Fat Burning Interval Session | 20 Minute Indoor Bike Workout

(upbeat techno music) – Welcome to GTN’s 20 minute
fat burning interval session. We’ve got a great session
in store for you today and we’ve got some good
company along the way. On the front here, we’ve
got some familiar faces. We’ve got Fraser, we’ve got Heather, we’re also joined by
some guys from GCN here. So we’ve got Hannah on the front and then Chris Opie on the back, along with Lucy and Emily. Now today, we’re aboard the brand new Wahoo KICKR indoor bikes. Now let’s run you through
the session a little bit, what we’ve got in store for you today because we are starting
with a three minute nice easy warm up around
a perceived effort exertion level of around four. Then we go into two lots
of five minute intervals. So for this, we start with 30 seconds easy between one to four of
perceived effort exertion scale and then into 30 seconds more or less max, between nine and 10. Between those two blocks, we’ve got a four minute recovery and then into another five
minute of those 30 off and on, and then finishing with
a three minute cool down. This is a great session
for all times of year. It’s a fat burning session but also really tapping
into those top end powers. Aim to improve your
functional threshold power and to talk you through some of the stuff we’ve got on screen here. So in the middle of the screen, you’ll see a countdown time, along with you cadence. Now through the session, I’ll also give you some
pointers on that cadence that you want to be targeting. On the top, we’ve got the
time ticking down overall. Then on the right hand side, we’ve got that perceived effort exertion that I’m talking about. So at the moment, we’re just
trying to keep it around a four out of 10, 10 being maximum. So we’ve got 1:20 left of our warm up and then we’re going to go into 30 seconds at around a one to four out of 10 on a perceived effort exertion scale and then into 30 seconds all out and we’ll do that five times through. Just keep a nice high cadence for now, we’re looking at around a 80 to 90 RPM. Just make sure you’re nicely warmed up. Try to keep a nice smooth pedal action. (upbeat techno music) Okay, so we’ve got 40
seconds left of that warm up. Remember, we’re just going into 30 seconds still at an easy intensity, so don’t gear up for
a max effort just yet. 30 seconds remaining. (upbeat techno music) Okay, 20 seconds. Make sure you stay well
hydrated through the session. It’s only 20 minutes but you’re sure going
to hurt at some points. 10 seconds. Three, two, one, now keep
that intensity the same. We’re looking at between a one to five on the perceived effort exertion scale. So nice and easy. We’ve got 20 seconds remaining of this and then we’re going to gear up ready for a hard 30 seconds. So you want to start prepping your gears in the last five seconds of this. So going into a slightly harder gear. So five seconds to go, start thinking about going a gear or two and now 30 seconds all out,
off we go, go, go, go, go. Out of the saddle or in the
saddle, however you want. Keep going, 20 seconds. Try and push as much as you can on this. We’re looking for a
cadence around 90 to 100. Three, two, one, back it
off now, nice and easy. Back your gear back down. Keep it spinning, try not to stop here. This also serves as a nice recovery, so flush the legs out. (upbeat techno music) 10 seconds and we’re back into it again. Three, two, one, off we go, guys. 20 seconds remaining. 10 seconds, keep pushing, pushing. Five seconds, three, two, one. Alright, 30 seconds easy. Three minutes remaining of this block. How’s everyone finding it? – Yeah, yeah, ask me
when there’s an easy bit. Sorry, is that now? Yeah, it’s good. You alright, Fraser, how’re you doing? – 10 seconds to ’til the next interval. Five, three, two, one, push,
push, push, go, go, go. Get out of the saddle if you can. Really push hard on this one. Look at Opie, whoa. Textbook. 15. 10 seconds remaining. Five, three, two, one, to easy. – [Heather] How many’s that? – That is two more minutes remaining. – [Heather] Who said 20 minutes is short? – Okay, keep that cadence
around 80 to 90 on these. 10 seconds. Four, three, two, one, let’s go, go, go. (upbeat techno music) 90 to 100 RPM, try and
keep it turning over. Don’t go to grinding the gears. 10 seconds. Four, three, two, one. 30 seconds, it’s the last
little bit of the block. 30 seconds easy, 80 to 90 RPM. Alright, hang in there, guys. We’ve got a nice recovery after this. 10. Three, two, one, last
30 seconds, go, go, go. Come on, make it count. – [Heather] I think I’m breaking my bike. (upbeat techno music) – 10. Five, three, two, one. Okay, into four minutes recovery now. Go for a nice easy gear now. Take the opportunity to
get some water onboard, some energy drink. Alright, keep it at a
cadence of 80 to 90 on this. Make sure you keep the legs moving. Fabulous work, guys. That’s one block down, just one more five minute
interval block to go. Same thing again. – [Heather] Sorry, what did
you say before the five minute? – We’ve got just over
three minutes remaining. – Just five minutes. Just five more minutes hard. My goodness, a lot of effort on the bike. How’re you guys doing? Fraser, are you enjoying the fans? You need them now. Opie, you’re very quiet at the back. – Alright, try and get your breath back, nice, calm, big breaths. Remember to get some fluid onboard. We’ve got just over 2.5 minutes
remaining of the easy block and then into our last five
