Fast easy super healthy non allergic children's meals

oh right look let me show the dunces what we're doing for a little girl okay this is probably one of the cutest little girls in the world okay I can't take it anymore we're going insane okay now I'm sauteing the little chicken tenders right here okay I did it in garlic Oh yep those little for you okay now we'll put these right in here these these are her lunches or you can have it fit there now hold on let me just pack it let me show all the duck says okay hold on beautiful stuff these are three meals for her three days the little one okay so saute the chicken tenders a little tamari spices garlic okay beautiful stuff and you see that right there I'm going to take three cups of mushrooms okay top chopped mushrooms I'm gonna put them right in the seam sauce i sauteed the chicken okay now we're teaching all the dunces we're gonna sauté these for about five minutes in here okay nice nice little mushroom sauce okay what am I gonna do next taking the creamy broccoli soup organic from Whole Foods one of the top easy super healthy meals for kids they're gonna die for these meals okay at the top remember what these hands do look get your shine box start shining that's all you could do for me you got it now we're sauteing the mushrooms about five minutes okay I'm gonna put keep those in there but I take one and a half to two cups of the creamy broccoli soup I'm putting it in with the mushrooms and then we're going to serve that out with the chicken okay one of the best meals a little girl can ever have healthy and more and a lot more than healthy tasting pop okay you're not getting better than what we do here I'm going to show you in a few minutes let those break down a little


  1. Your arm isnt looking ripped bro.

    Im skeptical about this "transformation" you have been claiming for >2 years now.

  2. Where the FUCK is the transformation brah? Dont see that ripped physique yet bro.

    Also why aren't you going out with James Donna or some shit?

    I miss your restaurant videos bro. What the fuck happened?

    Fuck this random cooking shit. No one cares about this shit. We need more Petris at restaurant videos.

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