FAST CARS & FAT LOSS | Top Tips to Build a Healthy Lifestyle to Lose Fat and Build Muscle Easier

good morning everyone today is a default rest day because I am out in the middle of nowhere in the desert for a drifting event with my boyfriend he he does car stuff and goes fast in circles not in circles around around a little track he drifts so we're at a drifting event and I am here and there is no gym so today I asked you guys on Instagram if you wanted me to vlog today and y'all said yes but now that I have the camera out I'm realizing this is gonna be difficult because the cars are very loud so I don't really know how I'm gonna talk to you but we will make this work I slept literally right here in the back of this truck last night and got very little sleep so I am quite tired today but I still think it's gonna be a fun day gonna go in some fast cars do some fun things and yeah it's gonna be good if you're excited for the zoom zoom before goodness me a big thumbs up hit that subscribe button hit the notification button let's go race some cars these kind of events are not very accommodating when it comes to gluten-free food so I literally packed like a bag and two coolers full of food so I think I'm all set hopefully I don't starve to death I'm starting out the day with a rebel maca mocha which I literally only just realised does not actually have coffee I got it because I knew I wasn't gonna get a lot of sleep and would need caffeine but there's no actual like mocha part to the mocha hi racecars the boyfriend who races the cars yay you lose something chunky in here I don't think I shook it well enough it says to shake really well no shake a lot like more than you think Shing until your lungs give out [Applause] things broke I forgot to bring the bracket that doesn't sound good the brand car oh yeah that's really not really it's time for a little breakfast I stocked up like I have all love it so good this is probably way more than I needed but I have some oatmeal I think I'm gonna go with that and I also brought some fruit so I think I'm gonna add that on top yeah raspberries a little do the job it is very very loud out there as you may have guessed so I have retreated into the truck to chat with you all bring you up to speed on my little reverse diet process because this week was probably the hardest week for me just physically I'd say the most challenging week was like the second week where I gained like six pounds overnight and was freaking out about gaining a ton of weight so suddenly that winded up being totally fine but this week I have just struggled to eat 2300 calorie it has been physically very difficult for me to eat enough which I know sounds kind of ridiculous to a lot of people especially because 2300 calories is like not that much especially for a normal-sized human like I am small I'm 5/2 I'm like what am I now like closer to 120 pounds like I don't need a lot of calories anyway I'm a small human so 2300 calories is actually quite a bit for someone my size but that aside like I am the kind of person I could definitely eat 2,700 calories 3,000 calories in one day no problem but the issue that I've been running into is just being in a constant surplus and just always overeating like I am technically overeating because I'm eating more than I need to maintain my weight and what everybody's main drives is to stay in homeostasis so when you do overeat your body will down regulate your hunger the next day so that you eat less assuming you're eating intuitively that's why once you get to like where you want to be eating intuitively is a fantastic way to like go about your life because your body's really good at telling you when you need to eat when you should stop eating if you should be more hungry one day if you need to be less hungry another day but since I'm forcing my body to change I have to force my body into a surplus every single day and my body's just like Marisa we don't know what to do with these calories stab and until now it has been a little bit challenging like my digestion has not been optimal I'm very clearly like not hungry ever I'm just constantly full but this week it started to eat to the point where not even pizza and ice cream sounded good to me like that always sounds good to me I there was nothing that I wanted to even be able to hit my calories and I think the main reason I ran into this issue is because I started eating more protein that I was eating before so this whole time I've been aiming for roughly a hundred grams of protein and at the beginning this week I was averaging like 120 130 grams of protein which is not like an insanely high amount of protein especially given that that's about one gram per pound of body weight for me but it's just a lot more than my body was used to and protein is like the most satiating thing that you can eat and so I not only was eating in a surplus but I was also eating things that were particularly satiated and so the beginning this week I did start to feel like I was force-feeding myself and so I kind of took a step back and tried to evaluate the situation I looked at my macros and realized that I was consistently overeating protein so I've started to eat a little bit less protein and then my goal has been and I think that has really helped and then another thing that I did is as soon as I realized that there was a day where I just I was too full I could not hit my calories without making myself feel sick I was like okay I won't hit my calories today and so I decided for this week to not worry at all about hitting my calories on specific days and instead just if I was to fall let myself be under and then I know that in a few days I will be hungry enough because the body regulates itself like I will have that hunger back and so that's what I've been doing and that has actually really helped so for a few days at the beginning and this week I was actually a couple hundred calories under like I was just too full could not hit my calories but I just I let that happen and then a few days later my hunger came back and now I think I'm I think my average for this week right now is 2300 calories and this is why when people ask me what macro ratio they should be following I tell them to eat what works best for their body assuming you're still in like the healthy ranges for all the macros you know you need to be eating a certain amount of fat you need to be consuming a certain amount of protein as long as you're getting like your daily requirements eating whatever you feel best eating for your goals is going to help you get to your goals faster so for me right now I need to kind of make sure I don't go over 100 grams of protein because that makes it a lot harder for me to hit my total calories and then I've also found that eating higher carb lower fat is also very necessary because I just I can't not eat enough if most of my calories are coming from fat and this is basically entirely opposite to how I eat when I'm just trying to maintain or I'm trying to cut because generally overall I feel much better on a higher fat diet lower carb diet like before I started this I was eating between a hundred and 150 grams of carbs a day now I'm eating over 300 grams of carbs a day and I felt really good doing that and it also really helped me stick to my calorie goals and also just feel really good in general so whether you're trying to lose fat build muscle maintain your weight if you are tracking your macros and you're worried about whether or not your macros are optimal for what your goal is make sure that they're optimal for your body make sure that you feel really good if you're trying to lose fat and you're doing a low carb diet and you feel horrible or you