Fastest Way To Lose Weight And Burn Fat – Abnormal H.I.I.T Workout


  1. Thx dude, I'm trying to lose weight cuz people in my school think I'm over weight and i get bullied

  2. I had to skip the kick sits coudnt do them

  3. Who else tried doing this but got tired and gone back into your house to get a drink 😂😂😂😂

  4. My body felt weak after the burpees

  5. imma do this for the summer body good luck to me!

  6. why u do it like so easy dude :/

  7. How could you do this with not 1 sip of water?

  8. When I saw avoid pizza and coke.. see ya.

  9. My legs are about to crumble

  10. I will start this morinig , I'll be back after 3 months and I'll till you the results 🔥🖖

  11. Is 5’7 in a half and 135 pounds overweight or normal weight

  12. i tried it and all my body is numb XD but amma keep doing it

  13. How many times do you gotta do this work ouuu ut to loose body fat? How many times a week?

  14. Who is watching this while lying on the bed

  15. Does he even sweat?

  16. How many times a day do you do this just wanna know for my self thanks

  17. Did whole workout gonna do this every day to burn that fat 👌👏👏👏

  18. I have a belly…it's not too big but it's out enough where looking down I can only see the part of the top of my feet,….I weigh last I checked 215

    Will this actually work?…

  19. Thanks

  20. That it awesome way better than my shabby workou
    50 sit up
    30 pushups
    70leg raises
    60squates 1 min wall plank
    And 50 arn weights

    I may be a shame because still like my cake but I will give it a shot

  21. Hi there , nice work , after you can use the best scale for full body composition analyzer ,link here ;

  22. Lets all just make a groupchat and just motivate each other ro succeed i know im not gonna make this on my own cause of my scary eating habits so plz lets do this together lose weight and motivate eachother if ur down drop ur snap name in the comment and ill add you and add you to a group chat

  23. it is v ery good workout

  24. Those were not burpees

  25. Brother thank you but I swear to God I did 2 much I vomited guys srsly dont push urself 2 hard I swear u will regret

  26. How many times do I have to do this everyday? 2?

  27. Very effective workout. No talk. No BS. Nice hair, too! Keep it up!

  28. Me womiting after this exercise….😢

  29. Thanks for the tips !

  30. The only one I could do is the plank raising. It’s the last one

  31. Love it man. I play soccer and I’m gonna add this to my daily routine. Definitely gonna get more sleep and eat better. Thank you for the workout!

  32. U am 180 and I am 13 I lose 2p

  33. Great workout, felt my abs burning

  34. I started this 3 days ago this works ! I weighed 198 now I’m at 192 don’t eat fats wake up in the morning run around a mile do this 2 time a day Stay away from coke avoid eating late at night I eat little breakfast and just lunch good luck to all

  35. What app are you using

  36. The worst exercises for a guy with a fat belly and no endurance or stamina. Gonna take some time to get through.

  37. Day 2 done

  38. I’m losing weight just watching this😭

  39. I’m losing weight just watching this😭

  40. Can i start slow as a firs-timer?

  41. belly really big due to exam and lots of eating..and can anyone tell me how to diet..I just cant control food..I eat a lot and my lust for food is damnnn high..that's why all the workouts dont work on me..but I'll try to control my diet..and today was my first day of doing this..I'll be doing it for quite a while to test it out..and update if theres any improvement..also I like his consists of plenty of diff workouts.. usually there are 3 or 4 workouts and u repeated the sets and ut gets boring but this one is diff all the way 9 mins..thanks mate

  42. Who’s workout

  43. I’m going to try this tomorrow. Rn I am 144 pounds and 5,6 and I’ll add my weight in 1 week

  44. I watched and did the excercises I've been lifting for about 1 1/2 I'm not pleased with my body fat looking for more of 6 pack . I'll continue to do this exercise I'm going to see if there will be a change hopefully I will.. thanks for the video.

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