Families want more resources for home health care

families are calling on state legislators for help those who have home health care for children with medical needs say they are struggling to find nurses to properly take care of their kids as rtv6 as Stephanie wait explains tonight this is an issue impacting thousands of Hoosier families there are more than 14,000 patients in Indiana's Medicaid home care program right now meaning that's how many families have at home nurses to help care for their children with medical needs but here's the problem they're running into keeping good well trained nurses long enough this is eight year old Emma Geller she has cerebral palsy thanks to the aged and disabled Medicaid Waiver she's able to receive home nursing care Emma's mom Annie and her husband both work so this is a huge help for them you get wonderful people and they are so committed to what they're doing but at some point it becomes financially not feasible for them anymore Annie says their homecare nurses keep leaving for higher paying jobs at hospitals or other facilities that makes it hard you don't have stability you don't have reliability so it comes to the point of oh my gosh I don't think we have a nurse today who's calling in sick to work in the past six years Emma's worked with dozens of different nurses Oh a lot I would say probably at least 20 or 25 in general you know there are states that pay better than India Evan Reinhart with the Indiana Association for home in hospice care says in some cases nurses on the facility side can make double what homecare nurses do do you think that the reimbursement rate right now is high enough no it's not and legislators recognize it too we're trying to put more money into the hands and bake so those homecare providers can be competitive when they're competing against hospitals and other health care providers and we're seeing much more of a response from the legislature now it's a question of can we see some dollars put behind these services and if not my fear is that families like ours will lose care and I don't know what we would do Stephanie Wade rtv6 well the legislature has already decided on the budget for next year but the state also has a two billion dollar surplus right now families are asking the office of family and social services administration to dedicate some of that money toward increasing the Medicaid reimbursement rate for home health care they have until June 30th to make that decision if you feel inspired by this story families urge you to call your state lawmaker

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