minutes of hard intervals. Lovely. How are the GCN guys getting on? – [Heather] They’re being very quiet. (Chris speaking faintly) – Oh yeah. (upbeat techno music) Yeah, so these high power,
high intensity intervals were really designed to
start shedding some fat, key our metabolism in. Great for all times of
the year, over the winter. Maybe we’re enjoying the
food a little bit too much and also going into race season. It’s got a great performance benefit too. Tapping into that top end power. Raising our functional threshold power, if that’s what you’re into. – [Heather] Anyway,
how’re you feeling, Mark? – [Mark] I’m great, just
a little bit hot, guys. – [Heather] You’ve got to look like you’ve got it all under control. – This is a tough session, guys. Try and stick in there. If you feel like you’re
falling off the power from the first set, don’t give up, keep pushing. Just push what you can. Still the effort’s there, doesn’t matter if the power’s dropped or the cadence is starting to fall off, just try and keep at it. The benefit’s still there. Just over a minute remaining
on this recovery block of four minutes. Remember, first 30 seconds is still easy. – Is this our last lot of effort then? – [Mark] It is our last lot of effort. – Okay. – [Mark] So yeah, if you’ve
got something to give, now is the time to lay it down out there. – I reckon Fraser’s–
– 40 seconds remaining. Last chance to get some fluids, some energy in if you want. – [Heather] Plenty more
in the tank there, Fraser. – [Mark] I certainly need it. (upbeat techno music) – I might need a tow home. – Okay, 20 seconds. Then into 30 seconds at around
a one to four out of 10, so still nice and easy. 10 seconds. Three, two, one, keep it easy. Bit of an anti-climax there. Still keeping that cadence
around 80 to 90 RPM. And on this next 30, we’re looking for our
90 to 100 RPM cadence. Start prepping your gears. We’ve got five seconds to go. Two, one, let’s go, go, go. Nine to 10 out of 10. 15. 10. Five, four, three, two, one. Nice and easy for 30. Stay relaxed, try and get
some big breaths in between. I know it’s hard. Keep that cadence around 80 to 90. Five, four, three, two, one. Next lot of 30 hard. Let’s go, go, go. 15. Four, three, two, one. That’s it, easy 30. Three more blocks of those to go. How’s everyone doing? – [Heather] We’re still alive, I think. Just about, hanging in there. – This is a tough session, come on. We’ve got another five seconds
to go on this recovery. Three, two, one, let’s go, go, go. (upbeat techno music) Make sure you’re holding
the right cadence. 90 to 100 on this. Five, four, three, two, one. Into our recovery. This is it, just two more blocks to go. If you’re hurting, ignore it, carry on. – That’s the best bit of
advice I’ve ever heard. It’s alright guys, just ignore it. – As Ben Kanute’s coach says, “accept that you’re hurting,
accept that you’re in pain, “shut that away, and move on.” – [Heather] Well, Mark, if
you’re hurting with us, dig in. – Three, two, one, let’s go, go, go. Come on. It’s penultimate effort. 15 seconds. Come on, keep pushing. Five, four, three, two, one. 30 seconds recovery. And we’ve got our last 30 seconds hard. Whoo, I’m hurting now. Guys, the last 30, we can
empty the tank on this one. – Yeah, don’t ask us how we are right now. Not enough oxygen in here.
– 15. Guys, it’s our sprint finish now. Five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go, go, go. (upbeat techno music) Keep it between 90 to 100 RPM. 10. Five, four, three, two, one, good. Now into our three minute cool down. One out of 10, 80 to 90 RPM. Keep spinning, don’t stop,
got to keep the legs moving to flush the legs out. Well done, guys. – Well done, Mark. Well done, everybody.
– Great effort. Just keep those legs spinning. Allow that heart rate to gradually drop. Try and breathe nice and deep. Sit up on your saddle if you want. Get some air in those lungs. Well done. That’s a tough session that. – Who knew 20 minutes could hurt so much? Mark, I think you’re a good actor. – How are the GCN guys going? – I think someone sprayed
Opie with some water. It’s like the special effects
team working back there. (Chris speaking faintly) All that fat’s just melted. – Right, this is a great
session to keep repeating through the season,
through the off season. You can progress the reps. You can do longer durations
rather than five minute blocks, maybe go to seven, eight, even 10. As you progress them, you might want to do slightly
longer recovery efforts. So 40 seconds off recovery, followed by 20 seconds on. And keep progressing that, including more and more reps. There’s endless options with this session. But just make sure those hard
intervals are really hard. Just over a minute left on our cool down. If you want to add more to this cool down, obviously, feel free. This is just a 20 minute example. That’s quite a hard session. You might want to add another few minutes if you’ve got the time. And don’t forget to get some fluid on. 45 seconds remaining. Keep that cadence up,
don’t let it drop off. Make sure we’re flushing the legs out. Getting an adequate recovery in. As we go into the final 30 seconds, if you are jumping off your bike, make sure you get some food in after so you’re recovering well and
ready for the next session. Maybe not today though. 15 seconds. Alright, 10 seconds. Well thank you for joining us here on GTN for our 20 minute fat
burning interval session. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like to see more from GTN, click on the globe and subscribe. And if you’ve enjoyed this video, do hit that thumbs up button.


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