Fast Food Is Just As Good As Health Supplements For Workout Recovery ft. Anthony Lee

in fast food news researchers have discovered eating fast food after exercising is just as good as eating supplement meals for workout recovery I mean reason I'm just thinking I miss food though weight is just as good what is their gauge of good just as good as supplement recovery I was like meaning like a protein shake or what other alternatives like Gatorade peanut butter Clif bars versus like eating like a burger those are all very different things yeah we you know what's good like really healthy peanut butter is all fat Gatorade is all carbs Clif Bar is peanut butter there's a lot of protein about to I mean that's just not as good as eatin a fresh ass Orange so like so far for them what what they're saying is that they did a study on eleven male athletes and they made them fast for 12 hours and they had them work out like a 90 minute like endurance workout right after the workout what half of them was fed hot cakes hashbrowns orange juice hmm and then two hours later they were given burgers fries and a coke so this is a story of my life the other half were given Gatorade organic peanut butter cliff shot block and then two hours later site Oh max powder and power bar products mm-hmm okay that's the other half right mm-hmm and um after that meal then they were asked to ride like a stationary bike for 12 miles as fast as they can mm-hmm and then they were then tested like on their muscle tissue test down muscle tissue yeah yeah that's the fuck out of that tissue so then like after eating those meals like the researchers took muscle tissue samples and the blood tests to check like the glycogen levels which is the one that holds like energy for your body yeah yeah and so a week after that like the two parties switched roles so like the party that ate like although the cliff stuff like they were eating like the burgers right and then the ones who is eating burgers was the one that was eating like the cliff stuff right and they're comparing the two like whether if one was more effective than the other but it seems like that like fast food is just as effective as like I guess what you would say a more healthier or more like body seat well in replacing glycogen though yes yes but they're also replacing a bunch of extra shit too like you're gonna go way over and fats way over and in other categories but just strictly energy speaking then yes anything will replace your car yeah energies energy yeah when you like after you work out you just need a repeat just need to stuff yourself with something and one is food the other one art it really isn't food well cuz they said that like the only difference between like the two types of diets is that the glycogen is a little bit higher in fast in the fast food but they said that there was no difference in the insulin glucose our cholesterol that's because the fast food is actually food yeah that's the other thing is 7-eleven yeah you got a wrapper but everything's a powder it's like six months old maybe the other thing is on a plate the other thing we're gonna plug a wrapper even if it's low-quality food it was cleanest food yeah we will always be better or like protein from actual food is way better than like what is it synthetic protein or processed process well everything is processed in that article from fast food to I guess like while supplement the only thing different might be like if they give them a hamburger and the tomato well I like the fast foods if it's pancakes and stuff I'm assuming is it like McDonald's pancakes or is it did it start up raw ingredients 30 minutes ago and they threw the eggs and the batter in I didn't go into detail they just they just listed that they should have listened yeah so like I guess that were good as subjective because are we talking about like your long-term health or just hey guess what guys no carbs as carbs no matter how you get carbs its carbs yeah yeah which is not good for long term or is it worse for you but one tastes better so they balance it out and and they do what they do mention that in the article where they're saying like well this is just like a really small experiment like like we just like experiment to have a very small sample but the long-term effects of you know like working out and like recovery eating like it like we haven't figured that part out I wonder nothing they kind of fucked up is all 14 right or eight how many test subjects do they have 11 11 so all 11 guys are all athletes so our metabolism is already differing from the common person so if they have another different pool of just 11 normal people they might have way crazier different results then people whose metabolism is already sky-high so pretty much this article is bullshit yeah and they wasted their time as did we as to I don't know I think anyone that's doing macronutrients and stuff they can they already know that no matter what you intake it's the same shit meaning like for performance but I do know that personally I feel different depending on the type of foods I eat or definitely yeah like if I were to eat like barbecue ribs for protein versus sashimi for protein like I do get like sluggish and stuff I guess like this would just be a more pure cut article for those who decide to like maybe like drink like a protein shake after their workout and not even eat a meal like and they just substitute as a meal like maybe this article is just to point out like hey you can actually eat real food oh for those who think that supplements are more healthier than food because like you guys are like it's not a big deal it's because we understand this yeah whereas other people they'll take the slimfast program and they'll be like I'm healthy because there's this program and I'm eating a shake a protein shake or whatever because some people actually think these supplements are alternative where's that boy in Asia they don't think going to the gym is weight loss they think just drinking this fucking detox tea are you drinking a shake and singing karaoke is oh yeah it and walking around their house three times is gonna fucking make them drop 50 pounds yeah cuz like honestly part from me coming to JK like knowing that you guys are like all better like Fitness people are just into fitness and like you guys watch out exactly what you eat like just seeing what you guys eat it was like whoa you guys just eat normally like how we all eat cuz I thought you would have to be like on some sort of like special like meal plan or whatnot right but then like when you guys are talking about math girls I'm like oh okay so like you can be very flexible and like be able to include the things you enjoy to eat but then like for me like I just never knew that there was something like that that ever existed cuz for me like what I would see as like an outsider that's that haven't done much research into fitness I mean like maybe like what protein bars shakes would just be like a good substitute on the go you know like fill me up you know true yeah that's true cuz my body transformation happened and I pretty much eat fast food every day ever since yeah like one meal out of yeah it's it's pretty much gonna be fast food but a lot of people don't know that like they'll see these like meal preps of people doing like just chicken breasts and broccoli that's right look at me like made my change and I'm like that's cool and all but fuck man I can't I'm a foodie yeah I can't say no to my fast food and my funny foods my good foods and yeah I was thinking funny fat fit from David so that's why I said funny food what about sauce at one of my shows and someone in the audience told me that to pass time while driving in traffic he pulls up JK news on YouTube and watches it while he's driving and I was like that is not safe so now you don't have to do that anymore because we have a podcast and you can download it and listen to the audio with the car speakers so you keep your eyes on the road where they belong and 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  1. Fast food is not 'food'…

