69. ppl complaining about a life simulator doing that exact thing it's supposed to do,,,simulate life?? wow we rlly fell this far as a society. jeex

  70. No wonder my sims are thick. I keep giving them Mac & cheese and grilled cheeses.

  71. Now I know. I need a treadmill and punching bag to get my sim back to his trim, fit body

  72. "Eating anything but low calorie food will gradually add on pounds." TIL I'm a sim.

  73. Mine get fat even when not hungry. Mine gained a lot of weight sfter the deTh of a family members. Does sadness increase weight gain?

  74. My sims is vampire and also global superstar and have the quirk "love to drink" if not he will be tense, because of that, he always love to drink from bar and he got fat cuz of it and I'm like STAPPPP

  75. Honestly this guide kind of makes me want to go back and play the sims 4 as weird as this sounds.

  76. I've never had a problem keeping weight off my sims until recently. This guy I made doesn't do anything but paint and he's getting really fat. I was a little shocked because this has never happened to me before. So I started making him jog with his dog. He's not getting fatter but he's not really losing weight either. This is crazy helpful. I just assumed their food system wasn't that important. Clearly my guy needs to stop eating cake.

  77. Thanks once again Carl great Information on keeping my sims slim and trim. The biggest problem I seem to have with this is if my Sims has children they tend to get fat very quickly any idea to prevent this from happening would be awesome!
    Pamela J.

  78. I had a sim get pregnant but also pretty much only eat cake for the entire pregnancy (She had a caterer over make cakes so she had a ton of leftovers). Her and her husband gained SO much weight. They were over double their marriage weights– had to throw out all the cake and make them exercise every day but it worked. I can appretiate the realism.

  79. Why exercise yourself when you can watch a virtual character do it!

  80. Thanks for this! It really confirmed some of my suspicions.

  81. I always wondered why my sims didn't gain weight, before I realised that I put a lot of focus on working out once everyday. With every sim.

  82. I've never had my sims get fat. Infact they usually set too thin. I'll try to eat fattier foods.

  83. Recently, My sim completes the Fitness Aspiration and earns Long Live Trait. There is a thesis saying if a sim completes the fitness aspiration, it no longer changes the body shape. Well… BIG WRONG!

  84. I’m over here getting stressed that the sim is working out in head to toe sweats… 😬

  85. Wow… I actually have total opposite issue lol my sims are constantly thin no matter how much they eat

  86. When i have a fat sim it ALWAYS gets fater

  87. You'd think gardening/farming would burn calories the same as working out. I have a full time farmer who works morning to night and only eats once per day, but she still gains. 🙁

  88. Hopefully someone can answer this but since I have it set to where my sim never ages is that why she doesn't gain weight

  89. this all sounds pretty much like real life.

  90. This is why I stopped playing. I do not exercise in real life and do not want my Sims to have to exercise to stay skinny.

  91. Whenever I get a fat sim, i make them workout constantly, do manual labor and eat salads lol I can't force myself to do it in person though…

  92. My sims will get big after aging up to a child or a teen when they weren’t big before 😂

  93. As if irl weight management wasn’t enough

  94. This… makes me feel like the sims is more realistic than we give it credit for. Thank you. I’m gonna use these stats and have my sims jog once a day/week

  95. My Sims are like me; just a bit chubby, pancake-eating, rarely exercising couch potatoes. Once in a while they go on a jog and congratulate themselves for it. They will NEVER be athlets.

  96. Spammed the “play” interaction with my toddler to speed level their movement& noticed I had muscles after? Didn’t have them before hand- I don’t ever do anything to gain muscle, just loose weight. so I think ima test if the “play” feature causes you to gain muscle from lifting the children.

  97. All I ever make is salads. I got sick of sims burning the place down every two days. So I just sell the stove in every game, and they live off salads til they die.

  98. For some reason, one of my sims is normal and the other is fat. He loves fruitcake so I guess he eats that too much lol. Its funny seeing him dance in his underwear.

  99. All my Sims are getting weight after some time O_O And females look somehow bigger than males?

  100. Where did you get the calorie and fullness information from?

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