Fast Healthy Food (Broccoli & Cottage Cheese) 2019

so today recipe is very special because it's a request from my friends to do a recipe for a healthy diet so come along I'll share with you my healthy diet recipe so here we have our 250 gram of Romano Romanesco broccoli and I have half of orange just sliced and I have some mints live humans live without cutting Julian and I have lemon juice 1/2 a lemon juice and have 1 TSP of lemon juice and few mint leaves for garnish and here we have around 225 grams of cottage cheese so now I will mix this cottage cheese with some mint leaves and lemon zest and a little bit of lemon juice I'll make them very fast we can enjoy it in a dinner or lunch and it's very healthy also so now I start plating it the D broccoli have already power boiling so it's like a avoided with a salted water and now I start plating this so you can play this yeah now you can put the orange somewhere back now you can add some mentally and I have hidden there you are my takeoff healthy eating and you can enjoy enjoying your snack or in dinner or lunch and please don't forget to comment and my link so for the next video thank you

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