don't feel satiated and it's making you binge all the time that's not gonna work very well for you it works well for me but that's not gonna work for you I can rant about this for like another 20 minutes in fact I do have an entire video dedicated to how to figure out your perfect macros for your body and your goal so I will link that down in the description and it is really freaking hot in this truck so I'm just gonna stop my rant now and link that video and get out of here coz I'm like my faces sweating off this is really uncomfortable this is where we will sleep tonight instead of in the truck because the truck is uncomfortable I just made the tent Bentall nice and ready to be slept in at tonight but I can't find my phone and I think I made my phone into the bed I just wanted so my boyfriend's mom's like call myself hopefully I can find it I feel it vibrating oh my god I put it literally under the bottom got it I think I need a snack get a great free alignment or kinships as well as some Baba and small-batch hummus Indian avocado and cilantro flavor I was looking forward to only but the only guacamole this store had was in like giant containers and so I went with the next best thing I think it's hummus with guacamole in it yeah the first ingredient is garbanzo beans and the second ingredient is guacamole so it's just it's a more beany guacamole for lunch I just grabbed this urban remedy tahini Bowl with the raw falafel and seed mix it had a few different options and this one basically had the most calories just why I picked it because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on something that was like 250 calories I am a hundred percent fat person that just brings food everywhere just to make sure I have something to eat that is kind of compliant with the way I like to eat and also gluten free because I have celiac disease so I have to be gluten free and so I kind of actually up like bringing food with me because when was I diagnosed I was diagnosed in fourth grade back then no one knew what celiac disease was and no one knew what gluten free month and so I had to have food with me and so I've just grown up with that and gotten used to it and it has been so useful in trying to stick to you all the various diets they've done as well as just trying to maintain an overall healthy diet when I go out to events like this or do random other stuff where there's not necessarily going to be the best quality food or the healthiest food or gluten freedom so if you're somebody who has certain dietary restrictions or just likes to maintain a certain kind of diet just to be healthy I highly recommend that you just plan ahead and bring food with you if you have to go to events like don't stress about the event just bring food a lot of people let events like this get in their way where they know they're not gonna have any healthy options so they either freak out about it don't go to the event and then develop like a not so great relationship with health or they end up at these events and just say screw it and then depending on all of the unhealthy food so if you just take the time to plan ahead and go to the store and get stuff or make stuff at home I usually prefer to make stuff at home because it's a lot cheaper like a lot cheaper but I was up until about 5:00 a.m. the night before editing and that kind of ate into my prep time for this so I ended up just having to go to the store and buy stuff but honestly like this food has been really good and I'm not complaining oh I just got home my hair is a complete disaster my face is a little sunburnt but I had a lot of fun now I'm just praying that everything I said was actually audible because I know that there was a lot of car noise going on in the background so I apologize a bit a little hard to hear what I was saying in the previous clips it's now Sunday evening and usually the weekends are my big workdays like I get a lot of work done on the weekends and this weekend clearly I was not able to get much done because I didn't even have my computer with me and so a little bit well throwing off after what to do with myself and how to approach this week coming up but I think I'm gonna get a handle on it and I think we're just gonna go with the flow and kind of take the rest of the day just get other stuff done that I've been eating to get done like clean my room do laundry know all that fun stuff but for now I am going to head off to the gym somehow I was able to do all that and not miss a workout usually I do lift Monday through Saturday and some day off but yesterday it was completely out of town took the day completely off now I'm lifting today and it'll start again on Monday with the original plan I didn't even think I was gonna get back in time to do this workout so I was just gonna skip it and be totally fine with that and then just start over on Monday but now that I have time I might as well go get my workout in but I do think that like being able to go to like fun events do fun things and go with the flow and not let them get in the way of your fitness goals or stress you out or be a reason for you to quit or obsess over something is really really important whether you're trying to lose fat or build muscle it is really important to have a set plan in place and try as hard as you can to stick to that plan but also just being human and living a normal life it's really important to also be able to go with the flow recognize when it's okay to step away from your plans okay to take a little bit of time off or do something a little bit differently and deviate from the plan a little bit because that's what makes life so much fun is being able to go do the fun things not being a slave to your fitness goals you know events like the one I just went to are not really conducive to being healthy or living a healthy lifestyle but a it was fun and I wanted to go and be I wanted to support my boyfriend because I like being like a good girlfriend you know and so for me it was important for me to go and so I did what I could to maintain my plan and my lifestyle you know I packed my own food but if I didn't hit my calories or if I went over my calories I wasn't gonna worry about it I also was totally fine with not getting in my last workout for this week thankfully I was back in time to be able to do it but like if I hadn't been here to do it it would have been completely okay part of making long-term change whether it's fat loss or muscle building or just maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about building it around a healthy sustainable lifestyle and there's nothing sustainable about letting your fitness goals control your life and control what you go do and control your social situations and all of that you need to learn how to still maintain your lifestyle but also incorporate things that are fulfilling in other ways oh that being said I would like to get to the gym before the 6:00 p.m. rush so I am going to head out of here so that I can go a little bench to do my dumb rose on and all of that good stuff and just leave you here with those words of wisdom that I hope you liked if you did like them please give this video a big thumbs up because it really doesn't support me and my channel feel free to check out some more free health and fitness advice over here feel free to share this video with your friends and your family fitness buddies share it on Facebook share it on Instagram if you post on Instagram I'll regram you on my story subscribe for more health and fitness related content make sure you hit that notification button though so you get notified about the content and I will see you very very soon bye


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