Singing We yeah shout out to my girl grace Vander Waal like I’ve mastered this I’m just here to show my daughter. How this actually works. Okay, just look into the camera you are so good at this game its unbelievible You better press it When it comes up to there I know what I’m doing I go to gymnastics. AAAAH OOOOH my goodness I go to gym Nailed it. You know what this is easy. We’re gonna kick it up a notch. We’re gonna go extreme We’re gonna do some extreme trick shots with isn’t that what dude perfect does That’s exactly it perfect dad perfect cover it up. Let’s go Right yep dad perfect. Let’s go This is called the ironing board OH first try Just like perfect dudes its dude perfect this is called the book worm I want job to do This one’s called the skater skateboard skate jump skate enjoy This one’s called the handyman Oh no Oh Oh my gosh Thanks for watching everybody we hope you enjoyed that version of extreme trick shots with fantastic gymnastics We love you guys. If there’s anything you want to see leave a comment down below. We’ll do it up We have fun together. We don’t know wooden Where’s she going? Thanks for watching everybody, please like subscribe and leave a comment down below If you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little thing will pop up and you get to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice

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