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now I've been speaking with the science science of all these things equally important as much as food is important what is important is not eating as much as eating is important not eating is important the secret of longevity and health is not in eating it isn't not eating okay that we call as intermittent fasting intermittent fasting the logic is very very very simple you don't want a abnormal insulin response when you take our rate high insulin response and you take protein moderate insulin response when you take fat there's little insulin response and you don't take food at all there is no instant response okay having said that you cannot fast continuously though the Guinness Book of record for fasting is 382 days the guy didn't died 11 jain's fast continuously for one week even more they do nothing happens to them they become more healthy okay so fasting Nullah one day there are great advantages great great advantage on a scientific side now when you fast the first thing your insulin level drops okay and it spikes what is known as a growth hormone now we allow people are injecting growth hormones to become big too big a muscular failing to understand if you don't eat your growth hormone will grow and what is the growth amando it builds your muscles and it burns your fat that is why we need to go on intermittent fasting any system works only if it isn't intermittently you do anything continuously there is fatigue where our alacazam so you do what is no intermittent fasting I'll tell you the advantage is a fasting letter but signs of fasting is this is what it did I assume all of you take a lot of carbohydrates barring a few you cannot do it get into the intermittent fasting suddenly so enough on a slowly every ease into this fasting your body should adapt so fasting technique a Brina normally all of us faster nitrate Terminix out of column the armani the number it takes something else so there were ten hours we fasted yeah what we are trying to do that extended little by little so instead of breaking in the terminology itself is wrong it is not breakfast it is breaking the fast instead of breaking the fast at 6:00 a.m. us our name in the morning of course one by one not every other day slowly take it to a 16 hour wait a minute dinner not than all Madan upon demand either you break your fast this is 16 hour so what happens normally in the first few hours the energy that you are consumed by the food is taken up by the body other couple of the stored energy in the in the liver not the muscle muscle never give up the glucose that glycogen the liver Lenovo other couple the body will be hunting or for energy it will tap your factor last 2 or 3 hours of the 16 hour faster ok that's what is happening so Allah and upon us slowly you extend it to 16 to 18 to 20 to 24 next two or three months you ease into the 24-hour fasting how can you ease very well is to cut the carbohydrate when you cut the cover it you were to take lot of fact whether vegetarian non-vegetarian sauce either in a lumbar Allah you increase the fat content of your food what happens when you take fat the hunger goes off so by reducing the covered it in increasing the fact what type of fat which strains can take she will explain on the hunger pangs boom you'll be able to get into the fasting business much better okay and in near a fasted state the body burns fat what a mugger and aal11 discover a trait that is sugar ooh no no the fatty fat lean over the ketone on a sugar oh no Nikita is a superior foil when the ketone the so sugar is like you take gasoline and light it it burns like that okay whereas whereas ketone is like a log of wood contained inside your body so that is what we have to aim we have to burn our fat how do you burn your fat by knocking off the cover tree i'll Bachna the body you've got no choice but to use the fat that is the perfect solution for all our illness what happens when you burn fat you lose weight when you lose weight everything falls into slot well that is the fundamental thing all these people have lost weight okay across the board without any exception and all the parameters have settled on or settling not so that is the that is the beauty of fasting it can be done it can be done by everyone it can be done by everyone only thing you have to slowly get into it the problem with fasting a power or not if you are a diabetic if you are uncertain to medicines then you have to be careful you have to go to a doctor said I'm on this diet I'm going on a fast enough certain medicine like insulin okay otherwise your sugar may go very low very low and you will end up in great issues only insulin a sulfonylurea novo drug Orenda one day they they can cause low sugar on the doctor to pay you have to explain I am going on this diet whether he understands that that's a different issue altogether whether he is aware whether it is open to such ideas a different issue probably you may say a lump or Nothing said danger I don't know but but a doctor I understand that and say okay in your incident thing in LA you start on the diet reduce the incident by half take it a half you have a glucometer keep checking check banana and accordingly stop drug one truck to dirtiness slowly you you have you have to consult your doctor before okay how many of you have heard about bariatric surgery bariatric surgery bariatric surgery is yellow you panduranga for weight loss and diabetes okay it's not a bariatric so it's a barbaric surgery so what what do they do they remove 9/10 of your stomach or staple it okay that's the worst thing they can do because see whether it's evolution or creation whichever way you believe it the body is intelligent we are stupid see why is the stomach bare stomach acid is that pepsin is around the corner on food the foreigner DICE's down digest I got the GoPro small intestine lapa Naga the bile comes the pancreatic juice has come then all the digestion occurs the minerals are absorbed okay you cut the stomach everything goes foot so you're looking at short-term solution don't know master obesity will grow sugar will go only to come back with a vengeance later I will have be miserable only May is out of material we just cannot take anything and the complications are buried is a very very very high heat loading death it can happen and it's a permanent procedure what no one Anthony will open money youngistan bonus number getting accompany ma I come here stapling now you can remove the staple but that's not the point it is very expensive highly risky procedure but what is fasting it's a simplest way of bariatric surgery it is you can anybody can do it you can do it anywhere you can do it anytime you can do it if you can't cook you can do it if you don't know to cook you can do it if you don't have money you can do it if you don't have teeth when you're traveling they say any time any place no money water in solution day so all you have to do is a combo beautiful combo of low coveted high saturated fat on the one side and intermittent fasting on the other side problem solved come on lifelong if you continue the problem solved life you