  2. I'm glad there's a million jknews featuring Anthony because I'm watching all of them and idk what I'll do when I run out LMAOO

  3. "fill me up tommy pls" Oh My God!! :'D Byron is the best 😛

  4. say something to not look stupid "yeah energy is energy"

  5. They should have put luffy in this XD, would have been funny to see him stuffing his face.

  6. Julia was pronouncing it wrong lol love you though 😘

  7. Take your fast food chains and leave my country please!

  8. Every time Julia is speaking, my face just cringes. She uses "like" way too damn much MY GOD!!!!

  9. If i had a like for every time Julia said like i would be the top comment.

  10. Wow. I've been with these guys since 300k. They grew so quick. Keep it up!

  11. Foodies usually change their habits after first bypass.

  12. Just listen to Julia saying "like" every time, you're welcome

  13. Anthony Lee <3

  14. 5:10 thank you joe

  15. IIFYM FTW!!!

  16. Instead of talking about the articles discussed in this episode, everyone's talking about what's wrong about the people -.- you guys live on a planet full of people who do different things, you gotta learn to live with it.

  17. I love Julia's input in this episode!

  18. As a medical student i can already tell you that a sample size of 11 is way too low to make any conclusions from this study.

  19. Seems that everyone is on that "Julia says 'like' all that time" bandwagon! Wonder what the next trend is going to be…

  20. For Workout Recovery

  21. I disagree with jk on this if u say eating any type of food is good after a workout this is completely dependent on your goal bart is big but does not have a bodybuilders aesthetic appeal and thats why a flexible diet is suiteable for him but if u want to achieve a really muscular look eating like this will never get you the results u want you can have a cheat day but if its more like every day is cheat day u not gonna put on as much muscle depending on your goal and saying food is food well yeah it is but food varies in calories and nutrional value bart and geo are obviously educated in fitness but they didnt go in depth with the topic and i dnt blame them but saying food is food and carbs are carbs is a misinforming statement

  22. Anthony Lee is so sexy.

  23. Julia actually made a very well thought-out statement.

  24. These guys swear they're the smartest people ever. They always act like they know better than everyone.

  25. …like…

  26. Whats the song called?

  27. All you guys are so observant (sp?) so what if Julia says like a million times. So what if tommy is blinking like crazy at 7:21 to 7:50
    So what if geo is moving too much just watch the Goddamn video and stop observing they are humans!

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    Drink every time Julia says like XD


  33. Nice try "scientists", but there are three fundemental problems with this study:

    1) There were only 11 subjects and the diets + exercise + timing lasted only a little over a week (they repeated it switching the fast food group to supplements and vice versa). Therefore this provides a little information on the short term effects of something like this, but not over the long term.

    2) The supplements that were used were borderline crappy – cytomax powder and power bars. These things are basically candy bars with added crappy proteins that have low amino acid counts. So essentially they were just comparing the effects of one junk food to another.

    3) The workout used in this study was not optimal for the purpose of this study. Rather than working all major muscle groups intensely and effectively through strength training, they had the subjects do an 'endurance workout'. The intensity and effect of that kind of exercise is much more different to something else (e.g. strength training) any other person might do.

  34. What you eat and what you do have an impact on you physically. It all depends on what works best for the individual. But understanding the food side as much as the fitness side is where I think so many people are confused easily by diet/food fads.

  35. I love Julia but her "like" are really getting to me lol. And I never noticed until someone pointed it out lol xD

  36. Joe needs to host!! Or report I guess Lmaoo 😂


  38. Anthony!!! Why you so handsome??

  39. Im not a raper

  40. I have to disagree a little with Joe on "carbs is carbs", just because everything gets stored as glycogen doesn't mean that everything is stored in the same way. If I eat a potato which is filled with glucose, its going to get stored as glycogen in my muscle tissue(and some fat obviously). If I eat a kitkat bar all that fructose and sucrose is going to get stored in my liver(and fat obviously). <—if you didn't understand this just think about this why doesn't anybody have an all candy diet? It's because stuff like IIFYM is a system to make people feel "normal"

  41. Like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like 😐 🔫

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