  1. सर फास्टिंग किडनी के लिये बहोत खतरनाक है, आपकी किडनी fail भी कर सकता है, हप्ते मे 3 बार से जादा फास्टिंग किडनी को हमेशा के लिये fail कर देता है, ।
    फास्टिंग सबको सूट नही करता मैंने कही लोगों कि किडनी fail होते देखि है ।

  2. Pl repeat the tamil words in english also

  3. Sir can you share options if saturated fats for vegetarians?

  4. Dr.Vijaya Raghvan sir, fantastic speech every one suffering from B.P. Diabetes should hear it.More Doctors should hear it so that their sin of giving tables may reduce, morally they get relieved.Thank you sir.Now I am searching how we can meet you or where is your hospital or where you will treat the required people.Once again thank you very much Sir.

  5. You know why we fast in ramzan just read our religion this doctor is just experience our prophet has already told us everything 1400 years ago how to live life just read for your better life and the best life here and hereafter

  6. Wow amazing idea are a genius

  7. Wow amazing idea are a genius

  8. Yeah, i have been doing intermittent fasting since Mar'18 and lost 15kgs and cured my hormonal imbalance issues.. Good to see Indian doctors telling about it..

  9. Respect you Sir. VALUABLE knowledge

  10. Sir I am 30years old.i got High blood pressure syptoms.what was the care need to take to make my pressure medicine compulsory daily to take for BP.

  11. Where can I attend this seminar sir

  12. Certainly a very brilliant doctor.

  13. DR VIJAY: Sir, Thankyou for share your knowledge, good information. Sir, Intermitten fasting how can help in DIABETES. How much hours to fast to cure DIABETES what things can be taken in fasting state, just like water. which time, which things are probihated during the fasting. Please make a video in detail with ENGLISH subtitle (How Help Intermitten Fasting To Cure Diabetes). Please also describe the side effects of intermitten fasting. …….. Thankyou.. ….

  14. Pls speak totally in English… Great vedio.. Regards from himachal pradesh

  15. How to overcome hunger?

  16. Fasting improves digestive functions for good health we need good quality organic nutrition that is today we are not getting due to bad humans

  17. This man is right on point … for me the best high fat food is avocados and nuts and seeds raw is as possible.

  18. Hope ramdan is no more a taunt. Best lectures

  19. subtitles pls

  20. Sir,the video is very good and educative, kindly make videos in Tamil so that my parents will also listen…

  21. Dr. I am 34 year. I got diabetes when I was 28 years old. Can I reverse diabetics by keto diet and intermittent fasting. Please anyone can help me

  22. good speaking..

  23. Thank you..sounds workable and I believe it works.But lot of videos do say eat breakfast!!

  24. Nice video, Dr. But please suggest how and what to eat for high fat or LCHF diet for north indians and for South Indians as well. Btw, I am a north indian.

  25. Good information is good but I have one controversial statement you are making : doing fasting for diabetic is ok
    I feel that is unacceptable. Each meal with limited carbs / protein combo—-combined with exercise is the unique solution

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